Holm vs. Vieira Odds at UFC Fight Night 206: A Thrilling Bantamweight Clash

Return of Holly Holm: A Main Event Showdown with Ketlen Vieira

Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Holly Holm, is set to make her comeback to the octagon after a year and a half of battling health issues. The highly anticipated return of Holm will begin with a main event showdown against Ketlen Vieira at UFC Fight Night 206. This fight carries significant weight, as it may determine the next contender for the women’s bantamweight championship.

A Clash of Titans

The clash between Holm and Vieira is expected to be an intense battle, captivating fight fans around the world. Holm, a proven veteran in the sport, enters the bout as the favorite with odds of -220, while Vieira boasts an impressive record and looks to upset Holm with her skill and determination.

Holly Holm (left) and Ketlen Vieira (right) facing off in a main event showdown

A Long Road to Recovery

Holly Holm’s journey back to the octagon hasn’t been an easy one. Following her victory over Irene Aldana in October 2020, Holm faced a series of health setbacks. A kidney issue required surgery, and she also had to undergo knee surgery during her time away from competing. However, Holm has persevered and declared herself ready for this comeback fight.

“It feels good to be in a place where I’m actually competing,” Holm expressed. “Despite the challenges I faced, I’ve been training relentlessly. I may not have been able to go full steam ahead or pursue my goals, but I’m thrilled to step back into the octagon. Of course, it comes with the nervousness that accompanies any fight.”

Vieira’s Momentum

Ketlen Vieira enters the main event with a renewed sense of confidence after defeating Miesha Tate via unanimous decision in her last fight. This victory propelled Vieira up to the fifth position in the UFC’s bantamweight rankings after suffering two defeats in her previous three outings.

Vieira acknowledges the challenge that lies ahead against Holm, recognizing the former champion’s striking prowess. However, she believes she can assert herself by utilizing her own grappling skills to turn the tide in her favor. Vieira has honed her game plan and is prepared to showcase her abilities in the octagon.

A Shot at the Bantamweight Title

A victory in this matchup could position either Holm or Vieira for a shot at the bantamweight championship. While nothing is guaranteed, the winner may find themselves in the running to face the reigning champion, be it Julianna Pena or the long-time titleholder Amanda Nunes.

Holm is well aware of the implications this fight holds for her career. “I have to win regardless,” she asserted. “But in terms of my long-term goals, a win here is crucial. It allows me to keep moving forward and climb closer to the belt.”

Vieira, on the other hand, views this fight as an opportunity to solidify herself as a top contender. With aspirations of a title shot, an exhilarating victory against a seasoned fighter like Holm would undoubtedly place her on the doorstep of championship contention.


The highly anticipated showdown between Holly Holm and Ketlen Vieira promises to captivate fight fans worldwide. Both fighters have endured their fair share of hurdles, making this return to the octagon all the more significant. Holm’s experience and Vieira’s hunger for success set the stage for an intense battle. With the potential for a title shot hanging in the balance, the stakes are high. This matchup epitomizes the essence of MMA, encompassing the unpredictability and excitement that fans crave.


1. Will a victory in this fight guarantee a title shot?

No, while a win would certainly put the victor in contention, the final decision rests with the UFC and matchmakers. However, a victory against a notable opponent like Holm would undeniably strengthen their case for a title shot.

2. How long has Holly Holm been away from competition?

Holly Holm’s last fight was in October 2020, so she has been sidelined for over a year and a half due to health issues and subsequent surgeries.

3. What is Ketlen Vieira’s fighting style?

Vieira is known for her grappling skills, possessing a strong ground game. She believes her grappling abilities will be the key to dismantling Holm’s striking game.

4. Has Ketlen Vieira ever had a UFC title opportunity?

No, Vieira has yet to compete for a UFC title. However, she has won championships in smaller Brazilian promotions, showcasing her potential to be a force in the division.

5. What could a win over Holly Holm do for Ketlen Vieira’s career?

A victory over Holm, particularly considering her reputation as a former champion in multiple weight classes, would be a significant milestone in Vieira’s career. It could potentially propel her into the conversation for a title shot and elevate her status within the bantamweight division.

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