Hottest Sports Betting Trends at G2E Gaming Convention, Las Vegas

The Global Gaming Expo: A Shift towards Sports Betting

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) kicked off on Monday at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, and this year, discussions have been dominated by the topic of sports betting. With exhibitors from all corners of the gaming industry showcasing their products and information, G2E has become a hub for those interested in the future of legalized sports betting.

G2E has planned a total of eight educational sessions solely dedicated to sports betting, including a packed morning session on Monday that drew a standing-room-only crowd eager to learn about the prospects of sports betting in America following the May Supreme Court decision that struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. The energy surrounding sports betting at G2E is palpable, and event director Korbi Carrison acknowledges the shift in focus at this year’s expo.

Carrison stated, “There’s a real electricity in the air around the sports betting topic. Each state is deciding whether or not sports betting is right for them. At G2E, we’re offering them a platform to educate themselves, network with other stakeholders, and make informed decisions.”

Experts Share Insights on Legalized Sports Betting

Unlike the varied opinions expressed during sports betting hearings in front of Congress, G2E has provided a platform for mostly positive discussions and presentations. In one panel, state and tribal gaming officials shared their preparations for, or implementations of, legal sports betting in their respective jurisdictions. David Rebuck, the director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, addressed concerns about state-by-state regulation being a “race to the bottom” for the industry.

Rebuck countered, “The illegal market is already massive in the US. We’re raising it up, not racing to the bottom. This is an opportunity to bring sports betting out of the shadows and regulate it properly.”

While some challenges were acknowledged, such as the more complex path faced by Native American tribes, the overall sentiment among panelists was optimistic. Matthew Morgan, the director of gaming affairs for the Chickasaw Nation, highlighted the need for tribal compacts to adapt to include sports wagering.

Pushing Back Against Federal Oversight

One of the panel discussions held at G2E, titled “SCOTUS Decision: What the Ruling Actually Said and What It Means,” featured Sara Slane, the Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at the American Gaming Association (AGA), and attorney Jonathan Cohn. They provided insights into how New Jersey won their case and its implications for the future of sports betting.

Slane even referenced a recent hearing in the House of Representatives, where the idea of Congress getting involved was presented as the consensus. She expressed her disagreement, stating, “No, we don’t all agree that Congress needs to get involved.”

Other panels at G2E explored various aspects of sports betting, including discussions between Slane and SportsCenter anchor Scott Van Pelt, as well as an examination of how leagues, broadcasters, and other stakeholders can benefit from legalized wagering.


The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) has become a focal point for discussions on sports betting, seizing the opportunity following the Supreme Court decision to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Attendees have been treated to a range of educational sessions and panels that shed light on the preparations and implementation of legal sports betting in different states and tribal jurisdictions. The prevailing sentiment at G2E has been one of optimism and a desire for proper regulation rather than fearing a race to the bottom. As more states consider the legalization of sports betting, G2E continues to provide a platform for stakeholders to network, educate themselves, and make informed decisions.

FAQs about Sports Betting at G2E

1. What is the significance of the Supreme Court decision related to sports betting?

The Supreme Court decision striking down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act opened the door for states to legalize sports betting and regulate the industry.

2. How are Native American tribes navigating the path to sports betting?

Native American tribes face unique challenges when it comes to offering sports betting due to existing compact agreements that don’t expressly address this form of gambling. They are adapting to ensure their compacts encompass sports wagering.

3. Is there consensus among industry experts about Congress’s involvement in sports betting?

No, there isn’t a unanimous agreement about the need for Congress to intervene in the regulation of sports betting. Different stakeholders hold varying opinions on the appropriate level of federal oversight.

4. How can leagues and broadcasters benefit from legalized sports wagering?

Legalized sports wagering presents opportunities for leagues and broadcasters to engage fans, generate additional revenue streams, and enhance viewership by integrating betting-related content and experiences.

5. What is the main goal of G2E?

G2E aims to provide industry professionals with a platform to learn, network, and stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in the gaming industry, with a particular emphasis on emerging topics like sports betting.

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