Intriguing 3-Way NBA Trade: Nuggets Acquire Bryn Forbes, Celtics Secure Bol Bol

The Denver Nuggets Acquire Bryn Forbes in Three-Team Trade

In a significant move leading up to the trade deadline, the Denver Nuggets have made a trade with the San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics. This trade involves shooter Bryn Forbes joining the depleted Nuggets roster, with the team sending Bol Bol and PJ Dozier to the Celtics. In return, the Spurs received Juancho Hernangomez and a 2028 second-round pick from the Nuggets to complete the deal.

Bryn Forbes’ Journey from San Antonio to Denver

Bryn Forbes, who recently won an NBA championship with the Milwaukee Bucks last season, returned to the San Antonio Spurs this year. However, Forbes is now headed to the Denver Nuggets following this trade. This move adds depth and scoring options for the Nuggets as they aim to strengthen their roster for the rest of the season.

The Nuggets previously tried to trade Bol Bol, the son of former NBA legend Manute Bol, to the Detroit Pistons. However, the deal fell through due to Bol’s foot injury. Bol had surgery recently and there is a chance he could return to action before the end of the season. Meanwhile, PJ Dozier suffered an ACL injury and will be out for the remainder of the season.

A Strategic Move for the Celtics

Brad Stevens, the General Manager of the Boston Celtics, decided to acquire Bol Bol and PJ Dozier despite their injuries because their contracts expire at the end of the season. By bringing in these players, the Celtics aim to avoid paying a luxury tax. Bol has played limited minutes for the Nuggets over the past three seasons, averaging 2.7 points per game.

The Nuggets’ Need for Shooters

With the absence of Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. due to injuries, the Denver Nuggets have been lacking consistent 3-point shooting. Murray is still recovering from an ACL injury, while Porter underwent back surgery earlier this season. The addition of Bryn Forbes is expected to address this issue and provide the Nuggets with one of the most efficient shooters in the NBA.

Forbes, who honed his skills with the San Antonio Spurs, became one of their top three-point shooters. He then spent a season with the Milwaukee Bucks, coming off the bench and contributing to their championship run. After returning to the Spurs this season, Forbes has been averaging 9.1 points per game off the bench while shooting an impressive 41.7% from beyond the arc.

In terms of shooting efficiency, Forbes has proven himself to be a valuable asset. Throughout his career, he has maintained a shooting percentage of 41.3% from three-point range. Even during his time with the Bucks last season, Forbes managed to knock down 35.2% of his shots from deep. Since 2019, only Seth Curry and Joe Harris have shot more efficiently from beyond the arc than Forbes.

Hernangomez’s Opportunity with the Spurs

Juancho Hernangomez, who had limited playing time with the Boston Celtics, now has a chance to make an impact with the San Antonio Spurs. While with the Celtics, he averaged a career-low 1.1 points per game and struggled to find significant minutes on the court.

Prior to his stint with the Celtics, Hernangomez spent 3.5 seasons with the Denver Nuggets before being traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2020. During his time with the Timberwolves, he thrived as a starter, averaging 12.9 points per game. Last season, coming off the bench, he averaged 7.2 points per game. Despite limited playing opportunities this season, Hernangomez now has the chance to showcase his skills with the Spurs and potentially earn a spot in their rotation.


The Denver Nuggets’ acquisition of Bryn Forbes in a three-team trade brings greater shooting prowess to their roster. Forbes’ experience as a reliable three-point shooter adds depth and consistency to the Nuggets’ offense, which has been hampered by injuries to key players. Meanwhile, the trade allows the Boston Celtics to maneuver their roster and avoid additional financial burdens.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How has Bryn Forbes performed as a three-point shooter throughout his career?

Throughout his career, Bryn Forbes has maintained a shooting percentage of 41.3% from beyond the arc. His ability to knock down shots from deep has made him a valuable asset to various teams.

2. Which teams were involved in the three-team trade that brought Bryn Forbes to the Denver Nuggets?

The trade involved the Denver Nuggets, San Antonio Spurs, and Boston Celtics. The Nuggets acquired Forbes, while Bol Bol and PJ Dozier were sent to the Celtics. Juancho Hernangomez and a 2028 second-round pick went to the Spurs.

3. How have injuries affected the Denver Nuggets’ roster this season?

The Nuggets have faced multiple injuries this season. Jamal Murray is still recovering from an ACL injury, and Michael Porter Jr. underwent back surgery. These absences have highlighted the team’s need for consistent 3-point shooting, which the addition of Bryn Forbes aims to address.

4. What led to Juancho Hernangomez’s limited playing time with the Boston Celtics?

Hernangomez struggled to find significant playing time with the Boston Celtics, averaging a career-low 1.1 points per game. The Celtics’ depth and rotational decisions contributed to his limited opportunities on the court.

5. How does the three-team trade benefit the Boston Celtics?

The trade allows the Boston Celtics to acquire Bol Bol and PJ Dozier, whose contracts expire at the end of the season. By adding these players, the Celtics can navigate their roster and potentially reduce financial burdens associated with luxury tax payments.

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