Intriguing Quarterback Trade Scenarios: Are Jimmy G or Deshaun Watson Bound for the Colts, Panthers, Bucs?

The Quarterback Market: Trade Rumors and Team Needs

As the offseason progresses, several NFL teams find themselves in need of a quarterback. From trade rumors to potential draft picks, the quarterback market is buzzing with activity. Let’s take a closer look at the situation and explore which teams are in the mix.

Fierce Competition Among Contenders

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Bucs, and Carolina Panthers are just a few of the teams vying for a new signal-caller. With a thin market and limited options in the upcoming draft, the competition is fierce. These teams understand the importance of finding the right quarterback to lead them to success.

Jimmy Garoppolo: High Demand, Despite Shoulder Injury

One quarterback who has garnered significant interest is Jimmy Garoppolo, currently with the San Francisco 49ers. Despite a recent shoulder surgery that will keep him out until late summer, teams like the Colts see potential in him. Garoppolo’s experience in a run-heavy offense aligns well with the Colts’ reliance on running back Jonathan Taylor. Despite the injury, teams recognize Garoppolo’s ability to get the job done, as evident from his impressive win record with the 49ers.

The Denver Broncos Make a Big Move

Another team making headlines in the quarterback market is the Denver Broncos. Just this week, they pulled off a major trade, acquiring Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks. However, their initial target was Aaron Rodgers, who eventually decided to stay with the Green Bay Packers. With Wilson secured, the Broncos solidified their quarterback position for the upcoming season.

Washington Commanders Opt for Carson Wentz

The Washington Commanders had their sights set on both Wilson and Garoppolo. However, when those options didn’t pan out, they turned to a trade with the Indianapolis Colts for Carson Wentz. Now with Wentz heading to Washington, the Colts find themselves in search of their next quarterback.

Deshaun Watson: The Tampa Bay Bucs’ Potential Game-Changer

Deshaun Watson’s situation has been a subject of much speculation. After sitting out last season due to his trade request being ignored by the Houston Texans, several teams have shown interest in Watson. The Miami Dolphins were in the running, but negotiations fell apart due to the high asking price. Now, the Tampa Bay Bucs emerge as potential contenders for Watson’s services, following Tom Brady’s retirement. Head coach Bruce Arians is keen on Watson’s abilities, and with limited options, the Bucs are fully committed to pursuing him.

Legal Issues and a Price Tag

It’s important to note that Watson’s off-field legal issues, involving civil lawsuits, are still pending. Although he was not charged in any of the cases, teams considering a trade for Watson must weigh these factors. The Texans have the advantage here, as they can drive up the price by leveraging desperate teams who are eager to secure a quarterback.

Looking Ahead: The Quarterback Carousel Continues

As the offseason progresses, the quarterback market remains in flux. With teams like the Steelers looking to the upcoming NFL Draft for their next quarterback, the pool of viable options appears limited. The New Orleans Saints might snag Kenny Pickett with their #18 pick, leaving the Steelers to potentially draft Malik Willis. However, the Cleveland Browns hold the power to disrupt these plans with their #13 pick.

Panthers and Vikings: Seeking a Bold Move

The Carolina Panthers took a chance on Sam Darnold last year, but after a promising start, his performance declined. With little faith in Darnold for the upcoming season and head coach Matt Rhule’s job on the line, the Panthers are in desperate need of a bold move. The question is, at what cost? Would they consider trading Christian McCaffrey to secure a quarterback like Watson from the Texans?

Similarly, the Minnesota Vikings have shown some interest in Kirk Cousins, but if a chance arises to move on from him and his hefty salary, they won’t hesitate. With an opportunity to free up cap space, the Vikings might explore other options at the quarterback position.

The Baker Mayfield Conundrum

The Cleveland Browns face an intriguing scenario with Baker Mayfield. While he underwent surgery to repair his non-throwing shoulder and is expected to fully recover, his performance has not lived up to the expectations set as the #1 pick in the draft. This has led to speculation that the Panthers could be interested in acquiring him. Additionally, the Browns have been linked to trade rumors involving Watson, Garoppolo, and Derek Carr.


The quarterback market in the NFL is a dynamic and captivating environment. From trade rumors to potential draft picks, teams are vying for a player who can lead them to glory. The competition is fierce, and each team must make strategic moves to secure their preferred quarterback.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Deshaun Watson’s legal issues impact his trade prospects?

Although Watson’s legal issues have yet to be fully resolved, teams in need of a quarterback are still considering him as a trade option. However, these legal matters certainly influence the negotiations and potentially impact the asking price.

2. Are the Pittsburgh Steelers likely to find their next quarterback in the NFL Draft?

With a limited market and fewer notable prospects this year, the Pittsburgh Steelers may indeed look to the NFL Draft to find their next quarterback. However, they may also explore other avenues, such as signing a veteran backup to bridge the gap while their rookie quarterback develops.

3. Which teams are the biggest contenders for Jimmy Garoppolo?

Jimmy Garoppolo has received significant interest, especially from teams like the Indianapolis Colts. His experience in a run-heavy offense makes him an attractive option for teams searching for a quarterback who can complement their strong ground game.

4. Could the Cleveland Browns part ways with Baker Mayfield?

While Baker Mayfield is expected to make a full recovery from his shoulder surgery, his performance has raised questions within the Cleveland Browns organization. It’s possible that they may explore trade options or seek an alternative solution at the quarterback position.

5. How will the quarterback market shape up as the offseason progresses?

The quarterback market is incredibly fluid, with numerous factors at play, including trades, draft picks, and team needs. As the offseason continues and teams make their moves, we can expect more surprises and exciting developments in the ever-evolving quarterback landscape.

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