Jockey Florent Geroux Takes on West Coast Saddle at Del Mar

Florent Geroux to Ride at Del Mar for Summer Meet

In a surprising turn of events, jockey Florent Geroux will be heading to Del Mar for this summer’s meet on the California coast. The announcement was made by his agent Doug Bredar on Twitter, with Geroux confirming the news by retweeting Del Mar’s announcement. This decision goes against the recent trend of California riders heading east, and it has generated a lot of intrigue among racing enthusiasts.

A Successful Spring at Churchill Downs

Geroux recently concluded a successful spring season at Churchill Downs, where he notched 23 wins and finished fifth in the overall standings. With earnings of over $7.65 million, he currently holds the seventh spot among jockeys nationwide. In 2022, Geroux boasts an impressive 16% win rate, with 58 wins out of 356 starts. Moreover, his horses have hit the board 47% of the time this year, showcasing his skill and consistency in the saddle.

Florent Geroux at Del Mar

A Change in Summer Plans

Typically, Geroux spends his summers at either Saratoga or Ellis Park before returning to Churchill Downs and Keeneland in the fall. However, this year, his agent stated that it was the right time to head west and explore new opportunities. According to Bredar, despite the allure of Saratoga, they opted to forego it and felt that Ellis Park wouldn’t provide the same level of excitement as competing at Churchill Downs and Keeneland. Moreover, they received numerous requests from horsemen at Del Mar to ride there, which made it an enticing opportunity.

A Chance to Collaborate with Top Trainers

One of the main reasons Geroux’s move to Del Mar is significant is the chance to work with top West Coast trainers. As the go-to rider for Eclipse Award-winning trainer Brad Cox, Geroux has built a strong reputation in the industry. However, riding at Del Mar will expose him to trainers like Bob Baffert, Richard Mandella, Doug O’Neill, John Sadler, Phil D’Amato, and Peter Miller – all of whom have achieved great success on the West Coast. Miller, in particular, has won the last two Del Mar training titles.

Expanding Horizons for Florent Geroux

Gaining exposure at Del Mar opens up new possibilities for Geroux’s future career. Bredar shares that this summer stint on the California coast could potentially lead to more opportunities on the West Coast for the French jockey. With his impressive track record, which includes a victory in the 2021 Kentucky Derby aboard Mandaloun, along with numerous Breeders’ Cup wins, Geroux has proven himself as a top-tier jockey.

Missing the July 23 Del Mar Card

However, due to his loyalty to trainer Brad Cox, Geroux will be absent from the July 23 Del Mar card. He is committed to riding Cyberknife in the Grade 1 Haskell Stakes at Monmouth Park on the same day, demonstrating his dedication to his ongoing partnerships.

The Promise of Future West Coast Stints

With an illustrious career that has consistently seen Geroux ranked in the top 10 in North American jockey earnings, this venture to Del Mar could mark the beginning of more frequent appearances on the West Coast. Racing enthusiasts across the country will be eagerly watching Geroux’s performance at Del Mar, hopeful for exciting races and potential victories.


Florent Geroux’s decision to ride at Del Mar for the summer meet has generated significant buzz within the horse racing community. Breaking away from the typical summer destinations, Geroux aims to capitalize on the opportunities awaiting him on the California coast. This strategic move allows him to collaborate with the top trainers on the West Coast and potentially elevate his already impressive career to new heights. As fans eagerly anticipate Geroux’s Del Mar debut, they can expect thrilling competition and the possibility of witnessing the French jockey’s exceptional skill on display.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What led to Florent Geroux’s decision to ride at Del Mar?

Geroux and his agent decided against Saratoga and Ellis Park, believing that Del Mar presented a unique and exciting opportunity for the jockey to showcase his skills and collaborate with top West Coast trainers.

2. How successful has Florent Geroux been in his racing career?

Geroux has a remarkable track record, including a victory in the 2021 Kentucky Derby and multiple Breeders’ Cup wins. He consistently ranks among the top earners in North American jockey standings.

3. Will Florent Geroux continue riding for Brad Cox during his time at Del Mar?

While Geroux remains loyal to trainer Brad Cox, he will miss the July 23 Del Mar card to fulfill his commitment to ride Cyberknife in the Grade 1 Haskell Stakes at Monmouth Park.

4. Could Florent Geroux’s stint at Del Mar lead to more opportunities on the West Coast?

Geroux’s move to Del Mar opens the door to collaborate with top trainers on the West Coast. If he excels during his time at Del Mar, it could potentially lead to more frequent appearances and partnerships on the West Coast.

5. How does Florent Geroux’s decision to ride at Del Mar impact his summer schedule?

Giving up the traditional summer destinations of Saratoga and Ellis Park, Geroux’s move to Del Mar means he won’t be competing at those tracks this summer. Instead, he will focus on the California coast and the opportunities it presents.

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