Jon Rahm Dominates Waste Management Phoenix Open

Jon Rahm: The Spanish Golfer Dominating the Waste Management Phoenix Open

Rahm’s Journey from Spain to Arizona

Jon Rahm, although representing his homeland of Spain, has a unique connection to the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Having played college golf at Arizona State University and now residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, Rahm’s short commute to the tournament adds an exciting element to his participation. As he leads the field this weekend, fans eagerly anticipate his performance, making him the +600 favorite to claim victory, according to DraftKings Sportsbook.

Rahm’s Fondness for the Phoenix Open

While Rahm has yet to secure a win in Phoenix, he considers this tournament one of his favorites of the season. In an interview with reporters following his participation in the pro-am event alongside Aaron Rodgers, Rahm expressed his excitement for the upcoming competition. He emphasizes the immense support he receives during this particular week, referring to it as a homecoming. Rahm acknowledges the uniqueness and special ambiance surrounding the Waste Management Phoenix Open, making it a standout event in the world of golf.

A Party Atmosphere Like No Other

Rahm is not alone in his adoration for the Phoenix Open. The tournament is renowned for its lively and festive atmosphere, captivating both fans and players alike. The Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale becomes a crescendo of cheers and jeers as the gallery closely follows each shot. Concluding on Super Bowl Sunday, this event has become a cherished tradition for golf enthusiasts and is reminiscent of an exuberant outdoor party. James Edmonson, caddy for golfer Ryan Palmer, describes it as a massive bar or outdoor celebration where golf takes center stage and becomes the focal point of attention. The majority of attendees are not solely interested in golf but become part of this electric experience.

The Ultimate Spectacle: Record-Breaking Attendance

The Waste Management Phoenix Open attracts an astonishing number of spectators throughout the week, from Monday practices to the final round on Sunday. With over 700,000 attendees, it holds the distinction of being the highest-attendance sporting event in the United States. This overwhelming support creates an incomparable atmosphere that sets this tournament apart from others. It is important to note that the 2021 edition saw limited attendance due to the prevailing circumstances, making this year’s event even more highly anticipated.

The Phoenix Open may offer a party atmosphere, but it is also a fiercely competitive event. The field boasts an impressive lineup, with six of the world’s top 10 and 28 of the top 50 golfers vying for victory. Golfers like Justin Thomas, Hideki Matsuyama, Patrick Cantlay, and Jordan Spieth pose formidable challenges, all in contention for the title alongside Rahm.

This course favors golfers who can drive the ball long distances while maintaining accuracy. The desert setting highlights the significance of length off the tee, provided the ball remains in play. Viktor Hovland, currently ranked third in the world, explains that despite the absence of strong winds, the firm and fast greens present difficulties in getting close to the pins. The combination of favorable conditions and challenging intricacies test the skills of the world-class golfers competing at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Controversy and the Focus on Golf

While anticipation mounts for the Phoenix Open, recent comments made by Phil Mickelson at the Saudi International have generated significant discussion. Mickelson accused the PGA Tour of “obnoxious greed” while expressing support for a potentially competing breakaway tour. Nevertheless, most players, including Rahm, steer clear of such controversies, choosing to prioritize their golf game over external distractions. Rahm emphasizes his sole focus on the sport, as he aims to deliver an outstanding performance in the upcoming tournament.


Jon Rahm’s participation in the Waste Management Phoenix Open is eagerly anticipated, thanks to his connection to Arizona and his status as a top golfer. The party-like atmosphere, record-breaking attendance, and strategic challenges of the course make this tournament a standout event on the PGA Tour. With a strong field of competitors, including Rahm himself, the battle for the Phoenix Open title promises to be exciting and memorable.


1. How many spectators typically attend the Waste Management Phoenix Open?

An impressive number of over 700,000 spectators attend the Waste Management Phoenix Open throughout the week, making it the highest-attendance sporting event in the United States.

2. Which golfers should we keep an eye on during the Phoenix Open?

The field includes top-ranked golfers such as Jon Rahm, Justin Thomas, Hideki Matsuyama, Patrick Cantlay, and Jordan Spieth. These players, along with many others, will undoubtedly provide an exhilarating competition.

3. What makes the Waste Management Phoenix Open unique?

The Waste Management Phoenix Open stands out due to its lively party-like atmosphere. With its raucous crowds and enthusiastic gallery, this event offers a distinctive experience that blends golf with a festive ambiance.

4. Do long hitters have an advantage at the Phoenix Open?

Absolutely! The course rewards long hitters who can drive the ball with accuracy. Length off the tee is crucial in navigating the challenges posed by the desert course while aiming for victory.

5. How do professional golfers handle controversies and stay focused on the game?

Most professional golfers, including Jon Rahm, prefer to avoid controversies and remain focused on their performance. They prioritize their game and aim to deliver exceptional results, showcasing their skills on the golf course rather than engaging in external distractions.

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