Jrue Holiday’s Block Propels Bucks to Game 5 Victory

Milwaukee Bucks Stage Epic Comeback to Take Game 5 Against Boston Celtics in Eastern Conference Semifinal

In an intense Game 5 showdown, the Milwaukee Bucks displayed their resilience by erasing a double-digit deficit in the fourth quarter and stunning the Boston Celtics with a 110-107 victory on the Celtics’ home court at TD Garden. This crucial win propelled the Bucks to a 3-2 lead in the series, edging them closer to advancing to the next round. Jrue Holiday, known for his defensive prowess, made a game-defining play by blocking Marcus Smart’s shot and securing the ball, effectively sealing the victory for the Bucks.

Defying Expectations and Overcoming Adversity

Amidst the pre-game predictions and odds set by bookies, the basketball world anticipated the Celtics to dominate Game 5, particularly due to their home-court advantage. The Celtics were considered the stronger team for this match, evident by being installed as a -4.5 favorite according to bookmakers. Furthermore, the Celtics maintained a lead for a significant portion of the game and even managed to build a commanding 14-point advantage in the early stages of the final quarter. However, the Bucks mustered an exceptional comeback, turning the tables on the Celtics and stealing the victory right from under their noses.

Statistical Odds in Favor of the Bucks

Heading into Game 6 in Milwaukee, the Bucks find themselves as -2 favorites to emerge victorious. Historical data reveals that in a series tied 2-2, the team winning Game 5 goes on to win the series a staggering 82% of the time. Analyzing the odds, the Bucks possess a favorable -240 chance of claiming the series, while the Celtics face a longer shot with +200 odds to triumph in the next two games and avoid elimination.

Bucks’ Championship Aspirations Soar

Following their triumph in Game 5, the Bucks experienced a notable rise in their championship odds for the 2022 NBA season. At present, they stand as the third-favorite team on the DraftKings’ future board, with their championship odds boosted to +425. Conversely, the Celtics saw a decline in their chances, with their odds dropping to +850.

Jrue Holiday: The Two-Way Powerhouse

When the Bucks acquired Jrue Holiday from the New Orleans Pelicans in a trade, they obtained one of the league’s premier two-way players. Unlike many defensive specialists who lack significant offensive skills, Holiday stands out as a versatile force on both ends of the court. His arrival last season played a pivotal role in the Bucks’ successful journey to winning the 2021 NBA championship. During Game 5, Holiday delivered one of his standout performances in this year’s postseason, recording 24 points, eight rebounds, eight assists, two blocked shots, and one steal. Notably, he drained a crucial three-pointer with 43 seconds remaining, leveling the score at 105-105. However, it was his exceptional blocked shot against Marcus Smart that became the talk of social media and elicited heated discussions on New England sports talk radio.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Dominates as “Greek Freak”

Giannis Antetokounmpo, famously known as the “Greek Freak,” unleashed his dominance on the Celtics, amassing an impressive 40 points and 11 rebounds. This marked his second 40-point performance in the last three games, proving his significance to the Bucks’ offensive firepower. Throughout the series, Antetokounmpo boasts an average of 33.6 points per game against the Celtics, making him a formidable force to reckon with.

Bobby Portis: The Garbage Man’s Heroics

In addition to Antetokounmpo’s stellar performance, Bobby Portis contributed significantly to the Bucks’ triumphant Game 5. Coming off the bench, Portis contributed 14 points and a remarkable 15 rebounds in just 28 minutes of play. One of his standout plays involved securing a crucial offensive rebound after Antetokounmpo missed a free throw. Portis swiftly converted this opportunity into a put-back basket, giving the Bucks a narrow 108-107 lead with only 11.4 seconds remaining. Portis attributes his gritty approach to his upbringing, as his mother always emphasized the importance of being a “garbage man” on the court—retrieving scoring opportunities by relentlessly pursuing offensive rebounds.

Analysis of the Celtics’ Struggles

The Celtics faced a disappointing turn of events in Game 5, particularly during the fourth quarter, where the Bucks outscored them by a considerable margin of 33-21. Absence of their key big man, Robert Williams III, due to knee soreness, further exacerbated their challenges on both ends of the court. Jayson Tatum, the Celtics’ primary offensive weapon, managed to score an impressive 34 points, but his efforts fell short in securing a victory. Tatum’s struggles from beyond the arc persisted, hitting a mere 2 of his 11 attempts, concluding with a lackluster 18.5% success rate from three-point range in the last three games. The Bucks’ intensified defense played a significant role in hindering Tatum’s perimeter performance.

The Celtics’ Resolve and Road to Redemption

Despite the heart-wrenching loss, Celtics head coach Ime Udoka expressed confidence in his team’s ability to bounce back. He acknowledged their strong performance for the majority of the game, emphasizing their potential for redemption. However, the Celtics now face the daunting task of winning a potential elimination game on the Bucks’ home court. Conquering Game 6 in Milwaukee would grant them a hopeful chance to challenge the Bucks once more in a decisive Game 7 on their home turf.


The Milwaukee Bucks’ dramatic comeback victory in Game 5 against the Boston Celtics was a testament to their resilience and determination. Led by defensive stalwart Jrue Holiday and the unwavering dominance of Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks defied the odds and seized a crucial advantage in the series. The Celtics, despite their admirable efforts, must regroup and recalibrate their strategies as they face the challenging task of battling elimination on the road.


1. Can the Bucks maintain their momentum in Game 6?

While nothing is certain in the unpredictable nature of sports, the Bucks’ impressive showing in Game 5 undoubtedly grants them significant momentum heading into Game 6. Their offensive firepower, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo and supported by key contributors like Bobby Portis and Jrue Holiday, solidifies their chances of continuing their winning streak on their home court.

2. How crucial is the return of Robert Williams III for the Celtics?

Robert Williams III’s absence due to knee soreness has been felt by the Celtics during Game 5. His presence as a vital interior defender and efficient rebounder provides an added layer of strength to their lineup. If Williams can make a timely return and showcase his impact, the Celtics’ chances of bouncing back against the Bucks would significantly improve.

3. Can Jayson Tatum rediscover his three-point shooting touch?

Jayson Tatum’s struggles from beyond the arc in recent games have hindered the Celtics’ offensive output. However, Tatum’s track record as a skilled shooter suggests a potential resurgence in his three-point shooting accuracy. With some adjustments and an increased focus on creating better shooting opportunities, Tatum could turn the tides and deliver a breakthrough performance in the upcoming games.

4. How important is home-court advantage in a potential Game 7 scenario?

Home-court advantage can often provide teams with an extra boost of energy and confidence. In a do-or-die Game 7, the Celtics would have the luxury of playing in front of their passionate home crowd, fueling their motivation to secure a series victory. This advantage could potentially tilt the scales in their favor and create a more heightened and competitive atmosphere.

5. What adjustments can the Celtics make to counter the Bucks’ strong defense?

To counter the Bucks’ formidable defensive efforts, the Celtics could explore implementing offensive strategies that involve off-ball movement, creating open shooting opportunities for their perimeter players. Utilizing screens and pick-and-roll action could enable their key players, such as Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, to find better scoring positions and challenge the Bucks’ defensive schemes effectively. Additionally, capitalizing on fast-break opportunities and generating points in transition would lessen the impact of the Bucks’ set defense and provide the Celtics with a more favorable offensive rhythm.

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