Ketlen Vieira’s Controversial Win Over Holly Holm Unveiled

The Controversial Split Decision in UFC Fight Night 206

In a surprising turn of events, Holly Holm’s return fight on Saturday night ended in a controversial split decision victory for Ketlen Vieira at UFC Fight Night 206. Despite many pundits believing that Holm had done enough to win, the judges saw it differently, giving the victory to Vieira by a slim margin of 48-47, 47-48, 48-47. This outcome brings Vieira closer to a potential bantamweight title shot.

Holm’s Disagreement and Her Claim of Victory

Holly Holm, who was making her comeback after a 19-month hiatus, was left disappointed with the judges’ decision. In a post-fight interview with Daniel Cormier, she expressed her belief that she had won the fight. Holm conceded the second round to Vieira but felt confident that she had won the rest of the rounds. Despite acknowledging her constant drive for improvement, Holm firmly maintained her conviction that she was the rightful victor.

The Judges’ Scores and Media Consensus

The judges’ decision to award Vieira rounds two and four while giving rounds one and five to Holm resulted in the split decision outcome. However, the media’s perception of the fight differed. Out of the 20 collected media scorecards by, 18 favored Holm. Of those 18, 16 scored the bout as a 48-47 victory for her. This discrepancy in opinions further highlights the closely contested nature of the fight.

Nurmagomedov Advocates for Makhachev’s Title Shot

While Khabib Nurmagomedov may have retired from the Octagon, he continues to use his influence to lobby for his friend and teammate, Islam Makhachev, to receive the next title shot in the lightweight division. Nurmagomedov reportedly reached out to UFC President Dana White, arguing that Makhachev should be the one to face Charles Oliveira for the title. Despite Oliveira losing his title due to a weight miss, he is still considered the No. 1 contender and holds the belt unofficially.

Nurmagomedov revealed that he hasn’t received a response from White yet and expressed surprise as this is the first time their communication has gone unanswered. However, he acknowledged that people can make mistakes and speculated that White may simply be busy at the moment. Makhachev currently sits at No. 4 in the UFC’s lightweight division rankings, boasting an impressive 10-fight winning streak.

A-Rod Joins the PFL Board of Directors

In an exciting announcement last week, baseball legend Alex Rodriguez joined the board of directors for the Professional Fighters League (PFL), bringing his star power and investment to the MMA promotion. The PFL also revealed a substantial $40 million influx of funding, although the specific contribution from Rodriguez was not disclosed.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the sport, Rodriguez highlighted the global reach of MMA and praised the PFL for its continuous efforts to innovate and cater to fans, media, and fighters alike. With his vast wealth accumulated from a successful MLB career that exceeded $450 million in earnings before his retirement in 2016, Rodriguez’s decision to invest in the PFL showcases the high demand MMA holds in the market.


The split decision victory for Ketlen Vieira over Holly Holm at UFC Fight Night 206 left fans and experts divided. While Holm believed she had done enough to win the fight, the judges awarded Vieira the victory. The media consensus leaned towards Holm as the winner, emphasizing the close nature of the bout. In other news, Khabib Nurmagomedov championed for teammate Islam Makhachev to receive a title shot, though he is yet to receive a response. Additionally, the PFL gained a notable investor in Alex Rodriguez, who expressed his admiration for the sport and the PFL’s growth.


1. How did the judges score the fight between Holly Holm and Ketlen Vieira?

Two of the three judges awarded rounds two and four to Vieira, while rounds one and five went to Holm. This split the decision in favor of Vieira, leaving Holm and many fans disappointed.

2. Was there any consensus among the media regarding the outcome of the fight?

Yes, out of the 20 collected media scorecards, 18 gave the fight to Holm. However, 16 of those 18 also scored it as a narrow 48-47 victory for Holm, underscoring the closely contested nature of the bout.

3. Why did Khabib Nurmagomedov advocate for Islam Makhachev to receive a title shot?

Nurmagomedov believes that Makhachev, his friend and teammate, deserves a shot at the lightweight title currently held unofficially by Charles Oliveira, the No. 1 contender in the division. Despite Oliveira missing weight in his previous fight, he is still regarded as the top challenger.

4. What prompted Alex Rodriguez to join the PFL board of directors?

Alex Rodriguez expressed his love for the global reach of MMA and recognized the PFL’s efforts to innovate for fans, media, and fighters. The high demand within the marketplace for the sport motivated Rodriguez to invest in the PFL, solidifying his position on the board of directors.

5. How much funding did the Professional Fighters League secure, and how much came from Alex Rodriguez?

The PFL announced $40 million in new funding, but the exact amount contributed by Alex Rodriguez was not disclosed. With his extensive wealth from his MLB career, Rodriguez is well-positioned to make significant investments in the PFL.

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