LA Lakers Part Ways with Head Coach Frank Vogel

The Los Angeles Lakers’ Disappointing Season Leads to Coach Vogel’s Firing

The Los Angeles Lakers, one of the most storied franchises in NBA history, recently made headlines by firing their head coach Frank Vogel. This decision comes after a lackluster season where the team failed to qualify for the Western Conference play-in tournament, finishing in 11th place. The abrupt ending to Vogel’s tenure as head coach comes as a surprise, especially considering that just two seasons ago, he led the Lakers to an NBA championship. Let’s explore the reasons behind this shake-up and what it means for the future of this iconic team.

Multiple Factors Contributed to the Lakers’ Downfall

It’s essential to understand that the Lakers’ disappointing season cannot be pinned solely on Coach Vogel. The team encountered various challenges that played a significant role in their struggles. One crucial factor was the poor construction of the team’s roster. Additionally, injuries to key players LeBron James and Anthony Davis severely hampered the team’s performance. Moreover, the acquisition of Russell Westbrook, once seen as a potential game-changer, turned into a disastrous move that further complicated matters.

The Addition of Russell Westbrook and Its Downfall

Russell Westbrook’s arrival in Los Angeles was initially viewed as a promising development, creating visions of a formidable “Big Three” alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. However, as the season progressed, it became evident that Westbrook’s playing style did not mesh well with Coach Vogel’s strategies. Reports from anonymous sources shed light on an underlying tension between Westbrook and Vogel right from the beginning of training camp.

Vogel’s instruction for the designated rebounder to bring the ball up the court clashed with Westbrook’s insistence on assuming the role of the primary ball handler. This clash of personalities and playing styles created a significant rift within the team dynamics and led to a breakdown in their on-court chemistry.

The Lakers’ Defensive Struggles and Trade Difficulties

The repercussions of the Westbrook acquisition extended beyond the strained relationship between player and coach. In order to secure Westbrook’s services, the Lakers had to part ways with several valuable perimeter defenders, significantly weakening their defense. The team’s defensive rankings plummeted from a top-three position to a dismal 26th place in the league.

As the season progressed, it became clear that Westbrook was not the asset the Lakers had hoped for. However, attempts to trade him and his hefty contract proved to be challenging. General manager Rob Pelinka faced ridicule from other teams’ executives who were not eager to take on Westbrook’s contract, and even those who may have been willing had reservations about aiding LeBron James and the Lakers. This inability to rectify the Westbrook situation only added to the team’s frustration and compounded their difficulties throughout the season.

Exploring Potential Coaching Candidates

With the departure of Frank Vogel, the Lakers are now in search of a new head coach who can help lead the team back to championship contention. Several names have emerged as potential candidates for the position.

Doc Rivers: Hollywood Connections and Championship Experience

One prominent name that has been linked to the Lakers is Doc Rivers. Rivers, who won an NBA championship with the Boston Celtics in 2008, currently coaches the Philadelphia 76ers. His ties to Hollywood, having previously coached the LA Clippers during their successful “Lob City” era, make him an intriguing option for the Lakers. While Rivers was unable to guide the Clippers to a championship, he may bring the necessary experience and leadership to help the Lakers rise again.

Quin Snyder: A Potential Successor for Gregg Popovich

If San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich decides to retire, Quin Snyder, the current head coach of the Utah Jazz, is considered a frontrunner for the Spurs’ coaching vacancy. Snyder’s proven track record with the Jazz, combined with his innovative coaching style, make him an attractive candidate for the Lakers’ head coaching position. However, if Popovich remains in San Antonio, Snyder’s chances of joining the Lakers may diminish.

David Fizdale: Past Consideration and Existing Connections

An interesting candidate to consider is David Fizdale, who previously served as an assistant coach for the Lakers. During the current season, when there were discussions about firing Vogel, Fizdale emerged as a potential replacement. Although the team ultimately decided to retain Vogel, their consideration of Fizdale showcases his standing within the organization. His insights into the team’s struggles and his existing familiarity with the players could position him as a strong candidate for the head coaching role.

Nick Nurse: A Long Shot with Championship Pedigree

Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse enters the conversation as a potential dark horse candidate, despite the unlikelihood of him leaving his current position. Nurse led the Raptors to an NBA championship in 2019 and has garnered respect and admiration both within the organization and from fans across the league. While it seems unlikely that Nurse would depart from the Raptors, his championship experience and coaching prowess make him an intriguing option for the Lakers.

Phil Jackson: The Legendary Return?

For Lakers fans, there may be a lingering hope for a Phil Jackson comeback. Jackson, the legendary former head coach who guided the Lakers to five NBA championships, has a strong connection with team owner Jeanie Buss. However, given Jackson’s age and his previous assertion that he will never coach in the NBA again, it remains uncertain if he would entertain the idea of a return to coaching.

A Path to Redemption and Future Success

The Los Angeles Lakers find themselves at a crossroads, with the firing of Frank Vogel serving as both a reckoning and an opportunity for renewal. Addressing the team’s roster composition, mending key player injuries, and resolving the Russell Westbrook situation are pressing matters that must be handled delicately in order for the Lakers to regain their position as championship contenders.

It is crucial for the Lakers’ front office to identify a head coach who can inspire the team and create a cohesive playing style. Whether it is one of the aforementioned candidates or a different individual, the new coach must focus on rebuilding team chemistry, establishing a strong defensive system, and maximizing the potential of their star players.


Q: Who was the head coach before Frank Vogel?

A: Before Frank Vogel, the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers was Luke Walton.

Q: How many NBA championships have the Lakers won?

A: The Los Angeles Lakers have won a total of seventeen NBA championships, making them one of the most successful franchises in league history.

Q: Will LeBron James and Anthony Davis remain with the Lakers?

A: As of now, there have been no indications of LeBron James or Anthony Davis leaving the Lakers. Both players are under contract with the team and are expected to play key roles in the Lakers’ future.

Q: Is it possible for the Lakers to trade Russell Westbrook?

A: Trading Russell Westbrook presents a significant challenge due to his large contract and mixed performance during his time with the Lakers. However, in the NBA, anything is possible, and it ultimately depends on whether another team is willing to take on Westbrook and his contract.

Q: Are the Lakers expected to make significant roster changes in the offseason?

A: Given the team’s disappointing season, it is highly likely that the Lakers will make significant roster changes in the offseason to address their shortcomings. The front office will likely explore various options to retool the team and surround their star players with a more suitable supporting cast.

Q: Can the Lakers bounce back and contend for a championship next season?

A: While it may seem daunting in the wake of a disappointing season, the Lakers possess the resources, organizational history, and star power to contend for a championship. With the right coaching direction, roster adjustments, and player health, the Lakers have the potential to rebound and once again be a force to be reckoned with in the NBA.

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