Las Vegas Raiders Invest Big in Hunter Renfrow: WR Secures $32 Million Contract Extension

Hunter Renfrow: The Undersized Receiver Proving Doubters Wrong

The Rise of Hunter Renfrow

Hunter Renfrow, a 5-foot-10 wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders, may be smaller in stature compared to his NFL counterparts, but he possesses an abundance of heart, grit, and a remarkable knack for getting open. So much so that the Raiders recently offered him a lucrative $32 million contract extension, securing his presence on the team for the next two seasons.

The Raiders selected Renfrow in the fifth round of the 2019 NFL draft, following his successful tenure at Clemson University, where he played a significant role in winning a national championship. Many skeptics doubted his ability to transition to the NFL, but Renfrow silenced the critics with an impressive rookie campaign, hauling in 49 receptions for 605 yards and four touchdowns in just 13 games.

Undeterred by the initial skepticism, Renfrow continued to shine in his third season with the Raiders. He achieved career-high numbers, amassing 103 receptions for 1,038 yards and nine touchdowns across 17 games. Although he fell just short of breaking Tim Brown’s franchise record of 104 receptions set in 1997, Renfrow’s remarkable performance cemented his place as a key asset for the team’s offense.

A Multi-Million Dollar Deal

The Raiders’ faith in Renfrow’s abilities is evident not only in his impressive on-field contributions but also in the substantial financial investment they made. In addition to the $32 million contract extension, Renfrow will receive $21 million in guaranteed money. While he still has one more year remaining on his rookie contract, earning $2.5 million this season, the Raiders have effectively secured Renfrow’s services until 2025.

The NFL landscape has witnessed an influx of lucrative contracts for wide receivers in recent times, reflecting the league’s emphasis on the passing game. Renfrow’s extension aligns with this trend, as teams prioritize locking up their most talented wideouts. Notably, the LA Rams rewarded Cooper Kupp, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, with a substantial contract extension, and the Miami Dolphins acquired Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs in a trade, subsequently extending his contract.

In a move that demonstrated their dedication to strengthening their receiving corps, the Raiders were also able to entice Devante Adams to leave the Green Bay Packers, despite the Packers offering him a more lucrative deal. The addition of Adams alongside Renfrow is poised to create a formidable one-two punch for the Raiders’ offense, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Renfrow: In the Shadows of Patriots Legends

Renfrow’s exceptional performance and style of play have drawn comparisons to former New England Patriots slot receivers, such as Wes Welker and Julian Edelman. Despite being undersized, these players made significant contributions to the Patriots’ championship runs. Head coach Josh McDaniel, a fervent admirer of Renfrow’s skills, sees similarities between the Raiders’ wide receiver and these Patriots’ legends, recognizing the impact Renfrow could have in the team’s success.

Gambling on the Success of the Sin City Raiders

A Challenging Division

While Hunter Renfrow and the Raiders are poised for success, they face a daunting task in the highly competitive AFC West division. Last season, the Raiders achieved a 10-7 record, securing a postseason berth, but fell short in the AFC Wild Card game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Bookmakers predict a challenging transition for McDaniel in his debut season with an over/under win total of 8.5 for the Raiders.

The AFC West boasts formidable rivals, led by the Kansas City Chiefs and their superstar quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs aim to add another Super Bowl victory to their collection. Additionally, the Los Angeles Chargers, with the emerging talent of quarterback Justin Herbert, pose a significant threat. The Denver Broncos also intensified their aspirations by acquiring Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks in a bold trade move.

While the Broncos and Chargers may not currently possess the same level of readiness for a deep playoff run, their potential for growth and improvement looms large. Consequently, capturing a division title in the AFC West in the near future may prove to be a daunting challenge for McDaniel and the Raiders.

The Betting Odds

For those looking to wager on the Raiders’ success, oddsmakers offer intriguing opportunities. The Raiders find themselves as underdogs in the AFC West race, with odds of +650 to emerge as division champions this season. The Chiefs, as perennial favorites, hold the top spot with +175 odds, followed by the Chargers (+225) and the Broncos (+250).

For those seeking a more audacious prediction, with aspirations of Super Bowl glory, the Raiders stand at +4000 odds to win Super Bowl 57. Additionally, they possess +2000 odds to secure the AFC Championship, offering a tantalizing potential payoff for those who believe in the team’s ability to defy the odds.


Hunter Renfrow’s journey from being an undersized player with doubters to a key contributor in the Las Vegas Raiders’ offense is a testament to his resilience, talent, and unwavering determination. The Raiders’ investment in his skills underscores their belief in his ability to thrive in the NFL. With the addition of star wide receiver Devante Adams and the mentorship of head coach Josh McDaniel, the Raiders’ offense has the potential to be a force to be reckoned with.

As they enter the highly competitive AFC West, the Raiders will face formidable opponents in the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, and Denver Broncos. However, the Raiders, led by Renfrow, are well-equipped to rise to the challenge and make a run at the division title, fueled by their collective talent, determination, and the support of their avid fanbase.


1. How did Hunter Renfrow prove his doubters wrong?

Despite his smaller stature, Hunter Renfrow showcased his exceptional skills and performance on the field. He surpassed expectations by delivering solid performances in his rookie season and achieving career-high numbers in his third season, proving that he can excel in the NFL.

2. What is Hunter Renfrow’s new contract with the Las Vegas Raiders?

Renfrow secured a $32 million contract extension, which includes $21 million in guaranteed money. This extension will keep him with the Raiders for an additional two seasons, solidifying his role in the team’s offense.

3. Who are some notable wide receivers who have received lucrative contracts recently?

Cooper Kupp, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, received a substantial contract extension from the LA Rams. Tyreek Hill was traded to the Miami Dolphins, who then rewarded him with a significant contract extension. Additionally, the Raiders managed to entice Devante Adams to join their team, despite the Green Bay Packers offering him a more lucrative deal.

4. How does head coach Josh McDaniel view Hunter Renfrow?

Coach Josh McDaniel compares Renfrow to former New England Patriots slot receivers Wes Welker and Julian Edelman. He recognizes Renfrow’s potential to make significant contributions to the Raiders’ offense, despite his smaller stature.

5. What are the Raiders’ odds of winning the AFC West or Super Bowl 57?

The Raiders currently face long odds. They have +650 odds to win the AFC West and +4000 odds to win Super Bowl 57. However, for those seeking a potentially rewarding bet, these odds represent an opportunity to wager on the Raiders’ success and reap the benefits if they defy expectations.

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