Leonard Fournette Sidelined: Bucs Secure Le’Veon Bell

The Impact of Leonard Fournette’s Injury on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the defending champions, faced a major setback in their recent Sunday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints. Not only were they shut out, but they also suffered a significant loss when their starting running back, Leonard Fournette, went down with a hamstring injury. Fournette, who has been a crucial part of the team’s offense, is now sidelined indefinitely, leaving a void in the running game for the Bucs to fill.

The Need for a Replacement: Signing Le’Veon Bell

With Leonard Fournette’s absence, the Bucs recognized the urgency of finding a suitable replacement to contribute to their playoff run. In response, they signed free agent running back Le’Veon Bell. The Bucs hope that Bell, with his experience and versatility, can help fill the void left by Fournette’s injury.

Leonard Fournette’s Contributions to the Bucs:

  • Rushing: In the 14 games he played this season, Fournette carried the ball 180 times for 812 yards and scored eight touchdowns. He maintained an impressive average of 4.5 yards per carry.
  • Receiving: Fournette’s contributions were not limited to the ground. He also made 69 receptions for 464 yards and added two receiving touchdowns to his name.

The Bucs’ Playoff Picture:

Prior to the game against the Saints, the Bucs held the #1 playoff seed in the NFC. However, their loss and the Green Bay Packers’ victory in Week 15 resulted in the Packers overtaking them for the top spot. The Packers now possess the best record in the NFL, making them the first team in the NFC to reach 11 wins. As a result, the Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs are currently considered co-favorites to win the Super Bowl, with +450 odds according to DraftKings. While the Bucs are no longer the betting favorites, they remain strong contenders at +650 odds.

Can Le’Veon Bell Revive His Career with the Bucs?

Le’Veon Bell’s journey has seen its fair share of ups and downs since his impressive 2017 season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Known for his dual-threat capabilities, Bell rushed for 1,291 yards and nine touchdowns that year. He also contributed significantly in the passing game, accumulating 655 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

However, his contract dispute with the Steelers led him to sit out the entire 2018 season. In 2019, Bell joined the New York Jets, signing a lucrative four-year deal. Unfortunately, his tenure with the Jets was marred by disagreements with the coaching staff, ultimately resulting in his release after less than two seasons.

Le’Veon Bell’s Recent Challenges:

  • Adam Gase Fallout: Bell’s relationship with Jets head coach Adam Gase soured, reflecting the broader dysfunction within the team. Consequently, he struggled to find success during his time with the Jets.
  • Short-Lived Stint with the Chiefs: Following his release, Bell played for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020. However, he faced frustrations regarding his playing time during the postseason, leading to further difficulties in establishing himself as a reliable option.
  • Inconsistent Performance with the Ravens: Bell then joined the Baltimore Ravens for a brief period earlier this season due to their running back injuries. However, he failed to make a significant impact, rushing for just 83 yards on 31 attempts. The Ravens ultimately released him after five games.

Le’Veon Bell’s Future with the Bucs:

There is no denying that Bell’s career has witnessed a decline in recent years. However, the Bucs are hoping that a change of scenery and a chance to contribute to a championship-caliber team will reignite his abilities. Bell possesses the skill set necessary to make an impact both on the ground and as a receiver, and the Bucs will look to leverage his talents to bolster their postseason aspirations.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers experienced a significant setback with Leonard Fournette’s injury, but they quickly addressed the issue by signing Le’Veon Bell. While Bell’s recent performances may not have lived up to his earlier accomplishments, the Bucs are optimistic that he can bring a spark to their running game. As the playoff race intensifies, the Bucs will rely on Bell to contribute effectively and help them maintain their status as strong contenders.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will Leonard Fournette be out with his hamstring injury?

A: The exact timeframe for Fournette’s recovery remains uncertain. Hamstring injuries can vary in severity and recovery time, so the team will monitor his progress and provide updates accordingly.

2. What are the chances of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers making the playoffs this season?

A: Despite the setback in their quest for the top playoff seed, the Buccaneers still have a strong chance of making the playoffs. With a talented roster led by quarterback Tom Brady, their focus will be on securing a playoff spot and making a deep postseason run.

3. How has the Green Bay Packers’ performance impacted the NFC playoff race?

A: The Packers’ success this season has significantly impacted the NFC playoff race. By overtaking the Bucs for the top seed, the Packers have positioned themselves as the team to beat in the conference. Other contenders, including the Bucs, will now have to navigate a tougher path to the Super Bowl.

4. Can Le’Veon Bell’s past success translate into immediate contributions for the Bucs?

A: While Bell’s recent struggles have raised concerns, his previous success demonstrates his potential impact. With the Bucs’ strong supporting cast and offensive system, there is a chance that Bell can quickly regain his form and provide valuable contributions to the team.

5. How important is the running game for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ overall success?

A: The running game plays a crucial role in the Buccaneers’ offensive strategy. It helps create balance, opens up passing lanes for Tom Brady, and allows the team to control the game’s tempo. Therefore, having a capable and productive running back like Bell is essential for the team’s overall success.

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