Luka Doncic Cleared to Play After NBA Reverses Technical Foul Decision in Final Game

Luka Doncic’s Technical Foul Rescinded, Eligible to Play in Season Finale

In an unexpected turn of events, Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks will be able to play in the team’s final game of the regular season against the San Antonio Spurs. Initially, Doncic was set to serve a one-game suspension after receiving his 16th technical foul of the season. However, upon reviewing the foul, the NBA decided to rescind the tech, granting Doncic the opportunity to take the court for this crucial game.

The Battle for the #3 Seed

The Mavericks, currently holding a record of 51-30, are in a fierce competition with the Golden State Warriors, who have a record of 52-29, for the coveted #3 seed in the Western Conference playoffs. The Mavericks have the advantage of a tie-breaker over the Warriors, meaning that if they win their upcoming game and the Warriors lose to the New Orleans Pelicans, the Mavericks will secure the #3 seed while the Warriors settle for the #4 seed.

Contenders for the #5 Seed

While the Mavericks and Warriors battle for the #3 seed, the Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets are embroiled in their own struggle for the #5 seed. As both teams currently hold identical records of 48-33, their performances in the final games of the regular season will determine their playoff positioning.

Mavericks and Warriors’ Championship Odds

Looking at the NBA championship odds, the Warriors are favored with +850 odds, according to DraftKings. On the other hand, the Mavericks have longer odds at +3000, placing them 11th on the futures board.

Western Conference Favorites

When it comes to the Western Conference championship race, the Warriors stand as the second favorites with +425 odds. In contrast, the Mavericks have +1000 odds to clinch the conference crown and secure a spot in the NBA Finals.

Contention Over a Technical Foul

The events leading up to the rescinding of Luka Doncic’s technical foul provide insight into the relationship between the young star and the game officials. During a recent game against the Portland Trail Blazers, Doncic received a technical foul for expressing dissatisfaction with a no-call. Frustrated by not being awarded a foul after being undercut, Doncic voiced his concerns to official Tom Washington, who chose to ignore him.

A Foul Play Ignored

As the first quarter drew to a close, with the Mavericks enjoying a comfortable 23-point lead over the Trail Blazers, Doncic continued to express his discontent. Seeking an opportunity to voice his grievances, Doncic approached crew chief Tony Brothers during the quarter break. Brothers wasted no time and promptly issued a technical foul against Doncic.

Postgame, Brothers clarified the reason behind his decision, stating that Doncic had complained incessantly to each of the officials throughout the sequence. Walking back to the table, Brothers observed Doncic’s continued complaints even while being 15 feet away from the half-court line, which eventually led to the technical foul.

Doncic’s Reaction and Coach Kidd’s Perspective

Following the game, Doncic expressed his frustration, believing that the technical foul should be rescinded. He argued that there had been no warning given, and he had simply asked Washington how a certain play was not called a foul. Doncic eagerly hoped for the rescission of the technical foul so that he could participate in the crucial upcoming game on Sunday.

However, it is worth noting that Doncic’s relationship with officials has been strained, often due to his tendency to complain about missed calls. While recognizing Doncic’s fiery competitiveness, head coach Jason Kidd has expressed his desire for the player to allow him to handle interactions with the officials, rather than engaging in constant complaining.

Technical Fouls and Suspensions

In the NBA, a player is allowed 15 technical fouls during the regular season before facing a suspension with a 16th technical foul. In the playoffs, this count resets, and players are permitted seven technical fouls before a suspension takes effect. These rules exist to discourage excessive arguing of calls and to deter rough play on the court.

Doncic’s Previous Season

During the previous season, Doncic accumulated 17 technical fouls. However, through additional review, the league rescinded two of those technical fouls, resulting in Doncic finishing the season with 15 technical fouls.

Should Doncic receive another technical foul in the upcoming game, he would have to serve his suspension at the start of the next season, missing the Mavericks’ opening game of the 2022-23 season.
Interestingly, Doncic has received more technical fouls (16) this season than he has recorded triple-doubles (10).

Luka Doncic’s Impact on the Court

Despite the controversies surrounding technical fouls, there is no denying Doncic’s impact as a top performer in the NBA. Currently, he stands as the league’s third-best scorer, averaging an impressive 28.5 points per game. Furthermore, Doncic contributes significantly on both ends of the court, averaging 9.1 rebounds and 8.7 assists per game. With a PER rating of 25.07, Doncic ranks fifth in the NBA.


Luka Doncic’s rescinded technical foul has granted him the opportunity to participate in the Dallas Mavericks’ season finale. The battle for seedings in the Western Conference playoffs intensifies as the Mavericks and Warriors contend for the #3 seed, while the Jazz and Nuggets compete for the #5 seed. Doncic’s interactions with officials have drawn attention and criticism, underscoring the need for a balance between passion and diplomacy on the court. Nevertheless, his undeniable skills and impact on the game continue to be a driving force for the Dallas Mavericks.


1. How many technical fouls can a player receive before facing suspension in the NBA?

In the regular season, an NBA player can receive 15 technical fouls before being suspended with the 16th technical foul. However, this count resets in the playoffs, allowing players seven technical fouls before a suspension takes effect.

2. How many technical fouls did Luka Doncic accumulate last season?

Luka Doncic accumulated 17 technical fouls last season. However, after a review, the NBA rescinded two of those technical fouls, resulting in Doncic finishing the season with 15 technical fouls.

3. Will Luka Doncic’s technical foul count reset in the playoffs?

Yes, in the playoffs, Luka Doncic’s technical foul count will reset. He will begin the playoffs with a clean slate and will be allowed seven technical fouls before facing a suspension.

4. What are the odds of the Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA championship?

The Dallas Mavericks currently have +3000 odds of winning the 2022 NBA championship, placing them 11th on the futures board. However, the odds are subject to change as the playoffs progress.

5. How does Luka Doncic’s performance rank among NBA players?

Luka Doncic is currently the third-best scorer in the NBA, averaging 28.5 points per game. Additionally, he contributes greatly to rebounds and assists, with averages of 9.1 rebounds and 8.7 assists per game. Doncic’s Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of 25.07 ranks him fifth in the league.

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