Manchester City and NYCFC Owners on the Brink of Acquiring Another Club

The City Group Targets Palermo for Takeover

The City Group, led by UAE’s Sheikh Mansour, has set its sights on acquiring Italian third-tier club Palermo. With an offer of approximately $7 million, the group is eager to take charge of the Sicilian team and revitalize its glory days.

The City Football Group’s Vast Portfolio

The City Football Group already holds significant influence in the world of football, boasting control over renowned clubs across various countries. Their portfolio includes Premier League champions Manchester City, MLS Cup holders New York City FC, Spanish club Girona, and Australian team Melbourne City, among others. The group’s investors from the UAE also possess majority stakes in clubs located in Japan, Uruguay, Belgium, and France.

Prior Challenges Faced by Palermo

In 2019, financial difficulties forced Palermo to be re-formed in Serie D, the fourth tier of Italian football. As a result, the club was unable to continue operating within the professional leagues’ structure and had to start afresh. Local businessman Dario Mirri assumed the position of president, aiming to navigate the team back to success. Even after the City Group’s takeover, Mirri will retain a minority 20 percent stake in the club and continue contributing to its progress.

Promising Aspirations for Palermo

Currently competing in Serie C, Palermo aspires to regain its position in Serie B, the Italian second tier, by the end of the season. Discussions between the club’s current ownership and the City Group began several months ago. The City Group is devising plans to construct a new stadium for Palermo or redevelop its existing venue, the Renzo Barbera arena, where the team currently hosts its home matches.

The Glorious History of Palermo

Over the past 15 years, Palermo has been home to esteemed football talents, with players such as Edinson Cavani, Javier Pastore, Andrea Barzagli, Fabrizio Miccoli, and Paulo Dybala donning the team’s colors. Palermo experienced significant success after its promotion to Serie A in 2004, frequently qualifying for European competitions. The team even reached the Round of 16 in the UEFA Cup in 2006 and contested the Italian Cup final in 2011. However, Palermo endured relegation from Serie A in 2017, marking a challenging period for the club.

The City Football Group’s Acquisition Strategy

The City Football Group intends to acquire an 80 percent stake in Palermo, valuing the club at €6 million. With their extensive global brand, which includes Manchester City, the group aims to incorporate Palermo into its already expansive network of clubs. Currently in the due diligence phase, the City Group is actively working towards finalizing the deal at the earliest opportunity.

Source: Italian Football TV on Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much money is the City Group offering to acquire Palermo?

The City Group is prepared to pay approximately $7 million to take charge of Palermo and revive the club.

2. What other clubs does the City Football Group own?

The City Football Group controls a diverse range of clubs worldwide, with notable examples including Manchester City, New York City FC, Girona, and Melbourne City. Additionally, they hold majority stakes in several clubs based in Japan, Uruguay, Belgium, and France.

3. What league is Palermo currently competing in?

Palermo is currently playing in Serie C, the third tier of Italian football, with aspirations to return to Serie B in the near future.

4. Who are some famous players that have played for Palermo?

Palermo has been fortunate enough to have notable talents such as Edinson Cavani, Javier Pastore, Andrea Barzagli, Fabrizio Miccoli, and Paulo Dybala represent the club over the years.

5. When did Palermo last face relegation from Serie A?

Palermo last experienced relegation from Serie A in 2017, marking a challenging phase for the club.


The City Group’s targeted acquisition of Palermo holds promising prospects for both the club and its dedicated fanbase. The injection of investment and expertise from the City Football Group could potentially revive the team’s former success and propel them back to Serie B. Additionally, the City Group’s intention to build a new stadium or redevelop the existing arena bodes well for Palermo’s long-term infrastructure. As negotiations progress, the football world eagerly awaits the outcome of this exciting venture.

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