Mariners Rookie Julio Rodriguez Sidelined: 10-Day IL Placement Update

The Impact of Julio Rodriguez’s Injury on the Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners have made the difficult decision to place rookie outfielder Julio Rodriguez on the 10-day injured list. This comes after Rodriguez suffered a right wrist contusion during a recent game against the Houston Astros, which the Mariners won with a score of 5-4.

Rodriguez’s injury occurred in the eighth inning when he was hit by a pitch. The severity of the wrist contusion has prompted the team to take a cautious approach in his recovery. As a result, Rodriguez will not be able to swing a bat for at least the next five days due to swelling and weakness in his wrist.

Seattle’s Priority: Rodriguez’s Health Above All

The Seattle Mariners are committed to treating Rodriguez’s injury with utmost care and prioritizing his long-term health. At just 21 years old, Rodriguez has shown significant talent in his rookie season, with a batting average of .271, 17 home runs, and 21 stolen bases. In fact, he was considered the favorite to win the AL Rookie of the Year award before his injury.

The team’s manager, Scott Servais, emphasized the importance of following proper protocols: “We will do everything the right way to make sure that he and our medical staff have a clear idea of what it is.” This approach reflects the Mariners’ commitment to Rodriguez’s well-being and their desire to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Mike Trout’s Road to Recovery

Meanwhile, across town, the Los Angeles Angels are dealing with their own injury concerns, specifically superstar player Mike Trout. Reports had initially raised concerns about the severity of Trout’s back issues, which prompted speculation about the future of his career. However, Trout himself has downplayed these concerns, providing a more optimistic outlook.

The Truth Behind Trout’s Back Issues

Trout clarified the situation, stating, “It went from my career is over to now hopefully I’m going to play here soon.” He explained that his trainer’s statements were more about maintaining a routine and taking preventive measures to avoid exacerbating the issue. While the injury has affected Trout’s performance this season, with a batting average of .270 and 24 home runs over 79 games, he remains hopeful about returning to the lineup soon.

Jacob deGrom’s Highly Anticipated Return

Turning our attention to the National League, the New York Mets have reason to be excited as pitching ace Jacob deGrom is set to make his first start of the 2022 season. deGrom’s return has been highly anticipated, given his dominant performances in previous years and his two NL Cy Young Awards.

deGrom’s Road to Recovery

After experiencing various arm issues that forced him to miss the majority of the 2021 season, deGrom was further sidelined during spring training due to a stress reaction in his right scapula. However, the wait is finally over for deGrom and Mets fans, as he is scheduled to take the mound against the Washington Nationals on Tuesday.

deGrom expressed his excitement, saying, “This has been a pretty slow process of coming back, so [I’m] excited to be out there.” While nerves may kick in before his first start of the season, deGrom’s return will undoubtedly bring a new level of strength to the Mets’ rotation, alongside fellow ace Max Scherzer.


Injuries can have a significant impact on a team’s performance and aspirations for the season. The Seattle Mariners will have to navigate the absence of their promising rookie, Julio Rodriguez, as they continue to compete for an American League wild-card position.

Similarly, the Los Angeles Angels will eagerly await the return of Mike Trout, hoping to regain his exceptional form and provide a boost to their struggling team. Meanwhile, the New York Mets and their fans can finally rejoice as Jacob deGrom takes the mound once again, amplifying their chances of success in the NL East.


1. How long is Julio Rodriguez expected to be out of action?

The Seattle Mariners have placed Julio Rodriguez on the 10-day injured list, but the exact duration of his absence will depend on his recovery progress. The team is taking a cautious approach and prioritizing his long-term health.

2. Will Mike Trout’s back issues impact his career long-term?

Mike Trout has expressed optimism about his recovery from back issues, stating that reports about the severity were exaggerated. While he may face ongoing management of the condition, Trout does not believe it will hinder his career in the long run.

3. When is Jacob deGrom’s first start of the season?

Jacob deGrom is scheduled to make his first start of the 2022 season for the New York Mets on Tuesday, facing the Washington Nationals. Mets fans are eagerly awaiting his return to the mound after a lengthy recovery process.

4. Are the Seattle Mariners still in contention for a playoff spot?

Despite sitting 12 games behind the Houston Astros in the AL West, the Seattle Mariners are currently in control of an American League wild-card position. Their performance during Julio Rodriguez’s absence will be crucial in maintaining their playoff aspirations.

5. Can the New York Mets win the World Series this year?

The New York Mets have shown strong performance throughout the season, leading the NL East by three games. With the addition of Jacob deGrom to their already solid rotation, they have a chance to make a deep playoff run and compete for the World Series title.

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