Marvelous Magic Johnson: Limited Edition NBA Top Shot NFT Series

The Magic of NBA Top Shot: Exploring the Limited Edition Magic Johnson NFTs

NBA Top Shot, the leading sports NFT brand, continues to captivate fans with its evolving offerings. Despite a decline in prices, it remains the go-to platform for sports enthusiasts seeking unique digital collectibles. Dapper Labs, the company behind NBA Top Shot, is set to generate even more excitement on June 7th by releasing a limited edition set of NFTs featuring the iconic NBA legend, Magic Johnson.

A Majestic Collection: The Magic Johnson NFT Set

The Magic Johnson collection will consist of four exclusive moments, all of which will be available in a single pack drop. To acquire this special anthology, fans will need to purchase a pack priced at $399. Each pack will contain a single moment, making these NFTs exceedingly rare and highly sought after.

Scarce and Legendary Moments

Within the Magic Johnson NFT set, two moments stand out as true gems of rarity. The first legendary moment commemorates Johnson’s remarkable start as a rookie playing center during the 1980 NBA Finals. With only 80 copies ever minted, this NFT holds immense value and prestige. Another legendary moment captures Johnson’s famous “Around the Body Pass” from March 1985, with just 85 copies in existence.

Magic Johnson NFT

The set also includes two rare moments. One features Johnson’s buzzer-beater against the Celtics in 1987, limited to 999 copies. The other showcases his mesmerizing head fake/ball fake pass from 1988, with just 499 copies available. These rare moments provide fans with an opportunity to own a piece of basketball history in digital form.

A Glimpse into the Past and Future

While the initial release comprises just four moments, Dapper Labs has plans to incorporate more Magic Johnson highlights into future sets. One eagerly anticipated addition is a baby hook moment from the 1987 NBA Finals, with an incredibly low mint count of only 32. The inclusion of such iconic moments showcases the vast potential of NBA Top Shot and its ability to immortalize legendary memories.

Magic Johnson himself expressed excitement about NBA Top Shot and its partnership with the NBA, emphasizing the trust he has in the league’s ability to preserve and showcase captivating basketball footage. In an interview with The Athletic, Johnson stated, “For me, and for them, it was a no-brainer… it’s another way of those memories living on forever.”

NBA Top Shot and the Changing Market

NBA Top Shot has experienced fluctuations in value, echoing wider trends in the cryptocurrency and NFT markets. The market index, MR 100, currently stands at 1,179.76, a decline from its peak of over 2,100 a year ago. Despite these changes, the demand for NBA Top Shot moments remains strong, underscoring the enduring appeal of collecting and owning digital sports memorabilia.


The Magic Johnson NFT set represents a unique opportunity for basketball aficionados to own prestigious digital collectibles that celebrate the extraordinary career of an NBA legend. With only a limited number of packs available, these moments hold significant value, both as assets and as an expression of fandom. NBA Top Shot continues to provide fans with an innovative and immersive experience, immortalizing unforgettable sporting moments in the digital realm.

FAQs About the Magic Johnson NFT Set

1. How can I purchase the Magic Johnson NFT pack?

To acquire the limited edition Magic Johnson NFT pack, visit the NBA Top Shot website on June 7th. Keep in mind that there are only a total of 1,600 packs available, with just 400 packs allocated for the general public.

2. What is the difference between legendary and rare moments in the Magic Johnson collection?

Legendary moments are the rarest and most coveted, with only a limited number of copies ever minted. In the Magic Johnson collection, the legendary moments include his rookie start in the 1980 NBA Finals and the “Around the Body Pass” from 1985. Rare moments, on the other hand, are more plentiful but still highly collectible, offering fans a chance to own a piece of Magic Johnson’s brilliance on the court.

3. How can I qualify for the priority queue to have a chance at purchasing the Magic Johnson NFT pack?

To qualify for the priority queue, you will need to have a Top Shot Score of at least 150,000. This score takes into account your engagement and participation within the NBA Top Shot platform, including marketplace activity and collection size.

4. Will there be additional Magic Johnson moments released in the future?

Yes, Dapper Labs plans to release more Magic Johnson moments in future sets. Fans can look forward to iconic highlights, such as his baby hook from the 1987 NBA Finals, which will have an incredibly limited mint count of just 32.

5. How does NBA Top Shot preserve the value and authenticity of its NFTs?

NBA Top Shot utilizes blockchain technology to verify and secure the authenticity of each NFT. This decentralized system ensures the integrity of the digital collectibles, providing fans with confidence in the value and uniqueness of their NBA Top Shot moments.

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