Minnesota Vikings Secure Promising Future with Kevin O’Connell as New Head Coach

Kevin O’Connell: From Super Bowl Champion to Minnesota Vikings Head Coach

Kevin O’Connell, previously the offensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Rams, has now taken on a new role as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. At the age of 36, O’Connell brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his first head coaching position. Let’s explore his journey and the expectations surrounding his new role.

A Background Rooted in Football and Determination

O’Connell was born into a family with a strong connection to football. His father worked as an FBI agent, while he himself excelled as a standout quarterback at San Diego State. O’Connell entered the NFL as a third-round pick in the 2008 draft, spending time as a third-string quarterback with the New England Patriots and New York Jets. However, a shoulder injury cut his playing career short and led him down the path of coaching.

From Quarterbacks Coach to Offensive Coordinator

O’Connell’s coaching career took off when he joined the Cleveland Browns as a quarterbacks coach in 2016. He later transitioned to become the offensive coordinator of the Washington Football Team in 2019 before joining the LA Rams as their offensive coordinator in 2020. Under O’Connell’s guidance, the Rams’ offense thrived, showcasing his ability to develop and strategize.

The Vikings’ Need for Change

The Minnesota Vikings made the decision to part ways with their former head coach, Mike Zimmer, following a rather underwhelming 9-8 season in 2021. After eight seasons with Zimmer at the helm, the Vikings hoped to find a fresh leader who could steer the team towards success.

A Glimpse at the Vikings’ Past and Future

During Zimmer’s tenure, the Vikings achieved notable moments, including a place in the NFC Championship game in 2017. However, the team fell short of bringing home the coveted Super Bowl victory. With the appointment of O’Connell, the Vikings are eager to turn their fortunes around and secure their first-ever Super Bowl title.

Joining the McVay Coaching Tree

In their pursuit of change and success, the Vikings took a similar approach to the LA Chargers, who hired Brandon Staley, former defensive coordinator under Sean McVay, as their head coach. The Vikings decided to follow suit, appointing O’Connell, McVay’s offensive coordinator, with the hopes of replicating the success of the Rams.

The McVay Connection

The Rams’ recent track record, including two Super Bowl appearances in the last four seasons, made O’Connell an appealing choice for the Vikings. His experience working with McVay, alongside his ability to adapt and lead, gave the Vikings confidence in his potential to elevate their offense.

Paving the Way for Success

O’Connell faced significant challenges during his tenure with the Rams. From integrating newly-acquired quarterback Matthew Stafford into the offense to incorporating Odell Beckham Jr. mid-season, O’Connell showcased his adaptability and skill in maximizing his team’s potential.

A Familiar Face for Kirk Cousins

One critical factor in O’Connell’s appointment was his previous working relationship with Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. In 2017, O’Connell served as Cousins’ QB coach with the Washington Football Team, earning praise from Cousins for his football acumen and dedication to player development.

The Key to Unlocking Cousins’ Potential

The Vikings hope that O’Connell’s familiarity with Cousins will enable him to maximize the quarterback’s performance. By leveraging his understanding of Cousins’ strengths and areas for improvement, O’Connell aims to unlock his full potential and lead the Vikings to victory.

The Dilemma: Cousins or Watson?

While O’Connell and Cousins have a history together, rumors have circulated about the Vikings potentially pursuing Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans. Watson’s trade demand and pending legal issues have created an uncertain situation, with several teams vying for his services.

Cousins’ Track Record

The Vikings took a chance on Cousins after their loss in the 2017 NFC Championship game, signing him to a lucrative contract extension. However, the team has had mixed results since then, with only one playoff appearance and a 33-31-1 record. As his hefty contract looms, the Vikings must weigh their options carefully.

The Watson Factor

Deshaun Watson’s talent and potential make him an intriguing target for teams looking to solidify their quarterback position. The Vikings have entered the mix, although acquiring Watson would require parting ways with Cousins and likely surrendering valuable draft picks.

Exploring Potential Scenarios

As the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers also express interest in Watson, the Vikings face challenging competition in securing his services. However, if they can orchestrate a deal, it could potentially pave the way for a brighter future, unburdened by Cousins’ significant contract.


With Kevin O’Connell stepping into the role of head coach and his experience as the Rams’ offensive coordinator, the Minnesota Vikings aim to transform their offense and clinch their first Super Bowl victory. O’Connell’s familiarity with Kirk Cousins offers promise, while the potential pursuit of Deshaun Watson adds an element of intrigue to their future. As the Vikings embark on a new chapter, fans eagerly anticipate the team’s journey towards football glory.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Kevin O’Connell transition from playing to coaching?

O’Connell’s shoulder injury prompted his transition from playing in the NFL to coaching. Despite the setback, his passion for football remained, leading him to mentor and guide players from the sidelines.

2. What factors made O’Connell an appealing choice for the Vikings?

O’Connell’s work as the Rams’ offensive coordinator, his reputation as a skilled strategist, and his previous relationship with Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins all contributed to his selection as the new head coach.

3. What are the Vikings’ expectations for the upcoming season?

The Vikings aspire to secure their first-ever Super Bowl victory, fueled by O’Connell’s leadership and offensive prowess. With the right pieces in place, the team aims to make a deep playoff run and bring football glory to Minnesota.

4. How realistic is the possibility of the Vikings acquiring Deshaun Watson?

While the Vikings have shown interest in Deshaun Watson, his legal situation and the competition from other teams make his acquisition uncertain. The Vikings would need to carefully navigate negotiations and weigh the potential risks and benefits.

5. What impact could a switch from Kirk Cousins to Deshaun Watson have on the Vikings?

A potential switch from Cousins to Watson would bring significant changes to the Vikings’ quarterback position. Watson’s talent and playmaking ability could elevate the team’s offense, but it would require letting go of Cousins and potentially sacrificing valuable draft assets.

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