MLS Transfer Rumors: Rivaldinho Eyeing American Challenge as Talks with Two Clubs Intensify

Brazilian Striker Rivaldinho Eyes MLS Move After Failed Transfer


Renowned Brazilian striker Rivaldinho, son of the legendary Rivaldo, is setting his sights on a potential move to Major League Soccer (MLS). Recent reports suggest that the player is currently engaged in talks with two clubs, exploring opportunities after a potential transfer to Toronto FC fell through. Online gambling sources have shed light on this intriguing development, sparking curiosity among football enthusiasts.

Background and Career

Rivaldinho, at the age of 26, currently plies his trade for Cracovia Krakow in the Polish top-flight league. However, he is eager to take on a new challenge and seek fresh horizons. The talented striker has experienced stints in various countries, including Brazil, Portugal, Romania, and Bulgaria, before finding his way to Krakow in the summer of 2020. His previous clubs include Boavista in Portugal, Dinamo Bucharest, and Viitorul Constanta in Romania. Rivaldinho’s football lineage is impressive, considering his father’s status as the esteemed Rivaldo, who once graced the iconic Barcelona and AC Milan. Furthermore, his father’s achievements, including winning the prestigious Ballon d’Or award, undoubtedly inspire him to carve out his own successful career.

The MLS Dream

Following a lackluster spell in Poland, where he mustered just one goal in 32 appearances for Krakow, Rivaldinho expressed his desire to explore other opportunities, preferably in the MLS rather than returning to his native Brazil. Although Brazilian clubs have also expressed interest in him, Rivaldinho seems inclined towards the prospect of a fresh start in the United States. Toronto FC, recognizing his potential, offered him a promising contract, but negotiations with Krakow proved to be a stumbling block, necessitating a search for alternative destinations.

Failed Transfer and the Pursuit of Alternatives

Despite Toronto FC’s endeavor to secure Rivaldinho’s signature, a favorable resolution couldn’t be reached with Krakow, presenting an unexpected twist in the player’s transfer saga. Seizing the opportunity, Toronto FC shifted their focus to another talent plying his trade in the Polish league, ultimately acquiring the services of Spanish forward Jesus Jimenez from Gornik Zabrze.

Highlighting Rivaldinho’s Career Moments

Throughout his career, Rivaldinho has showcased glimpses of brilliance, with his most impressive season undoubtedly being the 2019-2020 campaign, during which he netted an impressive 11 goals while representing Viitorul in Romania. Notably, one of his most memorable goals came in the Europa League, where he displayed his flair and skill against Athletic Bilbao while playing for Dinamo Bucharest in 2017.


As Rivaldinho explores the potential of a move to the MLS, his ambition to conquer new challenges is evident. The failed transfer to Toronto FC has only intensified his determination to find a club that provides the ideal platform for his growth and exploits his footballing talents. With his remarkable lineage and past achievements, Rivaldinho remains a captivating figure within the footballing world, and fans eagerly await his next move.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which clubs has Rivaldinho previously played for?

Rivaldinho has had stints at Boavista in Portugal, Dinamo Bucharest and Viitorul Constanta in Romania, and Cracovia Krakow in Poland.

2. Who is Rivaldinho’s famous father?

Rivaldinho’s father is Rivaldo, the renowned Brazilian footballer who played for Barcelona and AC Milan, among others, and won the Ballon d’Or award.

3. How did Rivaldinho perform during his time at Krakow?

Unfortunately, Rivaldinho’s time at Krakow didn’t yield significant results, as he only managed to score one goal in 32 appearances.

4. Why is Rivaldinho interested in a move to the MLS?

Rivaldinho sees the MLS as an exciting opportunity for a fresh start and new challenges, rather than returning to his native Brazil.

5. Who did Toronto FC sign after their failed attempt to secure Rivaldinho?

Toronto FC turned their attention to Spanish forward Jesus Jimenez, whom they successfully acquired from Gornik Zabrze in the Polish league.

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