Navigating the Turbulent Waters: NFL’s New Streaming Service Enters a Saturated Market

The NFL Launches NFL+ Streaming Service

The National Football League (NFL) made an exciting announcement on Monday with the launch of its very own streaming service, NFL+. In a bid to stay competitive in the ever-crowded sports streaming landscape, the introduction of NFL+ aims to provide fans with an enhanced viewing experience. However, considering the existing media rights agreements and to avoid upsetting current and potential NFL media providers, certain limitations will be put in place. For instance, one provider has already committed to paying approximately $3 billion for the coveted NFL Sunday Ticket.

A Crowded Market

The NFL is no stranger to recognizing the power of streaming platforms. In fact, back in 2020, the league formed a partnership with Amazon to stream the thrilling “NFL Holiday Blitz.” Building upon this success, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently announced that the highly anticipated NFL Sunday Ticket will also transition to a streaming service. With NFL+ joining an already congested field of major league content providers, the question arises – how will it fare against fierce competition?

The Pros and Cons of NFL+ Streaming Service

NFL+ offers viewers a two-tiered subscription model, starting at an affordable $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year for the base tier. Subscribers at this level gain access to stream nearly all of the league’s games, including in-market matches. Additionally, NFL+ has a premier tier, priced at $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year, which provides ad-free replays. The shift from the current NFL Game Pass subscription to NFL+ is expected to be well-received by most fans, as the premier tier offers comparable services at a slightly lower cost.

A Limitation for Television Viewers

While NFL+ brings many advantages, there is one downside that may disappoint football enthusiasts – initially, the streaming service will be exclusive to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. This means fans won’t have the same big-screen experience they are accustomed to when watching games. However, it should be noted that the NFL may expand access to televisions in the future.

A Waiting Game for NFL’s Next Broadcast Partner

The NFL’s decision to launch its own streaming service was somewhat anticipated. What caught many off guard, though, was the timing and nature of the announcement. The league plans to end its long-standing Sunday Ticket contract with current provider DirecTV after the 2022-23 season. With DirecTV paying a hefty $1.5 billion per year for the privilege of broadcasting the NFL’s Sunday lineup, the new provider will likely face even higher costs.

A Fierce Competition for Exceptional Content

Given the lucrative nature of the Sunday Ticket contract, several major players have thrown their hats into the ring to secure future broadcasting rights. Giants in the industry like Amazon, Disney, and Apple have already submitted substantial bids. As competition intensifies, the new provider must not only surpass the current deal’s financial offer but also adhere to the terms and conditions set by the NFL’s existing media partners.

Limitations Faced by the New Sunday Ticket Service

Both NFL+ and the incoming Sunday Ticket service must navigate within the boundaries set by the league’s current media rights agreements. Established media giants such as CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, and Amazon currently pay billions of dollars annually for their NFL media rights. Consequently, the new Sunday Ticket provider will not be able to significantly reduce the pricing below the current $300 per year without violating these terms and conditions.


The NFL’s launch of NFL+ streaming service showcases its commitment to providing fans with even more access to their favorite sport. Although NFL+ may face stiff competition from other major league content providers, its affordable pricing and inclusion of in-market games make it an appealing option for avid football followers. However, limitations regarding access on televisions may disappoint those seeking a larger-than-life viewing experience. With the pending transition to a new broadcaster for Sunday Ticket, the NFL is venturing into uncharted territory, where securing loyal fans and forging lucrative partnerships will be vital in the ever-evolving world of sports media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will NFL+ completely replace NFL Game Pass?

No, NFL+ will not replace NFL Game Pass entirely. Current subscribers of NFL Game Pass will be switched to NFL+, benefiting from the premier tier’s discounted pricing. NFL Game Pass will still be available as a separate service for those who prefer its existing features.

2. Can I watch live games on NFL+?

Yes, NFL+ allows subscribers to stream almost all of the NFL’s games, including in-market matchups. This means that fans can catch their favorite teams in action, no matter where they are.

3. Is NFL+ available internationally?

At present, NFL+ is primarily targeted towards fans within the United States. However, the NFL has expressed its intention to explore international expansion in the future, so fans around the world may have the opportunity to enjoy NFL+ eventually.

4. Will NFL+ have any additional features or exclusive content?

While NFL+ offers an affordable and convenient way to stream NFL games, it does not currently provide exclusive content or additional features beyond its two-tiered subscription model. However, as the service evolves, the NFL may introduce new offerings to enhance the viewing experience.

5. Can I watch NFL+ on my smart TV?

Currently, NFL+ is only available for streaming on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. However, the NFL is actively exploring options to expand access to televisions, so fans may eventually have the option to watch NFL+ on their smart TVs.

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