NBA All-Star Game 2022: Team LeBron vs Team Durant – Star-Studded Showdown

The 2022 NBA All-Star Game: LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

The highly anticipated 2022 NBA All-Star Game is set to take place in Cleveland this Sunday. The game will once again see LeBron James and Kevin Durant as captains, as they go head-to-head with their hand-picked teams. In a departure from the traditional Eastern versus Western Conference format, the NBA decided to shake things up by selecting the top player from each conference as captain, allowing them to draft their own teams from a pool of starters and reserves.

LeBron and Durant: The Captains

For the second consecutive year, LeBron James and Kevin Durant are leading the way as captains for the All-Star Game. Both players demonstrated their exceptional skills in team management by selecting their roster for this highly competitive matchup. However, there is one noticeable difference this year: Durant will not be able to participate due to an injury. Despite this setback, Durant’s presence will still be felt as he guides his team from the sidelines.

The Coaching Lineup

The coaching staff for the All-Star Game is determined by the teams with the best record in each conference. This year, Monty Williams of the Phoenix Suns will have the honor of coaching Team LeBron, thanks to the Suns’ impressive record and their position at the top of the Western Conference. On the other side, Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat will lead Team Durant, as the Heat secured the best record in the Eastern Conference. This will be Williams’ first appearance as an All-Star Game coach, while Spoelstra returns for his second time on the sidelines.

The Draft: Instant Rivalries and Surprising Choices

With the first pick in the starters pool, LeBron James wasted no time in selecting Giannis Antetokounmpo, also known as the “Greek Freak.” Antetokounmpo’s remarkable talents and versatility made him the perfect choice to kick off Team LeBron. On the other hand, Durant opted for Joel Embiid, the formidable center for the Philadelphia 76ers, as his first pick.

As for the reserves, Durant had the advantage of the first selection and decided to go with Devin Booker, a talented shooting guard from the Phoenix Suns. LeBron countered with his choice of Luka Doncic, a rising star and crowd favorite. Interestingly, both captains seemed to deliberately avoid selecting James Harden, perhaps due to recent trade developments and the desire to maintain a harmonious team dynamic.

Team LeBron vs. Team Durant: The Rosters

Here are the complete rosters for the 2022 NBA All-Star Game:

Team LeBron:

  • LeBron James (Captain)
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • Stephen Curry
  • DeMar DeRozan
  • Nikola Jokic
  • Luka Doncic
  • Darius Garland
  • Chris Paul
  • Jimmy Butler
  • Donovan Mitchell
  • Fred VanVleet
  • James Harden
  • Jarrett Allen

Team Durant:

  • Kevin Durant (Captain)
  • Joel Embiid
  • Ja Morant
  • Jayson Tatum
  • Trae Young
  • Andrew Wiggins
  • Devin Booker
  • Karl-Anthony Towns
  • Zach LaVine
  • Dejounte Murray
  • Khris Middleton
  • LaMelo Ball
  • Rudy Gobert

A Global Showcase of Talent

The NBA All-Star Game is not just a celebration of American basketball talent, but also an opportunity to honor and highlight the impressive international players who have made a significant impact on the league. This year’s All-Star lineup boasts a remarkable international presence, with four out of the six starters hailing from overseas.

The “Greek Freak” himself, Giannis Antetokounmpo, was born in Greece to Nigerian immigrant parents, illustrating the global reach of the game. Nikola Jokic, the reigning MVP, represents Serbia, while Joel Embiid originates from Cameroon. Another international star making waves in the NBA is Andrew Wiggins, a Canadian player who often goes unnoticed despite his skill and contributions on the court.

In addition to the international starters, there are two international reserves who have earned their spots in the All-Star Game. Luka Doncic, the young Slovenian sensation, has already captivated fans with his exceptional play and remarkable basketball IQ. Joining him is Rudy Gobert, the towering French center known for his defensive prowess.

The All-Star Weekend Extravaganza

While the All-Star Game itself is undeniably the main event, the NBA All-Star Weekend encompasses a variety of exciting activities and showcases. One of the highlights is the Clorox Rising Stars game, which takes place on Friday evening. In an effort to shine a spotlight on emerging talent, the NBA has introduced a unique twist this year by organizing a four-team tournament. Each team consists of seven players, with six out of the 28 Rising Stars being international players.

This diverse group of rising stars includes Chris Duarte from the Dominican Republic, Josh Giddey and Dyson Daniels from Australia, Franz Wagner from Germany, Precious Achiuwa from Nigeria, and Alperen Sengun from Turkey. These young talents will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and demonstrate why they deserve attention in the basketball world.

A Global Spectacle: Reaching Fans Around the World

The 2022 NBA All-Star Game aims to captivate fans across the globe, with a total of 72 different broadcast partners delivering the excitement to 215 countries and territories. This widespread distribution ensures that basketball enthusiasts from various corners of the world can experience the thrill of the All-Star Game.

International fans will even have the chance to vote for the game’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) through multiple platforms, including the NBA app, Twitter, and Furthermore, the game will be broadcast in an impressive 60 different languages, allowing a wide range of viewers to fully immerse themselves in the action and enjoy the commentary tailored to their own language and culture. In fact, for the first time in their broadcasting history, the Netherlands, India, and Norway will have their own dedicated commentary teams providing insights and analysis during the All-Star Game.


The 2022 NBA All-Star Game promises to be a captivating display of talent, teamwork, and international camaraderie. With LeBron James and Kevin Durant at the helm, leading their hand-picked teams onto the court, fans can expect nothing short of an exhilarating spectacle. From the unique draft process to the impressive array of international stars, this year’s All-Star Game is set to be a memorable event. So gather your friends and family, tune in to your local broadcast, and get ready to witness basketball greatness on a global stage.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How are the NBA All-Star Game captains selected?

The NBA All-Star Game captains are chosen based on the players with the highest number of votes in each conference. These captains then have the opportunity to draft their own teams from a pool of selected starters and reserves.

2. Why did the NBA change the format of the All-Star Game?

The NBA decided to move away from the traditional Eastern versus Western Conference format in order to inject new excitement and unpredictability into the game. By allowing the top players from each conference to become captains and draft their own teams, the NBA created an additional level of competition and intrigue.

3. How many international players are participating in the All-Star Game?

This year’s All-Star Game features a remarkable international presence, with four out of the six starters hailing from overseas. Additionally, there are two international players among the reserves, making it a truly global showcase of talent.

4. What other events take place during the NBA All-Star Weekend?

In addition to the All-Star Game, the NBA All-Star Weekend includes a variety of events and showcases. One of the notable highlights is the Clorox Rising Stars game, which features up-and-coming young players competing in a special tournament. There are also skill challenges, three-point shooting contests, and slam dunk competitions to keep fans entertained throughout the weekend.

5. How can international fans vote for the All-Star Game MVP?

International fans have the opportunity to vote for the All-Star Game’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) through various platforms, including the NBA app, Twitter, and This allows fans from around the world to have their say in determining the game’s most outstanding player.

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