NBA Finals Predictions: Brooklyn Nets and LA Clippers Lead Title Favorites

The Favorites for the 2023 NBA Championship

The Brooklyn Nets, despite their early exit in the 2022 NBA playoffs, have been installed as the favorites to win the 2023 NBA Championship. According to oddsmakers at DraftKings, the Nets have been given +500 odds, reflecting their strong roster and the determination of Kevin Durant and his teammates to bring home the franchise’s first championship.

In close contention are the Golden State Warriors at +550 odds. Currently, the Warriors are the favorites to win the 2022 title, but their impressive performance this season has also positioned them as strong contenders for next year’s championship.

Kawhi Leonard’s Return Boosts the Clippers’ Chances

One team that is particularly intriguing for the 2023 season is the Los Angeles Clippers. Despite Kawhi Leonard missing the entire 2021-22 season due to an ACL injury, the oddsmakers have given them +600 odds to win the championship. With Leonard’s return and the potential for Paul George to be fully healthy, the Clippers have the talent and experience to compete at the highest level.

Other Contenders for the 2023 Title

The competition for the 2023 NBA Championship is fierce, with several teams vying for the coveted title. Here’s a look at some other favorites:

  • Boston Celtics: Although they’re still in the playoffs this year, the Celtics are given +600 odds for next season. They have a solid roster and will be aiming to bounce back after a challenging season.
  • Milwaukee Bucks: Despite falling short of back-to-back titles this year, the Bucks are considered strong contenders with +700 odds. They’ll be looking to make some strategic moves to strengthen their shooting guard position.
  • Phoenix Suns: The Suns had a tough playoff run this year, but they remain in the mix for the 2023 championship with +700 odds. Led by Chris Paul and a talented young core, they will be aiming for redemption after a disappointing end to their 2022 campaign.

Challenges and Potential Surprises

The NBA landscape is constantly evolving, and there are always teams that could exceed expectations or face challenges. Let’s take a closer look at some of these teams:

Philadelphia 76ers: Uncertainty and Potential Changes

The Philadelphia 76ers face important offseason decisions, including potential roster changes and the question of whether coach Doc Rivers will stay with the team or potentially move to the LA Lakers. With potential uncertainty surrounding the team, oddsmakers have given them +1400 odds for the 2023 championship.

Memphis Grizzlies: Rising Young Team

The Memphis Grizzlies showcased their potential in the Western Conference semifinals against the Golden State Warriors this year, even without star player Ja Morant for part of the series. As a young and exciting team, the Grizzlies have +1500 odds for the 2023 championship and will be a team to watch in the coming seasons.

Denver Nuggets: Jokic’s Excellence and Return of Key Players

Nikola Jokic, the back-to-back MVP, demonstrated his outstanding skills this season despite playing without key teammates Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. due to injuries. If both Murray and Porter return to their previous form, the Nuggets could make a serious run for the championship with +1700 odds.

Los Angeles Lakers: Seeking Redemption

The Los Angeles Lakers faced a disappointing season, failing to qualify for the playoffs and struggling with numerous challenges. With uncertainty surrounding the team and the need to make crucial decisions, their odds for the 2023 championship stand at +2200, reflecting the uphill battle they’ll face to return to championship contention.

Looking Beyond the Favorites

While several teams are favored to contend for the 2023 NBA Championship, there are also underdogs looking to surprise the league. Let’s take a quick glance at some of these teams:

Oklahoma City Thunder: Young Talent and Draft Picks

The Oklahoma City Thunder have assembled a promising young team led by Australian talent Josh Giddey. With multiple first-round picks in the upcoming draft, including the second overall pick, they have the potential to accelerate their rebuild. While still considered far from championship contention, the Thunder have +100000 odds for the 2023 title.

Sacramento Kings: Seeking Playoff Breakthrough

The Sacramento Kings have suffered through a 16-season playoff drought, but they hope to change that with the guidance of assistant coach Mike Brown, who brings experience from his time with the Golden State Warriors. Despite their long odds at +50000, the Kings are eager to make a breakthrough and secure a postseason berth.


The 2023 NBA Championship race is set to be an exciting one with several strong contenders and potential surprises. While the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers are early favorites, teams like the Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, and others are not to be underestimated. As we eagerly anticipate the next NBA season, only time will tell which team will ultimately emerge as the championship victor.


1. Can the Brooklyn Nets bounce back after their early exit in the 2022 playoffs?

While their first-round sweep was undoubtedly disappointing, the Brooklyn Nets remain highly motivated to secure their first championship. With a talented roster featuring stars like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, they will be formidable contenders in the 2023 season.

2. How will Kawhi Leonard’s return impact the LA Clippers’ chances?

Kawhi Leonard’s return from injury will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the Clippers’ performance. His presence alongside Paul George will make them a formidable duo, strengthening the team’s chances of contending for the 2023 championship.

3. Who are some dark horse teams that could surprise in the 2023 season?

The Memphis Grizzlies, Denver Nuggets, and Philadelphia 76ers are among the teams that could exceed expectations. With talented rosters and the potential return of key players, they have the ability to make deep playoff runs and potentially challenge the favorites.

4. Which teams face the greatest challenges heading into the 2023 season?

The Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers face significant challenges, both on and off the court. The Lakers need to make critical decisions regarding their roster and coaching staff, while the 76ers must navigate potential changes and uncertainty surrounding key players.

5. Can the Golden State Warriors secure back-to-back titles in the 2023 season?

While the Warriors are favorites to win the 2022 championship, their odds for the 2023 season suggest a more challenging road to another title. However, with a talented core led by Steph Curry, they are undoubtedly a team to watch and have the potential to repeat as champions.

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