NBA Playoffs Game 3: Betting Odds and Predictions

The Growing Momentum of the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals

The Golden State Warriors have taken a commanding 2-0 lead against the Dallas Mavericks as they prepare for Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. The players from both teams have been closely scrutinized, and DraftKings has even posted various player prop bets on scoring totals and made 3-pointers for key individuals such as Luka Doncic, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole, and Jalen Brunson.

The Desperation of the Dallas Mavericks and the Importance of Game 3

The Dallas Mavericks find themselves in a precarious situation as they desperately need a win in Game 3 to prevent falling into an insurmountable 0-3 hole. Fortunately for them, they will have home-court advantage at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

The Mavericks understand that they do not solely rely on Luka Doncic dropping 40-plus points to secure a victory. Rather, they need the contributions of their other starters on offense and their ability to connect on their 3-point attempts.

Doncic has been a standout performer for the Mavericks throughout the postseason, averaging an impressive 31.4 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 6.5 assists per game. In addition to betting on his scoring performance, spectators can also place wagers on whether he will achieve a triple-double in Game 3. The odds for a yes outcome are +380, while a no outcome stands at -650.

Player Prop Bets: Scoring Expectations and 3-Pointers

Luka Doncic (33.5 o/u)

Doncic’s scoring total for Game 3 has been set at 33.5 points. In the previous two games, he scored 20 and 42 points, respectively. The Mavericks, and particularly Doncic, have displayed better performances when playing on their home court. Thus, the high scoring total assigned to the Slovenian prodigy is unsurprising.

Steph Curry (26.5 o/u)

Steph Curry, the scoring leader for the Warriors throughout the playoffs, carries an average of 26.8 points per game. In the first game of the series, he scored 21 points, followed by an impressive 32 points in Game 2. Curry’s scoring output largely depends on his ability to convert his 3-point attempts. When he struggles from beyond the arc, his point total hovers around the lower 20s. However, if Curry finds his rhythm from beyond the arc, surpassing 30 points becomes a likely outcome. Unlike Doncic, Curry benefits from a strong supporting cast, with multiple players capable of scoring 20-plus points. As a result, the Warriors do not rely heavily on Curry’s scoring to secure victories.

Jalen Brunson (20.5 o/u)

Jalen Brunson’s offensive contributions have played a significant role in the Mavericks’ success. When he scores fewer than 14 points, the team has struggled, losing all three games in which this occurred during the postseason. However, in Game 2, despite Brunson’s impressive 31-point performance, the Mavericks still experienced defeat.

Klay Thompson (18.5 o/u)

Klay Thompson’s scoring average for the playoffs stands at 19.5 points per game. The Warriors have emerged victorious in four out of five games in which Thompson scored 20 or more points. Their only loss came during a lackluster performance against the Denver Nuggets while holding a 3-0 series lead. Thompson’s recent injuries have certainly impacted his playing style, and Jordan Poole has stepped in to share some of the offensive load.

Jordan Poole (16.5 o/u)

Jordan Poole, with an average of 19.5 points per game, currently shares the title of the Warriors’ second-best scorer in the postseason alongside Klay Thompson. The team has secured victories in all six games in which Poole scored 23 or more points. However, when he’s held to 14 or fewer points, the Warriors’ record is 3-2.

3-Point Shooting: Expectations for Key Players

Luka Doncic (3.5 o/u)

Luka Doncic’s proficiency from beyond the arc has greatly influenced his scoring performances. He has connected on 35.7% of his 3-point attempts during the postseason, and his most remarkable scoring displays have coincided with excellent long-range shooting. Against the Warriors, Doncic has averaged an impressive 40% from beyond the arc, tallying eight out of 20 successful attempts. He has consistently attempted 10 or more 3-point shots in nine out of 12 postseason games, including the last two. Placing bets on Doncic making over or under 3.5 3-pointers yields odds of -150 and +110, respectively.

Dorian Finney-Smith (2.5 o/u)

Dorian Finney-Smith may only average 11.1 points per game for the Mavericks in the postseason, but his accuracy from beyond the arc stands at an impressive 42.4%. Given his shooting prowess, the team should prioritize involving Finney-Smith more in the offense. Notably, the Mavericks have achieved a perfect 3-0 record when Finney-Smith makes four or more 3-pointers. The odds for Finney-Smith surpassing 2.5 treys are +150, while the odds for falling below this benchmark are -150.

Reggie Bullock (2.5 o/u)

Reggie Bullock’s contributions extend beyond his scoring ability; the Mavericks rely on him for his defensive prowess and his effectiveness in knocking down open 3-pointers, converting at a rate of 40%. During the playoffs, Bullock has managed to drill three or more treys in 10 out of 15 games, resulting in a shooting percentage of 45% against the Warriors. Last season, when Bullock played for the New York Knicks, his team won 70% of the games in which he scored 10 or more points. Betting on Bullock making over 2.5 3-pointers yields odds of -150, while the odds for falling below this threshold stand at +110.

Golden State’s 3-Point Specialists

Steph Curry (3.5 o/u)

Steph Curry’s shooting prowess becomes apparent when he discovers his scoring groove. During the two previous games against the Mavericks, Curry demonstrated his 3-point ability by connecting on 9 out of 19 attempts, resulting in a 47.3% success rate. Throughout the playoffs, Curry has maintained a 37.5% success rate from downtown, despite struggling throughout the regular season with a 38% conversion rate. Considering his previous performances, placing bets on Curry making over 3.5 3-pointers carries odds of -140, while the odds for falling below this mark are +110.

Klay Thompson (2.5 o/u)

In this series against the Mavericks, Klay Thompson has struggled with his 3-point shooting, making only one 3-pointer in each game. However, he boasts a 39.6% success rate from beyond the arc for the postseason. Thompson has made two or fewer treys during five out of 13 playoff games, while achieving three or more on eight occasions. It is worth noting that Thompson’s Game 6 performances are legendary for his 3-point explosions, but it is not yet time for “Game 6 Klay.” Placing bets on Thompson surpassing 2.5 3-pointers yields odds of -150, while the odds for falling below this threshold are +115.

Jordan Poole (1.5 o/u)

Jordan Poole’s 3-point shooting efficiency stands at an impressive 39.5% during the postseason; however, he does not attempt as many shots as the Splash Brothers. The team has achieved a perfect 5-0 record whenever Poole made three or more treys. Moreover, in six games throughout the playoffs, Poole connected on one or fewer treys, resulting in a 3-3 record for the Warriors. Betting on Poole making over 1.5 3-pointers yields odds of -155, while the odds for falling below this mark are +120.


The upcoming Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks promises to be an intense battle. The performances of key

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