NBA Potential Expansion Teams in Seattle and Las Vegas: Bill Simmons Talks

Expanding the NBA: Return of the Seattle SuperSonics and the Rise of Las Vegas

The NBA’s Plan for Expansion

During a recent episode of the Bill Simmons Podcast, Simmons shared his belief that the NBA is considering the addition of expansion teams in Seattle and Las Vegas. This move would expand the league from 30 to 32 teams, with the iconic Seattle SuperSonics making a long-awaited comeback. While this is not yet confirmed by the NBA, there are signs pointing towards the possibility of this expansion becoming a reality.

The Potential Realignment and Conference Redesign

If the NBA were to add two teams to the Western Conference, they would need to realign the conferences and redesign the divisions. This would involve shifting one team from the Western Conference to the Eastern Conference to maintain a balanced distribution of teams. The most likely candidate for this move is the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Simmons also speculated that LeBron James could potentially lead the future NBA expansion franchise in Las Vegas. With James expressing his desire to own and run a team, his involvement in a Las Vegas-based franchise seems plausible. This would add further excitement to the potential expansion and create new opportunities for the league.

The Return of the Seattle SuperSonics

Seattle lost its beloved NBA franchise, the SuperSonics, when the team relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008 and became the Thunder. The departure of the Sonics left a void in the hearts of Seattle sports fans. However, recent developments have reignited hopes for the return of the SuperSonics.

One significant factor is the successful launch of the Seattle Kraken, an NHL team that now calls Climate Pledge Arena its home. This arena, formerly known as Key Arena where the Sonics once played, underwent a $1.1 billion redevelopment and is now ready to host NBA games. The presence of the Kraken and the renovated arena creates an opportune moment for Seattle to welcome back the SuperSonics.

A New Basketball Haven in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has emerged as a thriving sports city, and the addition of an NBA team would further solidify its reputation. Since 2017, the city has proudly welcomed the Las Vegas Golden Knights, an NHL team. Their home, the T-Mobile Arena, has hosted various college basketball tournaments, showcasing its potential as a future home for an NBA expansion franchise.

With its vibrant atmosphere, a strong infrastructure of hotels and entertainment venues, and a passionate sports fanbase, Las Vegas is well-suited to embrace the arrival of an NBA team. Simmons’ suggestion of LeBron James being involved in a Las Vegas franchise adds an intriguing element to this potential expansion.

Realignment: The Journey of the T-Wolves

A crucial aspect of expanding the NBA to 32 teams is the need for conference realignment to maintain balance. Currently, with 30 teams, there are 15 teams in each conference. However, with the addition of two new teams, a realignment becomes imperative.

To ensure a logical distribution of teams, it becomes necessary for one team from the Western Conference to move to the Eastern Conference. Among the existing Western Conference teams, the Minnesota Timberwolves appear to be the most likely candidate for relocation.

Geographically speaking, the Timberwolves’ proximity to cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Indianapolis makes them a natural fit for the Eastern Conference. This move would balance the conferences and streamline the divisional structure.

The Geography Challenge with the Pelicans and Grizzlies

While the Timberwolves seem like the most logical choice for relocation, there are arguments to be made for other teams. For instance, the New Orleans Pelicans and the Memphis Grizzlies, both currently competing in the Western Conference, are geographically closer to eastern cities.

The Grizzlies originated as the Vancouver Grizzlies before moving to Memphis. Despite their current Western Conference classification, it is somewhat anomalous to have a team with ties to the West in a southern city. Similarly, the Pelicans were previously known as the Charlotte Hornets before their relocation to New Orleans. The Southeast Division might be a more suitable fit for them.

By reassessing geographical considerations, the NBA can ensure a better alignment of teams within the conferences, enhancing competitiveness and regional identities.

The Future of NBA Divisions

With the addition of two expansion teams and the potential realignment, the NBA would introduce new divisions, bringing the total to four divisions in each conference. Let’s explore the potential structure of these divisions, assuming the relocation of the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Eastern Conference.

Eastern Conference Divisions:

Atlantic Division:

– Boston Celtics
– Toronto Raptors
– Brooklyn Nets
– New York Knicks

North Division:

– Chicago Bulls
– Milwaukee Bucks
– Detroit Pistons
– Minnesota Timberwolves

Southeast Division:

– Miami Heat
– Atlanta Hawks
– Orlando Magic
– Charlotte Hornets

Central Division:

– Philadelphia 76ers
– Indiana Pacers
– Cleveland Cavaliers
– Washington Wizards

Western Conference Divisions:

Mountain Division:

– Denver Nuggets
– Utah Jazz
– Memphis Grizzlies
– Oklahoma City Thunder

Pacific Division:

– LA Lakers
– LA Clippers
– Phoenix Suns
– New Las Vegas Team

Northwest Division:

– Portland Trail Blazers
– Golden State Warriors
– Sacramento Kings
– Seattle SuperSonics

Southwest Division:

– Dallas Mavericks
– San Antonio Spurs
– Houston Rockets
– New Orleans Pelicans


The possibility of expanding the NBA to 32 teams with the addition of franchises in Seattle and Las Vegas has generated excitement and anticipation among basketball fans. While these plans are not yet official, signs point towards the league seriously considering this expansion. The return of the Seattle SuperSonics and the emergence of Las Vegas as an NBA hub would bring new dynamics to the league, providing fresh opportunities for players, owners, and fans alike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Has the NBA officially confirmed the addition of expansion teams in Seattle and Las Vegas?

As of now, the NBA has not made an official announcement regarding the addition of expansion teams in Seattle and Las Vegas. However, there have been indications and discussions suggesting that these plans are being considered.

Q2: Which team is most likely to be moved to the Eastern Conference if the NBA expands?

The Minnesota Timberwolves seem to be the leading candidate for a potential move to the Eastern Conference due to their geographical proximity to cities in that region. This realignment would help balance the conferences and ensure better divisional alignments.

Q3: How would the divisions be structured if the NBA expands to 32 teams?

If the NBA expands to 32 teams, the league would introduce four divisions in each conference. The divisions would be organized based on geographical considerations to enhance regional rivalries and improve competitiveness.

Q4: Are there any other cities being considered for NBA expansion?

While Seattle and Las Vegas have garnered significant attention as potential expansion cities, there may be other locations under consideration by the NBA. However, specific details regarding additional cities have not been confirmed at this time.

Q5: What impact would LeBron James have if he becomes involved with a Las Vegas franchise?

If LeBron James were to become involved with a Las Vegas franchise, his presence would undoubtedly have a considerable impact. James is not only a highly influential player but also an ambitious individual with a keen interest in team ownership. His involvement would bring star power, excitement, and competitive aspirations to the Las Vegas team, further elevating the league’s profile.

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