NBA Rumors: The Battle for Doc Rivers—Who Will Secure the Coaching Savant, Utah Jazz or LA Lakers?

Coaching Carousel: Doc Rivers, Quin Snyder, and the NBA Rumor Mill

Could Doc Rivers Be the Next Coach for the Utah Jazz or Los Angeles Lakers?

In the ever-turning wheel of NBA coaching rumors, the latest whispers suggest that Doc Rivers, the current head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, may be leaving the City of Brotherly Love behind and heading out West to potentially become the next head coach of either the Utah Jazz or the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rivers has already made a name for himself in the coaching world, having guided the Los Angeles Clippers to the playoffs six times in seven seasons. However, his tenure with the Clippers was plagued by the so-called “Clippers Curse,” as they failed to advance past the Western Conference semifinals on four separate occasions. Nonetheless, Rivers’ experience coaching in LA has led to speculation that he could make a return to the city, this time donning the purple and gold of the Lakers.

On the other hand, the Utah Jazz find themselves in a potential coaching dilemma of their own. The team’s current head coach, Quin Snyder, has been mentioned as a top candidate to replace Gregg Popovich, should the legendary San Antonio Spurs coach decide to retire at the end of this season. Snyder’s coaching prowess was evident last year when he led the Jazz to a successful campaign, boasting an impressive defensive scheme and a three-point heavy offense. They were considered one of the most dangerous teams in the NBA. However, their journey in the 2021 postseason ended in disappointment as they were eliminated by the LA Clippers in the Western Conference semifinals.

The Decline of the Utah Jazz and Possible Impending Changes

The Jazz entered the current season with high hopes of making it to the NBA Finals, but things haven’t gone according to plan. The team has faced challenges throughout the season, including injuries and chemistry issues that have caused a disruption in their once cohesive unit. As a result, the Jazz have been on a downward spiral in the second half of the season, leading to growing discord within the locker room.

One major point of contention revolves around the strained relationship between Donovan Mitchell, the team’s star player, and Rudy Gobert, the Jazz’s defensive anchor and two-time Defensive Player of the Year. Reports suggest that Mitchell and other players have grown weary of Gobert, leading to speculations of potential trades involving one or both of these key players. If the turmoil continues and significant changes occur within the Jazz organization, Snyder might see it as an opportunity to seek employment elsewhere, possibly as the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs if Popovich retires or with the Lakers if the coaching position becomes available.

The Unfortunate State of the Los Angeles Lakers

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers are dealing with their own set of issues. The team’s season has been marred by injuries to star player Anthony Davis and the less-than-successful integration of Russell Westbrook into the lineup. The highly anticipated trade to bring Westbrook to the Lakers, which was heavily influenced by LeBron James and Davis, has not yielded the expected results.

Westbrook’s struggles to find synergy with his new teammates, coupled with Davis’ multiple injuries, have resulted in a disappointing season for the Lakers. Fans have been quick to criticize the team’s performance, and the head coach, Frank Vogel, has become a target of blame. It is widely speculated that Vogel may be fired in the near future, with his tenure as head coach seemingly taking the fall for the Lakers’ lackluster season.

Doc Rivers: A Potential Solution for the Lakers?

Recently, there have been mentions of both Quin Snyder and Doc Rivers as possible replacements for Vogel. However, emerging reports suggest that Rivers, with his ties to Los Angeles from his coaching stint with the Clippers, may be a strong contender for the Lakers’ head coaching position. Despite being unable to lead the Clippers to championship glory, Rivers has an established track record and coaching experience that could make him an attractive choice for the Lakers.

Rivers is currently serving as head coach for the Philadelphia 76ers, a role he took on after parting ways with the Clippers in 2020. Under his guidance, the 76ers won the Atlantic Division title in 2021. However, their playoff run was cut short due to the performance struggles of Ben Simmons, which led to tensions and displeasure within the team and the city of Philadelphia.

Following Simmons’ trade to the Brooklyn Nets, there have been rumors indicating that Rivers may soon depart from Philadelphia. If the 76ers fail to win a championship this season, Rivers could be enticed to make a move back to the Western Conference, with either the Utah Jazz or the Los Angeles Lakers as potential destinations.


The NBA coaching carousel is always in motion, and as the season progresses, new coaching rumors will continue to surface. Should Gregg Popovich retire from the San Antonio Spurs, Quin Snyder could find himself as a leading candidate for the vacant position. However, if Snyder were to join the Spurs or potentially the Lakers, it may open up an opportunity for Doc Rivers to make his return to the Western Conference.

As the coaching landscape evolves and teams look to make changes in pursuit of success, only time will tell where these experienced coaches will ultimately find themselves. NBA fans eagerly await the resolution of these coaching rumors and the resulting impact on the teams involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why would Doc Rivers consider leaving the Philadelphia 76ers?

Despite his relatively successful tenure with the 76ers, Doc Rivers’ departure from Philadelphia could be influenced by factors such as ongoing tensions within the team, the inability to secure an NBA championship, and potential coaching vacancies in other organizations, particularly in the Western Conference.

2. How has Frank Vogel’s coaching affected the Los Angeles Lakers this season?

The Lakers have faced numerous challenges this season, including injuries to key players and the inability of Russell Westbrook to integrate effectively into the team’s system. While coaching cannot solely be blamed for the team’s struggles, Frank Vogel has drawn criticism for his handling of the Lakers’ underperforming season.

3. Is Quin Snyder the right fit to replace Gregg Popovich if he retires?

Quin Snyder’s coaching abilities have been recognized in the league, evidenced by the success he brought to the Utah Jazz. If Gregg Popovich were to retire, Snyder’s reputation as a skilled coach might make him an ideal candidate to take over the San Antonio Spurs.

4. Will the drama within the Utah Jazz impact the team’s future?

The reported discord within the Utah Jazz, particularly between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, has the potential to significantly impact the team’s future. If the chemistry issues cannot be resolved, it may lead to a reshaping of the roster through trades, potentially involving one or both of the star players.

5. How will the coaching changes in the NBA impact the upcoming offseason?

Coaching changes in the NBA can have a profound effect on teams during the offseason. New coaches bring different strategies and philosophies, which in turn may influence roster decisions, player development, and team dynamics. The upcoming offseason will undoubtedly be an intriguing time as teams look to reshape their coaching staff in pursuit of success.

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