NBA Top Shot Challenges Demystified: Moment Quests & Free Packs

The Engaging Challenges of NBA Top Shot

When it comes to NBA Top Shot, the innovative NFT platform developed by Dapper Labs, it is clear that they have set themselves apart from the competition. While other companies focus on static art pieces, NBA Top Shot offers video moments and a sleek interface that captivates collectors. However, the appeal of NBA Top Shot goes beyond its aesthetics. Dapper Labs has implemented various strategies to keep collectors engaged, with their regular challenges being one of the most significant.

Challenges as a Driving Force for Engagement

NBA Top Shot is not the only sports NFT platform that utilizes challenges or similar programs to entice users to visit their sites and actively participate in buying and selling collectibles. Companies like Panini and Topps have also embraced challenges as an effective engagement tool. However, NBA Top Shot stands out in its integration of challenges within its ecosystem.

A challenge on NBA Top Shot provides users with an exciting opportunity to earn unique rewards such as cards or packs based on their existing collection. The most basic type of challenge requires collectors to complete a specific set of cards within a specified timeframe. Once the set is completed, those who hold the required cards will receive the reward.

Embracing the Complexity of Challenges

An example of a recent challenge on NBA Top Shot was the collection of nine Metallic Gold Limited Edition (MGLE) cards. Seven of these cards featured specific players from the current Series 3 set, including notable names like Anthony Davis, Julius Randle, and Marcus Smart. Additionally, users needed to possess two MGLE moments with the “handles” label from either Series 1 or Series 2. Acquiring such a substantial number of rare moments for one’s collection may be no small feat, but the exclusive reward made it all worthwhile – an exclusive Trae Young MGLE moment.

Completing this challenge proved to be a commendable achievement, with only 386 users successfully meeting its requirements. As a result, the Trae Young MGLE moment became a highly sought-after item in the NBA Top Shot Marketplace, commanding prices starting at $620.

The Thrill of Flash Challenges

Not all challenges on NBA Top Shot are as demanding as the one previously mentioned. The platform frequently introduces what they refer to as “Flash Challenges,” which are based on the results of a particular night of NBA games.

For instance, on a recent Monday night, users were given the opportunity to create a showcase featuring moments from the leading scorers of each game, as well as an Archive Set moment from each of the three winning teams. Completing this showcase entitled collectors to an Archive Set pack. A more challenging version of the same challenge required the use of rare or legendary moments, which rewarded participants with a rare pack from Series 2 instead.

Collectors who consider these challenges to be a no-brainer should be aware that the required moments for the showcases instantly become highly sought-after as soon as users discover the criteria. This increased demand often leads to a surge in prices, especially for rare moments, only for them to stabilize or decrease once the challenge is completed.

The Celebration of Klay Thompson’s Return

NBA Top Shot is currently running a special challenge to commemorate Klay Thompson’s comeback to the court on a Sunday. As the reward for completing this challenge, collectors have the opportunity to obtain an exclusive Thompson moment. The requirements for this challenge are as follows:

  • One moment from each of the top five leaders in 3-pointers made on Sunday night
  • A Thompson Vintage Vibes or Deck the Hoops moment
  • Three additional rare or legendary 3-pointers

This challenge presents collectors with a unique opportunity, but it does come with a price. The current estimated minimum cost for assembling the required showcase is around $850, assuming that the collector doesn’t already possess some of the necessary moments. However, for those who see NBA Top Shot as a long-term investment, the potential value of acquiring another exclusive moment for their collections outweighs the financial commitment.


NBA Top Shot’s ingenious use of challenges has played a crucial role in capturing the attention and loyalty of collectors. By offering varied and exciting challenges, Dapper Labs has created an ecosystem that keeps users engaged and eager to participate. Whether it’s the allure of exclusive rewards or the thrill of competition, challenges on NBA Top Shot provide an interactive and captivating experience for collectors of all backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sets NBA Top Shot challenges apart from other NFT platforms?

NBA Top Shot stands out in its integration of engaging challenges and programs within its ecosystem, providing users with unique opportunities to earn rewards based on their existing collections.

2. How difficult are NBA Top Shot challenges to complete?

The difficulty of challenges varies, with some requiring collectors to accumulate a significant number of rare moments. However, NBA Top Shot also introduces Flash Challenges, which are based on specific NBA game results and offer a more accessible entry point.

3. Why do prices for required moments increase during challenges?

During challenges, the sudden increase in demand for specific moments leads to price surges. Collectors rush to acquire the needed moments, causing temporary increases in their market value. However, these prices often stabilize or decrease after the challenge is completed.

4. Are NBA Top Shot challenges worth the investment?

For collectors who view NBA Top Shot as a long-term investment, participating in challenges can be highly beneficial. Exclusive moments obtained through challenges have the potential to increase in value over time, making them valuable additions to any collection.

5. How can NBA Top Shot challenges enhance the overall user experience?

NBA Top Shot challenges provide collectors with additional goals, creating a sense of accomplishment and fostering a vibrant community. The challenges encourage users to stay active on the platform, engaging with their collections and the wider NBA Top Shot community.

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