NBA’s G League Ignite Welcomes French Talent Sidy Cissoko: A Promising Addition to the Roster

Sidy Cissoko: The Rising Star from France

Sidy Cissoko, the 6-foot-7 swingman from France, is making waves in the basketball world. Considered the third-best basketball prospect in Europe, the 18-year-old has recently signed a one-year deal with Ignite in the NBA G League. This move has ignited excitement among fans and scouts, who see great potential in this young talent.

A Rising Star

ESPN ranks Cissoko at #25 in its 2023 NBA Mock Draft, highlighting his promising future in basketball. One scout even compared him to the legendary LA Lakers Hall of Famer, James Worthy. With his impressive height, versatile playing style, and fluency in four languages, Cissoko is projected to be a late first-round pick.

Cissoko draws inspiration from Dyson Daniels, an Australian basketball player who played in the G League last season. Daniels’ success in the league significantly boosted his draft stock, leading to his selection as the #8 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. Cissoko aspires to follow in Daniels’ footsteps and believes that the G League can provide him with the opportunity to showcase his skills and improve his chances of being drafted high.

Reflecting on Daniels’ experience, Cissoko said, “It was interesting to see how he was used on the court, as we play the same position, even though our games are different. He had a great season and improved a lot during his year with Ignite. Improvements and hard work are what I am looking for.”

A Journey to Success

Prior to joining Ignite, Cissoko played professional basketball in Spain with Azpeitia. Now, he is fully focused on preparing for the upcoming NBA G League season, training with the French national team. This intense training regimen aims to fine-tune his skills and ensure he is ready to make a significant impact on the court.

As Cissoko hones his abilities, NBA scouts are also keeping a close eye on another French talent, Victor Wembanyama. Dubbed as the best big man prospect in a decade, Wembanyama has drawn comparisons to the legendary Tim Duncan. Many NBA teams are even willing to tank their season to secure his services in the 2023 NBA Draft, recognizing his potential to transform a franchise.

Despite being ranked #3 among international prospects by ESPN, Cissoko remains determined to prove himself and strive for greatness. Alongside Rayan Rupert, another promising French player currently playing in the Australian Basketball League, Cissoko is part of a new generation of basketball talents emerging from France.

The Choice to Join Ignite

With several options on the table, Cissoko and his agents carefully considered their next move. Ultimately, they concluded that joining G League Ignite offered the best opportunity for Cissoko to achieve his goals. The program’s track record of maximizing players’ potential and providing a tailor-made development program convinced him that this was the right path.

Cissoko expressed his confidence in the decision, saying, “Even more, the tailor-made development program and opportunity to start my transition to the US game style, 3-point line, and off-court life is a key asset. I felt during our conversations with the staff that I was a priority.”

Ignite has become an attractive choice for international prospects who wish to skip college basketball or playing overseas during their gap year. The program’s focus on nurturing international talent has made it an appealing destination for rising stars like Cissoko.

An International Roster

Cissoko will be joining a talented roster at Ignite, which includes other highly regarded prospects. Scoot Henderson, the #2 prospect in the country from Marietta, Georgia, decided to forego scholarship offers from prestigious college programs and sign with Ignite. Additionally, Matas Buzelis, a promising prospect from Lithuania, has been making a name for himself while playing high school basketball in Kansas.

Ignite has also added two impactful big men to the team. Leonard Miller from Canada and Efe Abogidi from Nigeria will bring their unique skills and experiences to the roster. Abogidi, in particular, left Washington State via the transfer portal, showcasing his determination to challenge himself and take his game to the next level.


Sidy Cissoko’s one-year deal with Ignite marks a pivotal moment in his promising basketball career. As a rising star from France, Cissoko aims to maximize his potential and secure a high draft position in the NBA. With his impressive skills, dedication to improvement, and the support of the Ignite program, Cissoko has all the tools to become an international sensation and make a significant impact in the basketball world.


1. How does Sidy Cissoko’s signing with Ignite impact his NBA prospects?

Sidy Cissoko’s decision to join Ignite provides him with a platform to showcase his talent and catch the attention of NBA scouts. By playing in the G League, Cissoko can compete against top-level competition and improve his draft stock, ultimately increasing his chances of being selected in a high position.

2. What sets Sidy Cissoko apart from other basketball prospects?

Sidy Cissoko’s unique combination of height, versatility, and fluency in multiple languages makes him a standout talent. His ability to adapt to different styles of play and communicate effectively with teammates gives him an edge both on and off the court.

3. How does the G League Ignite program benefit international prospects like Cissoko?

G League Ignite provides international prospects with a comprehensive development program tailored to their specific needs. It offers an opportunity to transition to the US game style, adapt to the 3-point line, and gain valuable off-court experience. This exposure is crucial for players like Cissoko to acclimate to the American basketball culture and enhance their chances of success in the NBA.

4. Who are the other notable international prospects joining Ignite?

In addition to Sidy Cissoko, Ignite has recruited other talented international prospects. Notable names include Scoot Henderson, Matas Buzelis, Leonard Miller, and Efe Abogidi. This diverse group of players brings a wealth of skills and experiences to the team, making Ignite a formidable force in the G League.

5. How does Sidy Cissoko’s signing impact the overall competitiveness of Ignite?

Sidy Cissoko’s addition to the Ignite roster further enhances the team’s competitiveness. His unique skill set and potential for growth mesh well with the existing talent, creating a dynamic team that can make a strong impact in the NBA G League. Together, they have the opportunity to elevate Ignite to new heights and solidify its reputation as a powerhouse for player development.

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