NBC Unearths Viral Treasure: Reliving Rich Strike’s Kentucky Derby Triumph

NBC Sports’ Kentucky Derby Overhead Replay Becomes a Social Media Sensation

If you were one of the millions who watched Rich Strike’s extraordinary ride to victory in the 148th Kentucky Derby on NBC Sports, you were not alone in your amazement. The overhead replay of that performance, accompanied by Larry Collmus’ exhilarating commentary, has taken social media by storm, accumulating over 38 million views across various platforms.

Record-Breaking Numbers for the Overhead Replay

When NBC released its viewing statistics for the 148th Kentucky Derby, the numbers for the overhead replay captured everyone’s attention. This replay has now become the most-watched Kentucky Derby video in the history of NBC Sports’ social media platforms. In fact, it has garnered six times more views than Justify’s triumphant Triple Crown-clinching run in the 2018 Belmont Stakes, which received six million views.

Not only did the overhead replay make history on social media platforms, but it also became the most viewed moment on NBC Sports’ TikTok account, with an impressive count of 11.6 million views and counting. The tweet and replay of the video have also been pinned on NBC Sports’ Twitter feed, adding to its popularity.

An Upward Trend in Viewership Numbers

The upset victory of 80/1 longshot Rich Strike in the Kentucky Derby brought promising news for NBC’s Triple Crown coverage. After two years of declining ratings due to the pandemic, viewership numbers are slowly rebounding. The 2022 Kentucky Derby, with 16 million viewers, became the most-watched Derby in the past three years, marking an 8% increase in viewership compared to 2021.

A Resounding Success since the Super Bowl

NBC proudly declared that this year’s Kentucky Derby marked the eighth consecutive year with more than 15 million viewers. Notably, this achievement didn’t come with the usual disclaimer of “pandemic-impacted events.” With 15.8 million TV-only viewers, NBC celebrated its most-watched program since Super Bowl Sunday.

The peak viewership occurred during and immediately after the race, with an impressive audience of 19 million viewers from 7-7:15 p.m. ET. This peak surpassed the audience for Always Dreaming’s victorious run in 2017 and even overshadowed the memorable 2019 Derby, which experienced a 22-minute delay and the eventual disqualification of Maximum Security.

The Impact of Peacock Platform and Simul-Streaming

Part of the credit for the increased viewership and record-breaking numbers goes to NBC’s decision to simul-stream the Kentucky Derby on its Peacock platform. This move set a new record for the Average Minute Audience, drawing in 247,300 viewers.

The Impressive Ratings

With a rating of 7.7 and a 24 share, NBC’s coverage of the Kentucky Derby proved to be a resounding success.


NBC Sports’ coverage of the 148th Kentucky Derby, coupled with the remarkable overhead replay of Rich Strike’s unforgettable victory, has taken the sports world by storm. The replay video has amassed record-breaking views on social media platforms, solidifying its status as the most-watched Kentucky Derby video in NBC Sports’ history. Moreover, the ratings and viewership numbers indicate a promising return to form for NBC’s Triple Crown coverage, drawing in millions of viewers and creating unforgettable moments for horse racing enthusiasts worldwide.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How many views did the overhead replay of the Kentucky Derby receive on social media platforms?

The overhead replay of the Kentucky Derby garnered over 38 million views across various social media platforms.

2. How does the viewership of Rich Strike’s victory compare to Justify’s Triple Crown-clinching run?

The overhead replay of Rich Strike’s victory received six times more views than Justify’s Triple Crown-clinching run in the 2018 Belmont Stakes.

3. Did NBC’s Triple Crown coverage experience an increase in viewership this year?

Yes, the 2022 Kentucky Derby marked a promising increase in viewership, with 16 million viewers tuning in.

4. How did NBC’s simul-streaming of the Kentucky Derby impact viewership?

Simul-streaming the Kentucky Derby on NBC’s Peacock platform set a new record for the Average Minute Audience, attracting 247,300 viewers.

5. What were the ratings for NBC’s coverage of the Kentucky Derby?

NBC’s coverage of the Kentucky Derby received a rating of 7.7 with a 24 share, indicating a highly successful broadcast.

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