New York Knicks Playoff Prospects: Assessing their Chances for the Upcoming Season

The Fate of the New York Knicks: Playoffs or Bust


The New York Knicks have long been a team plagued by mediocrity and unsuccessful playoff runs. With only six playoff appearances in the last 21 years, the Knicks have struggled to find success on the court. However, hope may be on the horizon as general manager Leon Rose explores the possibility of acquiring Donovan ‘Spida’ Mitchell from the Utah Jazz. The outcome of this potential trade could determine the future of the Knicks’ playoff chances, including the highly anticipated 2023 season.

A Storied History of Missed Opportunities

For Knicks fans, the playoffs have often felt like a distant dream. The team has managed to secure a playoff spot just six times in the last two decades, with their last appearance being nine seasons ago. In 2013, the Knicks won their first playoff series in over a decade, providing a glimmer of hope for a brighter future. However, the following years proved to be disappointing, as the team failed to qualify for the play-in tournament just one season after finishing fourth in the Eastern Conference with the #4 seed.

Exploring the Prop Bet: Will the Knicks Make the Playoffs?

Oddsmakers have recently released win totals for the upcoming season, setting the Knicks’ over/under at 39.5 wins out of 82 games. The bookies’ predictions suggest that the odds are against the Knicks breaking even and finishing above .500. Additionally, the Knicks find themselves as long shots at +3500 odds to win the Atlantic Division. In terms of Eastern Conference futures, the team is given +4500 odds to secure a spot in the NBA Finals. And when it comes to the ultimate goal of winning the NBA championship, the Knicks are considered a moon shot with +10000 odds to claim the 2023 title.

The Curse Since 2001

Once a dominant force in the NBA, the Knicks experienced a decline after the 2000 season. Head coach Jeff Van Gundy’s departure before the 2001-02 season, following the tragic events of 9/11, marked the beginning of a challenging era for the team. Despite a mini-resurgence between 2012 and 2014, led by coach Mike Woodson and star player Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks have struggled to regain their former glory. Owner James Dolan’s leadership has come under fire, with fans, former players, and top free agents avoiding the franchise due to his reputation. Dolan’s failed attempts to attract LeBron James and the rumored interests of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, who ultimately signed with the Brooklyn Nets, have further worsened the team’s narrative.

The Mitchell Trade Rumors

To turn the tide, the Knicks engaged in discussions with the Utah Jazz regarding a potential trade for Donovan Mitchell. However, the price tag set by the Jazz proved to be too steep. In a bold move, the Knicks offered four first-round picks and multiple players, but this initial offer was promptly denied by Jazz executive Danny Ainge. The Jazz demanded an even higher price, requesting an additional two first-round picks and the inclusion of young promising players like Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley, and Quentin Grimes. While talks between the Knicks and Jazz have simmered for now, other teams, such as the Miami Heat, have shown interest in Mitchell.

The Impact of Mitchell on the Knicks’ Playoff Chances

Acquiring Mitchell would undoubtedly boost the Knicks’ playoff aspirations. With Mitchell’s addition to the roster, bettors considering the playoffs prop bet would have reason to believe in the team’s potential success. Furthermore, pairing Mitchell with newly-acquired free agent Jalen Brunson would provide the Knicks with a formidable backcourt, establishing a solid foundation for the team. This would mark a significant development for the franchise, which has lacked a legitimate point guard for the past two decades.

The Challenges Ahead for the Knicks

However, even with the potential addition of Mitchell, the Knicks face obstacles on their path to the playoffs. Julius Randle, the team’s star player, experienced a subpar season last year, struggling with his shooting and developing an adversarial relationship with the crowd at Madison Square Garden. If Randle fails to regain his form and the team faces early setbacks, the fan base may quickly turn against him, exacerbating an already challenging situation.


The New York Knicks stand at a crossroads as they strive for future success. The outcome of a potential trade for Donovan Mitchell could mold the team’s destiny in the upcoming season and beyond. While the Knicks’ history may be marred by missed opportunities and organizational struggles, the acquisition of Mitchell offers a glimmer of hope for a brighter future. As fans eagerly wait for the 2023 season, the question on everyone’s minds remains: Will the Knicks finally break the playoff curse and return to their former glory?


1. Has Leon Rose made any other significant moves as the Knicks’ general manager?

While the potential trade for Donovan Mitchell is grabbing headlines, Leon Rose has already made strides in reshaping the Knicks’ roster. One notable move was the acquisition of Jalen Brunson, a highly-regarded point guard who brings much-needed stability to the team’s backcourt.

2. How do Knicks fans feel about ownership under James Dolan?

Knicks fans have grown increasingly frustrated with James Dolan’s leadership. Many feel that his mismanagement of the team, coupled with his contentious relationship with former players, has hindered the franchise’s ability to attract top-tier talent and achieve sustained success.

3. Are there any other potential trades or acquisitions on the horizon for the Knicks?

While the focus has primarily been on the trade discussions with the Utah Jazz, the Knicks’ front office is known for exploring various avenues to improve the team. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them explore other trades or pursue free agents in their quest for playoff contention.

4. How long would it take for the Knicks to become playoff contenders if they acquire Donovan Mitchell?

Acquiring Donovan Mitchell would undoubtedly elevate the Knicks’ chances of making the playoffs. However, the team’s success would also depend on how quickly they can build chemistry and develop a cohesive playing style. With the right adjustments and a strong supporting cast, the Knicks could potentially become playoff contenders as early as the upcoming season.

5. What other factors should be considered when evaluating the Knicks’ playoff prospects?

Aside from player acquisitions, coaching, team chemistry, and individual player performances will all play crucial roles in the Knicks’ playoff aspirations. Additionally, the overall competitiveness of the Eastern Conference and unforeseen injuries or circumstances could greatly impact the team’s chances of making a postseason run.

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