NY Yankees Relief Pitcher Michael King’s Season Cut Short by Devastating Elbow Injury

The New York Yankees’ Blow: Michael King’s Season-Ending Elbow Injury

The New York Yankees recently faced a devastating setback with the loss of their talented relief pitcher and set-up man, Michael King, due to a season-ending elbow injury. During a game against the Baltimore Orioles, King exited in the eighth inning after experiencing excruciating pain following an 0-2 pitch to Ramon Urias. Subsequent examination revealed a fractured elbow, resulting in his absence for the remainder of the season.

Throughout the season, King has been a valuable asset to the Yankees, accumulating a remarkable 6-3 record with one save. He boasts an impressive 2.29 ERA and 1.00 WHIP in his 34 appearances. Known for his dedication and hard work, King’s injury comes as a significant blow to the team.

Teammate Jameson Tallion expressed his support for King, stating, “He’s a hard worker. I know he’ll get back here and get back to the same spot he was in. It’s never easy seeing a guy walk off the field. You think about his girlfriend and family watching. That’s not easy for anyone.”

Yankees’ Struggles with Injuries

The Yankees had been performing exceptionally well in the first half of the season, boasting the best record in baseball with 64 wins. However, recently, injuries have plagued the team, particularly in the pitching department. Alongside King’s elbow injury, starting pitcher Luis Severino also suffered an injury last weekend.

Is the Yankees’ bullpen in trouble?

Previously, the Yankees relied on Aroldis Chapman and Jonathan “Johnny Lasagna” Loaisiga as their go-to relief pitchers to secure victories in the late innings. However, Chapman’s renowned fireball lost some of its velocity, and Loaisiga struggled throughout the season.

Coincidentally, the Yankees found a stroke of luck with Clay Holmes and Michael King. Holmes stepped up as the set-up man when Loaisiga experienced a slump, and when Chapman’s performance declined, Holmes was promoted to closer. Additionally, when Chapman landed on the injured list, King took over the set-up role. Together, Holmes and King became the backbone of the bullpen, allowing the Yankees to weather the subpar performances of their previous end-game relievers.

With King now sidelined for the rest of the season, the Yankees find themselves in need of Loaisiga and Chapman to regain their form.

Seeking a Reliable Bullpen Arm

As trade rumors circulate, the Yankees have set their sights on acquiring starting pitcher Luis Castillo from the Cincinnati Reds. But in addition to bolstering their starting rotation, the team recognizes the importance of securing another reliable arm for their bullpen.

Currently, the odds of the Yankees winning the 2022 World Series stand at +400, according to a recent update by DraftKings. The team understands that building successes and restoring confidence in Chapman will be crucial in achieving their championship aspirations. Boone expressed, “We’ve just got to keep building some successes and get the confidence back to where Chapman is that guy out there. That’s what we’re working to do.”

Chapman, despite his struggles, has appeared in 25 games, tallying a 0-3 record with nine saves. However, his 5.75 ERA and 1.67 WHIP raise concerns about his effectiveness. On the other hand, Loaisiga’s performance has also been subpar, with a 1-2 record, a 7.52 ERA, and a 1.67 WHIP in 22 appearances.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Michael King’s elbow injury heal fully before the next season?

Unfortunately, Michael King’s injury is season-ending, which means his recovery and rehabilitation will extend beyond the current season. He will need ample time to heal before returning to the field.

2. Who will step up in Michael King’s absence?

The Yankees will need to rely on their other bullpen arms, such as Aroldis Chapman, Jonathan Loaisiga, and Clay Holmes, to fill the gap left by Michael King’s absence. It presents an opportunity for these pitchers to showcase their abilities and contribute to the team’s success.

3. What impact could the Yankees’ struggles with injuries have on their season?

While injuries are an unfortunate reality in professional sports, they can significantly affect a team’s performance. The Yankees’ current pitching injuries may put additional pressure on their remaining pitchers and necessitate adjustments in team strategy.

4. Will the Yankees explore further trades to strengthen their bullpen?

Given the team’s pursuit of starting pitcher Luis Castillo, it would not be surprising if the Yankees also consider acquiring another reliable arm for their bullpen. Strengthening this crucial aspect of the team would provide much-needed depth and stability.

5. How do injuries impact a player’s mental and emotional well-being?

Injuries can take a toll not only on a player’s physical health but also on their mental and emotional state. The frustration of being unable to contribute to the team’s success and the uncertainty surrounding recovery can be challenging for athletes. Support from teammates, coaches, and loved ones plays a vital role in helping players navigate these difficult times.


The New York Yankees’ loss of relief pitcher Michael King due to a season-ending elbow injury is a significant setback for the team. As they strive for success and a World Series title, the Yankees must find ways to overcome injuries and rebuild confidence in their bullpen. The journey ahead will require the collective strength and determination of the team, along with possible additions to reinforce their pitching staff. With the right strategies, support, and resilience, the Yankees can navigate through this challenging period and emerge stronger than ever.

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