Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons’ Improved Projections in NBA’s Second Half

Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons: The Struggles of the Eastern Conference’s Worst Teams

The Orlando Magic and the Detroit Pistons, two struggling teams in the Eastern Conference, currently hold the lowest win totals in the NBA, according to a recent update by DraftKings. With the worst records in the league, it’s no surprise that these teams are facing difficulties in the current season.

Magic’s Struggles and Low Win Total

The Orlando Magic, with a record of 8-37, currently hold the worst record in the NBA. Their win total stands at 19.5, with an over/under wager of -125 odds for 20 or more wins. The lack of success for the Magic is evident, as they have yet to reach double digits in wins through the first 45 games of the season. To reach the over bet, the Magic would have to go 12-25 in their final 37 games.

Despite their struggles, there is a possibility that the young and inexperienced Magic team could improve in the second half of the season and finish on a strong note. The return of Markelle Fultz after an ACL injury could provide a significant boost to the team. However, trade rumors surrounding Fultz and Terrance Ross, who has been a consistent scoring option off the bench, add uncertainty to the team’s future.

Interestingly, the Magic perform better on the road than at home, with a 2-16 record at the Amway Center compared to a 6-21 record on the road. With a significant number of home games in the second half of the season, the Magic could have a chance to finally reach double-digit wins. However, they will face tough opponents such as the LA Lakers, Chicago Bulls, LA Clippers, and Dallas Mavericks during their upcoming five-game homestand.

Pistons’ Challenges and Potential Trade Deadline Moves

The Detroit Pistons, currently second-worst in the Eastern Conference with a record of 10-33, have a win total of 21.5. Betting under their win total could be enticing, especially if they decide to trade away Jerami Grant (20.1 ppg, 4.8 rebounds), who is attracting interest from multiple teams such as the Lakers and Mavericks. If this happens, the Pistons would enter full-blown tank mode.

The Pistons have struggled on the road this season, with a 3-19 record. However, they have more home games in the second half of the season, with 20 opportunities to improve their record at Little Caesars Arena.

The Pistons secured the #1 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft and selected Cade Cunningham from Oklahoma State. Although Cunningham had a slow start due to an ankle sprain in the preseason, he has shown improvement, averaging 15.4 points per game. The team’s upcoming games against the Sacramento Kings, Utah Jazz, and the Denver Nuggets provide an opportunity for the Pistons to face relatively easier opponents and potentially secure a win.


The Orlando Magic and the Detroit Pistons, as the two worst teams in the Eastern Conference, are facing significant challenges in the NBA season. With low win totals and a lack of success, both teams are struggling to climb the standings. However, the Magic’s potential improvement in the second half and the Pistons’ trade deadline decisions could impact their performances and win totals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can the Orlando Magic turn their season around?

Despite their current struggles, there is a possibility that the young and inexperienced Magic team could improve in the second half of the season. The return of key players from injuries and potential roster changes could contribute to a stronger finish to the season.

2. What are the trade rumors surrounding the Orlando Magic?

Trade rumors suggest that the Magic could potentially unload players like Markelle Fultz and Terrance Ross to address their needs or acquire assets for the future. The team’s approach to the trade deadline could significantly impact their performance and roster composition.

3. Will the Detroit Pistons trade Jerami Grant?

Jerami Grant, a standout player for the Pistons, has attracted interest from multiple teams. If the Pistons decide to trade him, it would indicate a shift towards a full rebuilding mode. The outcome of potential trade discussions surrounding Grant will have implications for the team’s win total and future prospects.

4. How has Cade Cunningham performed for the Detroit Pistons?

Despite a slow start due to an ankle sprain, Cade Cunningham has shown improvement as the season progressed. The #1 overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft has averaged 15.4 points per game and is expected to play a key role in the Pistons’ future.

5. Can the Detroit Pistons secure more wins in the second half of the season?

The Pistons have a relatively more favorable schedule in terms of home games in the second half of the season. With the opportunity to play in familiar surroundings, they have a chance to improve their record and potentially exceed their current win total. However, the outcome will depend on various factors, including team performance and potential trade deadline moves.

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