Ortega’s Injury Leads to Rodriguez’s Victory

Yair Rodriguez Secures Victory After Brian Ortega Suffers Shoulder Injury

Yair Rodriguez emerged victorious in a highly anticipated featherweight matchup on Saturday night at UFC on ABC 3. The fight took an unexpected turn when Brian Ortega dislocated his shoulder, rendering him unable to continue. Rodriguez capitalized on the situation and secured a TKO victory.

Both Fighters Aiming for Title Shot Against Alexander Volkanovski

Heading into the main event, both Brian Ortega and Yair Rodriguez had their sights set on securing an impressive win that would grant them a title shot against Alexander Volkanovski. Ortega was considered the favorite with odds of -170 at DraftKings Sportsbook. Fans anticipated a competitive fight between the two skilled athletes.

The fight began on an even footing, with both fighters landing sharp punches in the opening minute. Ortega managed to create a cut under Rodriguez’s right eye and even took him down to the ground. However, it was during a defensive maneuver that the unfortunate injury occurred.

Injury Strikes: Ortega’s Shoulder Dislocation

Yair Rodriguez attempted an armbar from his back, but it was more of a threat than a genuine submission attempt. Ortega reacted by pulling his right arm away, inadvertently causing a dislocation. Disappointed and in pain, Ortega expressed his desire to continue despite his previous shoulder surgeries.

Rodriguez also shared his disappointment with the outcome. He offered Ortega a rematch, but expressed his preference to fight for a championship belt. The victory was not how Rodriguez envisioned his triumph, and he was prepared for a different outcome.

Frankie Edgar’s Final Fight: Calling Out Dominick Cruz

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar revealed his intention to fight one more time before retiring from professional fighting. Edgar, who has been on a challenging run lately with four losses in his past five fights, expressed his desire to face former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz.

Edgar believes that a matchup with Cruz would be intriguing, as both fighters had been champions in their respective divisions and continue to be top contenders. However, Cruz already has a fight scheduled against Marlon Vera on August 13th, which might impact Edgar’s plans.

At the age of 40, Edgar’s career spans multiple weight classes. He held an impressive 15-1-1 record during his reign as the lightweight champion and has faced some of the toughest opponents in the sport.

Bellator Signs Karina Rodriguez: Adding Depth to the Flyweight Division

Bellator has made a significant signing by welcoming Invicta FC women’s flyweight champion Karina Rodriguez to their promotion. The 36-year-old Rodriguez brings a solid record of 10-4 and has emerged victorious in four out of her last five fights.

With the addition of Rodriguez, Bellator’s flyweight division becomes even more stacked. Liz Carmouche currently holds the women’s flyweight title, and fighters like Juliana Velasquez and Kana Watanabe are among the top contenders in the division. The signing demonstrates Bellator’s commitment to expanding their roster with talented athletes.


The matchup between Yair Rodriguez and Brian Ortega ended prematurely due to an unfortunate shoulder injury suffered by Ortega. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Rodriguez emerged as the victor. In other news, Frankie Edgar expressed his desire for one final fight against Dominick Cruz before retiring. Bellator also made waves by signing Karina Rodriguez, bolstering their already competitive flyweight division.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a rematch between Yair Rodriguez and Brian Ortega?

Although Yair Rodriguez has offered Brian Ortega a rematch, he expressed his preference to fight for a championship title instead. So, it remains uncertain if a rematch will take place in the future.

2. How has Frankie Edgar’s recent performance been?

Frankie Edgar has faced some tough losses in his past five fights, with four of them ending in stoppages. Despite this, he remains a highly respected and accomplished fighter in the sport.

3. Who are the top contenders in the Bellator flyweight division?

In the Bellator flyweight division, fighters like Juliana Velasquez and Kana Watanabe are considered top contenders. Liz Carmouche currently holds the women’s flyweight title.

4. How did Brian Ortega injure his shoulder?

During the fight, Yair Rodriguez attempted an armbar from his back, and Brian Ortega pulled his right arm away, causing a dislocation in his shoulder.

5. What are Bellator’s plans for Karina Rodriguez?

Karina Rodriguez, the Invicta FC women’s flyweight champion, has signed a multifight contract with Bellator. Her addition adds depth and competition to the already strong flyweight division.

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