Overcoming the Scale: Font Vera Odds Remain Strong Despite Weigh-In Obstacles

Rob Font Looks to Bounce Back in UFC on ESPN 35 Main Event


In December, Rob Font experienced a setback in his fighting career when he lost his four-fight winning streak to Jose Aldo in a unanimous decision. However, on Saturday night at UFC on ESPN 35, Font aims to redeem himself as he takes on Marlon Vera, a fellow bantamweight contender, in the main event. Despite encountering a challenge with his weight and missing the mark at the weigh-ins, Font’s determination to compete remains unchanged. Let’s explore the details of this highly anticipated bout.

Font’s Weight Issue and Catchweight Bout

During the weigh-ins for the UFC on ESPN 35 event, Rob Font (19-5) weighed in at 138.5 pounds, exceeding the limit for a non-title bantamweight fight. As a result, Font had to forfeit 20 percent of his purse as a penalty for failing to make weight. However, despite this setback, the fight will proceed as a catchweight bout, with Font facing Marlon Vera at the agreed-upon terms.

Font’s Success and Trust from the UFC

Despite the disappointment of not making weight, Rob Font’s recent success has earned him the trust and support of the UFC. This marks his third consecutive headlining event, indicating the organization’s confidence in his ability to deliver exciting fights. Currently ranked as the No. 5 contender in the bantamweight division, Font takes pride in being considered a strong draw for the promotion. He believes that his dedication and commitment to his craft will ultimately pay off.

Motivation for Font to Bounce Back

Rob Font’s loss to Jose Aldo has only fueled his motivation to bounce back stronger. Although his upcoming opponent, Marlon Vera, may not be a standout name in the division, Font views this fight as a necessary step towards reclaiming his position in the title picture. Recognizing that victory over Vera won’t guarantee an immediate title shot, he remains focused on securing the win and rebuilding his winning streak. Font’s determination to get back on track serves as a driving force behind his preparation for this fight.

Vera’s Opportunity for Recognition

Marlon Vera (18-7) acknowledges the magnitude of the opportunity that awaits him in this fight against Rob Font. A notable victory over Font could propel Vera into the top five rankings, potentially setting him up for a future title shot. Vera emphasizes the significance of this fight and understands that a win would greatly enhance his chances of entering the title contention conversation. As Saturday night approaches, Vera is fully prepared to seize this moment and make a statement in the bantamweight division.

The Anticipated Showdown

With both fighters showcasing their skills and resilience in the octagon, oddsmakers predict a closely contested battle between Rob Font and Marlon Vera. Both athletes possess impressive endurance, capable of going the full 25 minutes. Additionally, their durable chins make a knockout outcome highly unlikely. DraftKings reflects this sentiment by offering -150 odds on the fight going the distance. Given that neither opponent has suffered a knockout loss in their careers, this prediction holds weight. It is worth noting that Font’s lone loss came via submission in 2017 when he faced Pedro Munhoz.


Rob Font’s upcoming fight against Marlon Vera presents an opportunity for redemption following his recent defeat. Despite the weight issue, Font remains resilient and determined to put on a remarkable performance. Vera, recognizing the importance of this fight, aims to make a name for himself in the bantamweight division. As both fighters prepare for battle, anticipation grows for a thrilling showdown in UFC on ESPN 35.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Font’s weight issue affect his performance in the fight?

While weight issues can have an impact on a fighter’s performance, Rob Font has displayed resilience and determination throughout his career. Although missing weight is a setback, it is unlikely to diminish his overall skills and fighting abilities.

2. What is the significance of this fight for Marlon Vera?

For Marlon Vera, this fight presents a crucial opportunity to climb higher in the bantamweight rankings and potentially enter the title conversation. A victory over Rob Font would establish Vera as a formidable contender and elevate his status within the division.

3. Can we expect an action-packed fight between Font and Vera?

Both Rob Font and Marlon Vera have a track record of delivering exciting fights. With their similar endurance and durable chins, fans can anticipate a highly competitive bout that may go the distance.

4. How does Font perceive his recent losses and the path to the title?

Rob Font understands the challenges he has faced, including his loss to Jose Aldo, and recognizes that the path to a title shot may not be straightforward. However, he remains focused on winning and believes that a consistent string of victories will ultimately lead him back to the title picture.

5. What are the future implications for the winner of this main event?

The outcome of this main event will likely have a significant impact on the future rankings and opportunities for both Rob Font and Marlon Vera. A win could solidify their positions in the division and open doors to more high-profile matchups, potentially bringing them closer to a title shot.

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