Pete Alonso Favored for Unprecedented Third Home Run Derby Win

Ken Griffey Jr.’s Legacy: A New Challenger Aims for Three-Peat in the 2022 Home Run Derby

When it comes to the Home Run Derby, one name stands above the rest – Ken Griffey Jr. With three titles to his name, Griffey has cemented his place in baseball history. However, as the annual slugfest approaches at Dodgers Stadium, there is a new contender vying for the crown and aiming for an unprecedented three-peat – Pete Alonso.

Pete Alonso: The Reigning Champion

Pete Alonso, representing the New York Mets, has emerged as the most dominant home run hitter in recent years. Since his debut in 2019, Alonso has smashed an impressive 130 home runs, surpassing all his peers. Furthermore, Alonso has already claimed victory in the Home Run Derby twice, displaying his prowess in the contest.

Taking into account Alonso’s track record, it comes as no surprise that DraftKings Sportsbook lists him as the favorite with +200 odds to win the 2022 Home Run Derby. However, he faces a challenging first-round matchup that could test his mettle right from the start.

The Endurance Factor

Alonso understands that the Home Run Derby is not just a showcase of raw power. In an interview with ESPN, he emphasized the importance of endurance in the competition. According to Alonso, staying hydrated is key, especially during the sweltering summer months. The grueling nature of the event can quickly cause fatigue, making stamina a crucial factor in securing victory.

By acknowledging the role of endurance, Alonso showcases his understanding of the intricacies of the Home Run Derby. It’s not just about blasting the hardest-hit balls; it’s about maintaining focus and energy throughout the contest.

Formidable Challengers

While Alonso is the frontrunner, he will face stiff competition from several other power hitters in the 2022 Home Run Derby. One such rival is Kyle Schwarber, representing the Philadelphia Phillies. Schwarber enters the contest as the top seed, having launched an impressive 28 home runs in the first half of the season. DraftKings Sportsbook identifies Schwarber as the second favorite with +330 odds to win the event.

Additionally, Juan Soto from the Washington Nationals, seeded fourth, is considered one of the frontrunners with +550 odds. Soto’s display of power and precision makes him a force to be reckoned with in the competition.

However, even among these formidable challengers, one opponent stands out as potentially the greatest threat to Alonso’s reign – Ronald Acuna Jr. Returning from injury, Acuna had a relatively subdued first half of the season, hitting only eight home runs. However, his innate power and ability to launch awe-inspiring homers make him a dark horse contender. DraftKings gives Acuna +150 odds to beat Alonso (-180) in their highly anticipated first-round showdown.

2022 Home Run Derby Odds – Winner (via DraftKings Sportsbook)

  • Pete Alonso: +200
  • Kyle Schwarber: +330
  • Juan Soto: +550
  • Ronald Acuna Jr.: +650
  • Julio Rodriguez: +800
  • Corey Seager: +1000
  • Jose Ramirez: +1700
  • Albert Pujols: +2200

Alonso: A Champion with a Cause

While Alonso sets his sights on making history with a third consecutive Home Run Derby title, he also recognizes the significance of the event beyond personal achievement. For him, participating in the contest is an opportunity to support and aid those in need.

In a statement, Alonso expressed his excitement about the event, emphasizing that, regardless of the outcome, he will be having a wonderful time. Through his involvement, he hopes to make a positive impact and contribute to worthy causes.


The 2022 Home Run Derby promises to be an exhilarating battle of power and skill. Pete Alonso, the two-time reigning champion, aspires to etch his name in the record books as the first player to win three consecutive titles. However, formidable opponents like Kyle Schwarber, Juan Soto, and the ever-dangerous Ronald Acuna Jr. stand in his way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has anyone ever won the Home Run Derby three years in a row?

No, Pete Alonso aims to be the first player to achieve this feat in the history of the Home Run Derby.

2. What makes Pete Alonso a favorite to win the 2022 Home Run Derby?

Alonso’s incredible power, previous victories, and track record of hitting home runs make him the frontrunner in the competition.

3. Who are the biggest challengers to Alonso’s throne?

Kyle Schwarber, Juan Soto, and Ronald Acuna Jr. are among the top contenders who pose a significant threat to Alonso’s quest for a third consecutive title.

4. How important is endurance in the Home Run Derby?

According to Alonso, endurance plays a vital role in the contest. Staying hydrated and maintaining energy levels will be crucial for success in the grueling event.

5. What does Pete Alonso hope to accomplish through his participation in the Home Run Derby?

While Alonso aims to secure another victory, he also sees the event as an opportunity to make a positive impact and support charitable causes.

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