Philly’s Power Move: DeAndre Jordan Joins Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers Sign DeAndre Jordan: Adding Depth to their Roster

The Philadelphia 76ers recently made an important move to strengthen their team by signing center DeAndre Jordan. This acquisition came after Jordan was waived by the Los Angeles Lakers, making him available for the 76ers to scoop up. With this addition, the 76ers aim to enhance their roster and provide valuable backup support for their star center, Joel Embiid.

A Former Defensive Standout and All-NBA Center

DeAndre Jordan, at the age of 33, boasts an impressive career as a former All-NBA center and defensive standout. He made a name for himself during his ten-season tenure with the renowned “Lob City” era of the LA Clippers. Known for his remarkable defensive skills and dominant presence on the court, Jordan established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Transitioning to a Role Player

After leaving the Clippers, Jordan took on a role player position and joined the Brooklyn Nets last season. He started 43 games and showcased his versatility, averaging 7.5 points and 7.5 rebounds per game. However, his journey continued as he signed a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers during the offseason, hoping to chase a championship alongside LeBron James’ star-studded lineup.

Jordan’s stint with the Lakers saw him participate in 32 games, starting 19 of them. However, his numbers dipped slightly to 4.1 points and 5.4 rebounds per game. As the season progressed, he found himself out of Coach Frank Vogel’s rotation, ultimately leading to the mutual decision for the Lakers to waive him.

Reuniting with Doc Rivers: A Familiar Connection

One exciting aspect of Jordan’s signing with the 76ers is his reunion with his former Clippers head coach, Doc Rivers. As they join forces once again, Rivers holds high hopes for Jordan’s potential impact on the team. Having known Jordan for a long time, Rivers is eager to see if he can recapture the magic of the “Lob City” days. While Jordan’s playing time has been limited in recent years, his towering 7-feet tall stature undoubtedly brings a valuable advantage to the team.

Rivers is also confident that Jordan will make a positive impact as a mentor for the younger players on the roster. Particularly, center Charles Bassey and small forward Paul Reed can benefit from Jordan’s experience and knowledge. With multiple backup centers now at their disposal, the 76ers are thrilled to add Jordan’s size and expertise to their arsenal.

76ers Soaring with Potential Title Contention

Following their decision to part ways with Ben Simmons and acquire James Harden, the 76ers have experienced a surge in their performance. Currently holding the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference standings, they trail only the top-seeded Miami Heat. The upcoming game between the Heat and 76ers could potentially be a preview of the highly anticipated 2022 NBA Eastern Conference Finals, making it a clash between two top-tier teams in the East.

As the 76ers continue to strengthen their roster, their odds of winning the 2022 NBA Championship have also increased. With the addition of Harden, they now stand at +700 odds, positioning them as strong contenders for the title. In terms of the Eastern Conference, the 76ers are the second-favorite team with odds of +340.


The Philadelphia 76ers’ signing of DeAndre Jordan brings valuable depth to their roster, enhancing their chances of success in the NBA. As a former All-NBA center and defensive standout, Jordan’s experience and size will strengthen the team’s frontcourt. Additionally, his reunion with coach Doc Rivers provides a sense of familiarity and potential for recapturing past glory. With the ongoing season heating up, the 76ers’ performances and odds continue to rise, further solidifying their position as championship contenders.

Unique FAQs After the Conclusion:

1. How has DeAndre Jordan’s performance changed since his time with the LA Clippers?

Since leaving the LA Clippers, DeAndre Jordan’s role in the NBA has transitioned from a primary starter to a valuable role player. While his scoring numbers may have slightly declined, his defensive skills and presence on the court remain significant assets.

2. How does DeAndre Jordan’s signing impact the Philadelphia 76ers’ strategy going forward?

By adding DeAndre Jordan to their roster, the 76ers aim to provide quality backup support for their star center, Joel Embiid. This move allows Embiid to rest when needed, ensuring his long-term health and optimizing team performance throughout the season.

3. What is the significance of the reunion between DeAndre Jordan and Doc Rivers?

The reunion between DeAndre Jordan and Doc Rivers holds great significance as it rekindles the successful partnership they had during the “Lob City” era with the LA Clippers. Rivers’ familiarity with Jordan’s playing style and strengths can potentially unlock the best of Jordan’s abilities, benefiting the team as a whole.

4. How have the 76ers’ odds of winning the NBA Championship changed after acquiring James Harden?

Since the acquisition of James Harden, the 76ers’ odds of winning the NBA Championship have improved significantly. Harden’s addition adds another All-Star caliber player to their roster, increasing their chances of making a deep playoff run and contending for the title.

5. Will the 76ers’ performance in the upcoming game against the Miami Heat impact their standings in the Eastern Conference?

The outcome of the game between the 76ers and the Miami Heat will certainly have an impact on the Eastern Conference standings. A victory for the 76ers could propel them to the top spot, solidifying their position as one of the conference’s strongest teams.

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