Phoenix Suns’ Playmaker Chris Paul Out 6-8 Weeks with Thumb Injury

Chris Paul’s Thumb Injury: A Setback for the Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns’ star point guard, Chris Paul, suffered a right thumb injury shortly before the All-Star Break, which has been diagnosed as an avulsion fracture. The injury will keep him out of action for six to eight weeks as it heals. This unfortunate development will likely force Paul to miss the remaining 24 games of the regular season.

A Surprising Injury and Diagnosis

The incident that led to Paul’s injury occurred during the Suns’ last game before the All-Star Break against the Houston Rockets. At first, Paul believed he had jammed his thumb or sustained a sprain. However, further testing revealed that he had actually suffered an avulsion fracture. This unexpected diagnosis has put a damper on Paul’s season and the Suns’ hopes for a strong finish.

Despite averaging a modest 14.9 points per game, Chris Paul has been the top playmaker in the NBA this season, recording an impressive 10.7 assists per game. His leadership and court vision have been instrumental in the Suns’ success, as they currently hold the best record in the league with a 48-10 record. As the number one seed in the Western Conference, the Suns are poised for a deep playoff run.

The Suns’ Championship Aspirations

Building on their memorable run to the 2021 NBA Finals, where they fell short against the Milwaukee Bucks, the Suns are determined to prove that their success last season was not a fluke. This season, they want to help their beloved captain, Chris Paul, finally win an elusive championship after 17 seasons in the league.

Currently, the Suns are considered strong contenders for the 2022 NBA Championship, sharing the co-favorites’ spot with the Golden State Warriors who are +425 in betting odds. With a healthy lineup, they have the talent and depth to go toe-to-toe with any team in the playoffs.

Next Man Up: Cameron Payne

With Chris Paul sidelined, backup point guard Cameron Payne will be tasked with stepping up and filling in the void. Payne, known for his energy and scoring ability, has proven himself capable of providing valuable contributions off the bench. This season, he has been averaging 10.5 points, 3.6 assists, and 2.8 rebounds per game.

As the Suns navigate through their latest challenge, head coach Monty Williams remains confident in his team’s ability to overcome adversity. The Suns have already endured multiple injuries and external struggles this season, which has fostered resilience within the group.

Chris Paul, too, has faith in his teammates and their ability to hold the fort in his absence. He acknowledges the frustration that comes with being injured but appreciates the support of the team and the medical professionals caring for him.

Looking Towards the Playoffs

Fortunately, Chris Paul’s thumb injury will provide him with ample rest before the highly anticipated playoffs begin in April. The top-seeded Suns are likely to face off against the Los Angeles Lakers, led by LeBron James, in the first round. The Lakers, currently struggling and sitting in the ninth seed, are in danger of being relegated to the play-in tournament.

Devin Booker, the Suns’ star shooting guard, sees the silver lining in Paul’s injury. Booker believes that the additional rest will benefit Paul, allowing him to prepare for a deep postseason run. While the team will miss Paul’s presence on the court, they are determined to hold their ground and continue their pursuit of a championship.

Chris Paul echoes Booker’s sentiments, expressing his desire to return to action as soon as possible. However, he understands the importance of allowing his thumb to heal fully. The Suns are unwilling to rush his recovery and risk further complications, prioritizing his long-term health and their championship aspirations.


Chris Paul’s thumb injury presents a significant setback for the Phoenix Suns as they approach the final stretch of the regular season. With the playoffs on the horizon, the team will have to rely on the resiliency of their roster to maintain their position atop the Western Conference standings.

The Suns’ championship aspirations remain intact, even in the absence of their floor general. With Cameron Payne ready to step up and a roster filled with talented players, the team is determined to stay competitive and make a deep postseason run.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long will Chris Paul be out with his thumb injury?

Chris Paul is expected to miss six to eight weeks while recovering from his avulsion fracture in his right thumb. This timeline will likely encompass the remainder of the regular season.

2. Who will replace Chris Paul in the starting lineup?

Backup point guard Cameron Payne will step into the starting lineup to fulfill Chris Paul’s role during his absence. Payne has shown his ability to contribute effectively and provide a spark off the bench.

3. Can the Phoenix Suns maintain their position as the top seed in the Western Conference without Chris Paul?

While Chris Paul’s absence will undoubtedly pose a challenge for the Suns, they have a talented roster and strong team chemistry. The Suns will rely on their collective effort and depth to continue their winning ways and uphold their top seed position.

4. How does Chris Paul’s injury impact the Suns’ chances of winning the NBA Championship?

Chris Paul’s injury is undoubtedly a blow to the Suns’ championship aspirations. However, the team’s depth and resilience, combined with the return of a healthy Paul for the playoffs, keep their title hopes alive. The Suns remain strong contenders for the NBA Championship.

5. Has Chris Paul ever won an NBA Championship?

No, Chris Paul has not won an NBA Championship throughout his 17 seasons in the league. His pursuit of a championship is a significant motivating factor for him and the Suns this season, as they aim to bring the elusive title to Phoenix.

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