Playoff Aspirations Within Reach: Dallas Stars on the Verge of Securing NHL’s Coveted Final Spot

The Dallas Stars’ Playoff Push: A Thrilling Race to the Finish Line

The Dallas Stars took a step closer to securing a playoff berth in the NHL with their exhilarating 3-2 shootout victory over the Vegas Golden Knights on Tuesday. While the victory didn’t guarantee their spot, the Stars find themselves just one point away or an overtime appearance from clinching the final spot in the postseason. The pressure is on for both teams as they enter the last leg of the regular season.

Stars on the Verge of Playoff Elimination for Vegas

Dallas had the opportunity to eliminate Vegas from playoff contention altogether with a regulation win. However, the thrilling shootout victory only increased the gap between the two teams, with the Stars now sitting four points ahead of the Golden Knights. With just two games remaining for each team, the odds are stacked in favor of the Stars as they inch closer to securing their ticket to the Western Conference playoffs.

The Only Path for Vegas to Make the Playoffs

For the Vegas Golden Knights, their hopes of making the playoffs rest on a narrow path. They must win their final two games in regulation, while the Stars need to lose both of theirs in regulation. Any other result will see the Dallas Stars claim the final playoff spot. The pressure is mounting for Vegas as they face a must-win situation in their last two games.

Coach Rick Bowness of the Dallas Stars emphasized the significance of their remaining games, stating, “It’s right there now. We want more. We need more. We haven’t ruled out seventh place. We’ve got to get in, we need that one point to get in, and then we have two games to try to get in and then take a shot at seventh.”

Stars Fighting for Playoff Seeding

Currently tied with the Nashville Predators for the seventh spot in the Western Conference, the Dallas Stars are eager to improve their playoff seeding. They are one point behind the Los Angeles Kings, who have already secured their playoff berth. While both Nashville and Los Angeles are in the playoffs, their seeding is still up for grabs. The Stars are determined to secure a higher position to enhance their chances of a deep playoff run.

Dallas has a golden opportunity to clinch their playoff spot when they face the Arizona Coyotes at home on Wednesday. The Coyotes possess the worst record in the Western Conference this season. As the overwhelming -520 favorites to win according to FanDuel Sportsbook, the Stars are poised to seize their opportunity and inch closer to their playoff aspirations.

Vegas Faces an Uphill Battle

On the other hand, the Vegas Golden Knights find themselves battling against the odds to keep their playoff hopes alive. Their first hurdle is a crucial game against the Chicago Blackhawks. Vegas must secure a regulation win to maintain any chance of making the playoffs. FanDuel offers -130 odds on the Golden Knights emerging victorious, reflecting the uphill battle they face in their playoff pursuit.

Golden Knights coach Peter DeBoer acknowledged the challenging road ahead, stating, “I mean, we’ve still got a pulse, we’re not eliminated. We’ve got to win. It’s not perfect, back-to-back. We emptied the tank tonight. We don’t have a choice. We’ve got to find a way to reenergize here and get ready and win a game tomorrow.”

Even if the Golden Knights manage to win both their remaining games, the odds are still against them securing a playoff berth. The Dallas Stars have another opportunity to solidify their postseason presence when they face the Anaheim Ducks on Friday, while the Golden Knights must tackle the formidable St. Louis Blues on the same night. The race to the playoffs is intense, with every game carrying significant weight.

A Glimpse Into the Playoff Picture

FanDuel Sportsbook currently does not offer odds on the Dallas Stars making the playoffs, indicating the high likelihood of their success. However, for those who believe in the impossible, they can place a wager on the Vegas Golden Knights at +3400 to defy the odds and secure a spot in the postseason. On the flip side, bettors can also choose to bet -8000 on Vegas failing to reach the playoffs, acknowledging the challenging path that lies ahead for the Golden Knights.


The final stretch of the NHL regular season has turned into a captivating race to the finish line for the Dallas Stars and the Vegas Golden Knights. While the Stars are close to clinching their playoff spot, the Golden Knights find themselves fighting against the odds. Time is running out, and every game carries immense significance.


1. Can the Dallas Stars guarantee their spot in the playoffs with just one point?

No, the Dallas Stars need to reach overtime in one of their last two games or secure a regulation win to guarantee their playoff spot. One point alone is not sufficient.

2. What are the odds of the Vegas Golden Knights making the playoffs?

The odds are stacked against the Vegas Golden Knights, with FanDuel Sportsbook offering +3400 for them to secure a playoff spot. The road ahead is challenging for Vegas.

3. Who are the main competitors for the Dallas Stars’ playoff seeding?

The Nashville Predators and Los Angeles Kings are the main competitors for the Dallas Stars’ playoff seeding. Both teams have already clinched their playoff berths, but their seeding is still up for grabs.

4. Which team has the toughest remaining opponents in the last two games?

The Vegas Golden Knights face a tough challenge in their final two games as they go up against the Chicago Blackhawks and the St. Louis Blues. These matchups will test their resilience in their pursuit of a playoff spot.

5. What are the options for bettors in relation to the Dallas Stars’ playoff chances?

Bettors can no longer find odds for the Dallas Stars to make the playoffs, as they are on the brink of securing their spot. However, they can place a wager on the Vegas Golden Knights at +3400 to make a miraculous comeback or -8000 for Vegas to fall short in their playoff push.

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