Potential Destinations for Jimmy Garoppolo: Seahawks, Giants, Texans, Browns

The Future of Jimmy Garoppolo: Potential Trade Destinations

The San Francisco 49ers have recently made the decision to allow Jimmy Garoppolo to seek a trade after naming Trey Lance as their future franchise quarterback. With this development, various potential trade destinations have emerged in the media and among bookies. Let’s explore some of the frontrunners in the race to acquire Jimmy G.

Seattle Seahawks: Betting Favorites

The Seattle Seahawks have been installed as the betting favorite at +300 odds to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo in a trade with the 49ers. This move would certainly intrigue Seahawks fans who have been longing for an upgrade in their quarterback position. However, questions arise about the willingness of the 49ers to trade Garoppolo to an NFC West rival and the financial implications of his $24.2 million salary for the Seahawks.

Houston Texans: Desperate for a New QB

The Houston Texans find themselves in desperate need of a quarterback after shipping Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns. With odds set at +500, the Texans are considered potential contenders to land Jimmy G as their next QB. However, it remains to be seen if the 49ers are willing to part ways with Garoppolo and if the financial aspects of this potential trade align for both parties involved.

Cleveland Browns: Dealing with Suspension Concerns

The Cleveland Browns, who recently acquired Baker Mayfield in a trade, may face a potential suspension for Watson due to his involvement in multiple sexual misconduct lawsuits. This uncertainty has sparked interest in Jimmy Garoppolo as a backup plan for the Browns. With odds at +500, Cleveland could become the new home for Garoppolo, but they will need to navigate through any potential suspensions and evaluate their confidence in backup Jacoby Brissett as the starter.

New York Giants: Seeking a Game Manager

The New York Giants have undergone significant changes, hiring a new head coach and general manager from the Buffalo Bills. While they have expressed their commitment to Daniel Jones at the quarterback position, the addition of Jimmy G would offer a credible game manager and gunslinger. Plus, Garoppolo’s presence in the challenging New York City media market would create excitement for fans. The Giants sit at +600 odds to secure a trade for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Backup and Insurance

Despite the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ odds of +800, their interest in Jimmy Garoppolo is solely as a backup and insurance policy in case of an injury to their superstar quarterback Tim Brady. Brady’s return to the team after briefly retiring has altered the Bucs’ quarterback landscape, making Garoppolo an intriguing option in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Earlier Favorites: Washington, Pittsburgh, and Carolina

Earlier in the year, the Washington Commanders, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Carolina Panthers were considered favorites to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo. However, circumstances have changed for these teams since then.

The Washington Commanders added Carson Wentz to their roster, the Pittsburgh Steelers signed Mitch Trubisky, and the Carolina Panthers acquired Baker Mayfield from the Browns. These moves have significantly altered the landscape for potential destinations for Garoppolo.


As Jimmy Garoppolo prepares to embark on a new chapter in his football career, several potential trade destinations have emerged. The Seattle Seahawks, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, and even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are among the frontrunners. However, various factors such as financial considerations, divisional rivalries, and other team circumstances will play a crucial role in determining where Garoppolo ultimately lands.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Garoppolo still perform at a high level after his shoulder surgery?

While Garoppolo underwent shoulder surgery at the end of the season, it’s essential to keep in mind that the rehabilitation process typically allows players to regain their previous performance levels. With proper care and dedication, there is a high likelihood that Garoppolo can perform at a high level once he joins a new team.

2. Are there any other teams not mentioned that could be interested in Garoppolo?

While the focus has been on the favorites mentioned in this article, other teams may indeed have an interest in Garoppolo. Football is a dynamic sport, and unexpected trade deals can occur, leading to surprise destinations for players. It will be intriguing to see if any dark horse teams emerge in pursuit of Garoppolo.

3. How would Garoppolo’s presence impact the receiving corps of potential trade destinations?

Garoppolo’s ability to deliver accurate and timely passes has proven valuable throughout his career. His arrival would likely boost the confidence of the receiving corps on any team. The synergy between Garoppolo and his receivers would be an essential factor in their success on the field.

4. Could Garoppolo’s experience with the 49ers contribute to the success of a potential trade destination?

Garoppolo’s experience with the San Francisco 49ers, including leading them to a Super Bowl appearance in the 2019 season, makes him a seasoned quarterback. His familiarity with high-pressure situations and playoff runs could significantly benefit a potential trade destination. Teams may value his leadership qualities and playoff experience when considering a trade for Garoppolo.

5. Will Garoppolo’s trade impact the 49ers’ future plans?

The decision to let Garoppolo seek a trade indicates that the San Francisco 49ers have confidence in Trey Lance as their future franchise quarterback. This trade, if realized, would allow the 49ers to focus on developing Lance and building their team around him. It signifies a shift in the 49ers’ long-term plans and sets the stage for a new era in San Francisco.

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