Powerhouse Dodgers Claim Favored Spot Among 10 True World Series Contenders

Top Contenders for the 2022 World Series


As Major League Baseball gears up for Opening Day on April 7, the anticipation and hope for every team is palpable. However, only a select few can be considered true World Series contenders each year. In this article, we will explore the top-10 teams with the highest odds to win the 2022 World Series, according to FanDuel Sportsbook. From the clear favorites to the dark horses, let’s dive into the exciting prospects of the upcoming MLB season.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (+470)

A Dominant Force with Added Firepower

The Los Angeles Dodgers enter the 2022 season as the team to beat, and for good reason. Not content with their previous roster, they made a significant addition by acquiring Freddie Freeman, strengthening an already imposing batting lineup. With a wealth of pitching talent, All-Star caliber players at every position, and a history of postseason success, the Dodgers are rightfully favored to lift the World Series trophy in 2022.

2. Toronto Blue Jays (+950)

A Rising Powerhouse

The Toronto Blue Jays came tantalizingly close to making the postseason last year, and their prospects look even brighter this season. Led by young stars Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette, the Blue Jays have a formidable batting lineup. While the loss of Cy Young Award winner Robbie Ray and MVP candidate Marcus Semien is significant, the acquisitions of Kevin Guasman and Matt Chapman should help fill the void and keep the team competitive.

3. Chicago White Sox (+1000)

From Dominance to Contention

After comfortably clinching the AL Central title last year, the Chicago White Sox have their sights set on another strong season in 2022. With a playoff spot all but guaranteed, the White Sox have bolstered their bullpen by adding Kendall Graveman and Joe Kelly. If they can stay healthy, this talented squad has the potential to go toe-to-toe with any team in the American League.

4. Houston Astros (+1000)

Consistency in the AL West

The Houston Astros are poised to make another strong postseason push in the relatively weak AL West division. Despite not making significant waves in the offseason and losing standout shortstop Carlos Correa, the Astros boast a deep batting lineup and a formidable rotation led by Justin Verlander, Lance McCullers Jr., and Framber Valdez. With their track record of success, it would be unwise to underestimate this Houston squad.

5. New York Mets (+1100)

An Impressive Rotation and Offensive Potential

The New York Mets already possessed one of the best pitchers in baseball in Jacob deGrom, but their acquisition of Max Scherzer has elevated their pitching staff to a whole new level. If the Mets can overcome their historical struggles with injuries, they have the offensive firepower and pitching depth to make a deep playoff run. With the right pieces falling into place, the Mets could be a formidable force in the postseason.

6. Milwaukee Brewers (+1200)

Superiority in the NL Central

The Milwaukee Brewers head into the 2022 season as the team to beat in the NL Central. Not only did they manage to retain all of their key players, but they also strengthened their lineup by adding Andrew McCutchen and Hunter Renfroe. These additions address the team’s previous struggles against left-handed pitching, which proved to be a stumbling block in last year’s playoffs. With a strong roster and a clear divisional advantage, the Brewers are primed to make a deep postseason run.

7. Atlanta Braves (+1300)

Defending Champions with a Strong Core

The Atlanta Braves may not be the favorites to repeat as World Series champions, but they certainly remain strong contenders for the 2022 season. Despite losing Freddie Freeman, the Braves have found a more than capable replacement in Matt Olson. With a young and talented core, including the now-healthy Ronald Acuna Jr., the Braves have their eyes set on winning now and in the years to come.

8. Tampa Bay Rays (+1300)

Consistently Overachieving

The Tampa Bay Rays continue to defy expectations year after year, and 2021 was no exception as they won 100 games to top the competitive AL East. While replicating that success won’t be easy, the Rays have managed to retain all of their key players for the upcoming season. Moreover, the addition of Corey Kluber to their already impressive rotation bolsters their pitching prowess. With continued development from rising stars like Wander Franco and Randy Arozarena, the Rays have the potential to surprise once again.

9. New York Yankees (+1300)

Aiming to End the Drought

It’s hard to believe that the New York Yankees, known as the biggest spenders in baseball, haven’t reached the World Series since their championship-winning season in 2009. While the Yankees possess top-tier talent, their lackluster performance in recent years stems from an aging roster and a lack of significant offseason improvements. Josh Donaldson’s addition may provide a boost, but the Yankees will need to overcome their challenges to make a deep playoff run.

10. San Diego Padres (+1600)

A Potential Force Hindered by Injury

Expectations were high for the San Diego Padres as they aimed to challenge the dominance of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West last year. However, they fell short and missed out on a playoff spot. The Padres have managed to retain their core players and added slugger Luke Voit to their lineup. Unfortunately, another injury to superstar Fernando Tatis Jr. threatens to derail their World Series aspirations before they even begin.


As the 2022 MLB season kicks off, the focus is on these top contenders vying for the prestigious World Series title. From perennial powerhouses like the Los Angeles Dodgers to emerging forces like the Toronto Blue Jays, each team brings its unique strengths and aspirations to the table. While the odds may favor certain teams, the beauty of baseball lies in its unpredictability. The journey to the World Series will undoubtedly be filled with excitement, rivalry, and memorable moments. Who will ultimately triumph? Only time will tell.


1. How are the World Series contenders determined?

World Series contenders are determined based on various factors, including team performance, roster strength, previous playoff success, and offseason acquisitions.

2. Can a dark horse team win the World Series?

Yes, dark horse teams often defy expectations and make deep runs in the playoffs, occasionally even winning the World Series. Baseball’s unpredictable nature leaves room for surprises.

3. Will injuries impact a team’s chances of winning the World Series?

Injuries can significantly impact a team’s chances of winning the World Series, as key players sidelined during crucial moments can weaken overall performance. Staying healthy is vital for sustained success.

4. Are there other teams outside the top-10 contenders with a chance to win the World Series?

Absolutely! Baseball is known for its unpredictable outcomes, and there are always teams outside the top favorites that have the potential to make a deep playoff run and emerge as championship contenders.

5. How often do the favorites actually win the World Series?

While favorites have a statistical advantage, the World Series is often full of surprises. Underdogs have claimed the title many times, making baseball one of the most thrilling and unpredictable sports.

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