Predicting Deandre Ayton’s Next NBA Destination

Prop Bet Odds: Deandre Ayton’s Next Team

DraftKings recently released prop bet odds on the next team that Deandre Ayton, the starting center for the Phoenix Suns, will play for in the upcoming season. As it stands, the Suns are the betting favorites with +100 odds. However, there are several other teams in the mix, including the Detroit Pistons (+200), San Antonio Spurs (+900), and Indiana Pacers (+1000).

Other teams that have expressed interest in Ayton include the Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets. It’s important to note that Ayton is currently a restricted free agent, which means the Suns have the opportunity to match any offer he receives from other teams.

Ayton’s Performance and Potential

Deandre Ayton, the first overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, has proven his worth on the court. In the last season, he showcased his skills by averaging 17.2 points and 10.2 rebounds per game in 58 appearances for the Suns. With a solid 21.99 Player Efficiency Rating (PER), Ayton ranked 16th in the league, displaying his effectiveness and impact.

Ayton’s shooting percentages have also been commendable, as he achieved a career-best 63.4% from the field and connected on 36.8% of his three-point attempts when he decided to take the shot. These numbers underscore his versatility and ability to contribute to his team’s success.

The Financial Aspect

When considering Ayton’s potential move, the financial aspect plays a significant role. If Ayton signs a four-year deal with another team, he can earn a maximum of $131 million. However, by staying with the Phoenix Suns and signing a maximum contract, Ayton stands to earn almost $177 million over five years, a significant difference of $35.4 million per year.

In the event that the Suns decide not to bring Ayton back on a max contract, they could explore the option of a sign-and-trade with another team. Ayton and his camp were disappointed last season when the Suns did not offer him a rookie max-contract extension, which may influence his decision to explore other opportunities. The Detroit Pistons, who are in need of a center and possess the necessary cap space, have emerged as a frontrunner in this scenario.

Ayton’s Performance in Game 7

A pivotal moment in Ayton’s journey with the Suns was his benching during Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals. The Suns, who had dominated the regular season with 64 wins and secured the #1 seed in the Western Conference playoffs, suffered a catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks. The Suns were outplayed from the start, trailing by as much as 46 points at one stage. Monty Williams, the 2022 NBA Coach of the Year, decided to bench Ayton in the second half.

The reasons for Ayton’s benching remain shrouded in mystery, with Williams merely describing it as an internal issue. However, many pundits speculate that this incident has significantly impacted Ayton’s future with the Suns and may be a contributing factor in his potential move to the Pistons.

Potential Landing Spots

Aside from the Pistons, there are several other teams that have expressed interest in acquiring Ayton’s services. The San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, and Toronto Raptors are all seeking to bolster their center position, making them potential partners in a sign-and-trade deal involving Ayton.

Looking Ahead

As the offseason unfolds, Ayton’s next team remains uncertain. While the Suns have emerged as the favorites to retain him, the allure of joining a new team with different opportunities may sway his decision. Ultimately, the financial aspect, playing time, and the chance to compete for a championship will likely influence Ayton’s choice in the upcoming season.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the Phoenix Suns match any offer Ayton receives from other teams?

As a restricted free agent, Ayton’s future with the Suns depends on their willingness to match any offer he receives. If another team presents a compelling offer, the Suns have the opportunity to retain Ayton by matching it.

2. What teams are currently in the running to sign Ayton?

Apart from the Phoenix Suns, teams like the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Atlanta Hawks, and Charlotte Hornets have shown interest in acquiring Ayton’s talents.

3. How much can Ayton earn if he signs a max contract with the Suns?

If Ayton chooses to sign a maximum contract with the Suns, he stands to earn nearly $177 million over five years. This is considerably higher than the $131 million he can earn with a four-year deal from another team.

4. What impact did Ayton’s benching in Game 7 have on his future with the Suns?

Ayton’s benching during the pivotal Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals left many questioning his relationship with the team. Though internal issues were cited as the reason, some believe it has affected Ayton’s desire to continue playing for the Suns.

5. Can a sign-and-trade deal be a possibility for Ayton?

Yes, a sign-and-trade deal may be an option if the Suns and Ayton decide to part ways. Teams like the San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, and Toronto Raptors have been mentioned as potential partners in such a scenario.


Deandre Ayton’s future in the NBA hangs in the balance as multiple teams vie for his services in the offseason. The Phoenix Suns, his current team, remain the frontrunners, but other teams have expressed their desire to secure his talents. While financial considerations play a significant role, Ayton’s performance, playing time, and the opportunity to compete for a championship will ultimately shape his decision. As the offseason unfolds, fans and analysts eagerly await the outcome of Ayton’s free agency saga.

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