Predicting the Outcome: Ankalaev Santos Odds at UFC Fight Night 203

Magomed Ankalaev to Headline UFC Fight Night 203

Magomed Ankalaev is set to headline his first UFC card on Saturday night in the main event of UFC Fight Night 203. He will be facing Thiago Santos, in a highly anticipated battle between light heavyweight contenders. While Santos is no stranger to headlining UFC cards, Ankalaev, a 29-year-old rising star, is excited to have the chance to shine in the spotlight.

Ankalaev’s Impressive Winning Streak

Ankalaev enters the fight with an impressive seven-fight winning streak, showing his dominance in the light heavyweight division. Since his debut in the UFC in 2018, where he suffered his only loss to Paul Craig, Ankalaev has been on a path of redemption, proving himself as a formidable force in the division. This winning streak has propelled him to rank number six in the light heavyweight division, bringing him one step closer to his ultimate goal of a title shot.

Ankalaev’s Road to Success

Ankalaev reflects on his journey to the top and remains grateful for the opportunity to headline an event. He acknowledges the UFC bosses for giving him this chance to showcase his skills and make a name for himself. However, Ankalaev understands that it takes more than just headlining a card to achieve his dreams. He knows that his performances inside the octagon will matter the most in determining his path to a title shot.

In an interview with, Ankalaev humbly admits that he didn’t expect an immediate title shot after his previous victory, considering his competition was ranked higher and on winning streaks. Nonetheless, he believes that if he can impress the UFC with his performance against Santos, a title shot could be within his reach. Ankalaev understands that the final decision rests with the UFC, and he is ready to seize any opportunity that presents itself.

Santos’ Redemption after Title Loss

Thiago Santos, on the other hand, has already experienced the taste of a title fight. In July 2019, Santos faced the legendary Jon Jones in a closely contested battle for the light heavyweight championship but fell short in a split decision loss. Following that defeat, Santos endured two more consecutive losses to Glover Teixeira and Aleksandar Rakic. However, he managed to bounce back with a win over Johnny Walker in October 2020.

Santos’ Determination for Another Title Shot

Now, at 38 years old, Santos sees Ankalaev as a stepping stone towards another opportunity at the title. He fully recognizes Ankalaev’s skills and acknowledges him as a worthy opponent. Santos is determined to prove that he has what it takes to defeat anyone in the division and ultimately become the champion.

Santos believes he has a significant advantage over Ankalaev in terms of experience. He highlights his familiarity with fighting in five-round contests and headlining main events, whereas he believes Ankalaev lacks such experience. Santos plans to utilize his wealth of knowledge and previous opponents to his advantage in the bout against Ankalaev.

Ankalaev’s Path to Victory

However, Santos’ recent performances raise questions about his ability to overcome the emerging talent of Ankalaev. Even if the fight goes the distance, Ankalaev’s dominant wrestling skills are expected to give him the edge as the fight progresses. It is clear that Ankalaev is aware of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Ankalaev’s Confidence and Respect

Acknowledging Santos as a great and tough opponent, Ankalaev remains focused on his own journey to the top. He sees this fight as another step towards success, showing respect to Santos while remaining determined to reach his full potential.


The main event of UFC Fight Night 203 between Magomed Ankalaev and Thiago Santos promises to be an exhilarating clash between two talented light heavyweight contenders. Ankalaev’s impressive winning streak and hunger for a title shot make him a formidable force in the division, while Santos’ experience and determination fuel his desire to reclaim a shot at the championship. As the fighters step into the octagon, all eyes will be on their performance and how it may shape their futures in the UFC.


1. Will this fight determine the next title contender in the light heavyweight division?

While both Ankalaev and Santos have aspirations for a title shot, the outcome of this fight alone may not guarantee it. The UFC will consider various factors, such as overall performance and rankings, in determining the next title contender.

2. How important is experience in a matchup like this?

Experience can play a significant role in a fight, providing fighters with valuable knowledge and composure. Santos believes his experience will give him an advantage, but Ankalaev’s impressive winning streak demonstrates that skill and momentum can be formidable opponents as well.

3. What impact could a victory have on Ankalaev’s career?

A victory over Santos would undoubtedly boost Ankalaev’s career and further solidify his position in the light heavyweight division. It could potentially propel him closer to the top contenders and put him in a favorable position to contend for the title in the near future.

4. How has Ankalaev evolved since his UFC debut?

Ankalaev has showcased significant growth since his UFC debut. Learning from his sole loss to Paul Craig, he has refined his skills and displayed exceptional performances in subsequent fights. His evolution as a fighter has been integral to his success in the light heavyweight division.

5. What should fans expect from this highly anticipated main event?

Fans can anticipate an intense and competitive fight between Ankalaev and Santos. Both fighters possess knockout power and have shown their ability to finish fights. The clash of styles and determination to climb the division ranks guarantees an exhilarating showdown that fans won’t want to miss.

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