Premier Hockey Federation Secures $25M Investment, Set to Expand its Reach and Dominance

The Premier Hockey Federation Revolutionizes Professional Women’s Hockey with $25 Million Investment

The Premier Hockey Federation (PHF) is set to make history in professional women’s hockey with a groundbreaking $25 million investment. This investment, the largest ever in the sport, signals a significant boost in player salaries and benefits. The league’s board of governors announced this game-changing commitment, which will be distributed over the next three seasons, cementing the PHF’s commitment to becoming a difference maker in women’s hockey.

PHF Raises the Bar: Increased Salaries and Benefits

In the upcoming 2022-23 season, players in the PHF can expect substantial increases in their salaries and benefits. The league will inject over $7.5 million in player benefits and salaries, a move that will see the salary cap soar from $300,000 to an impressive $750,000, more than doubling the previous record. This notable increase in earnings sets a new precedent in professional women’s hockey.

Moreover, the PHF’s commitment extends beyond financial rewards. Players will now receive full health care benefits, ensuring their well-being both on and off the ice. In a groundbreaking move, players will also obtain a 10% equity stake in their respective teams. This equity not only provides a sense of ownership but also enhances the players’ commitment to their teams and the growth of the sport.

The investment doesn’t stop there. Increased funding will allow for additional practices, ensuring players have ample training opportunities to further refine their skills. Franchise facilities will also undergo improvements, providing players with top-notch amenities to optimize their performance. The PHF’s investment demonstrates a resolute dedication to developing women’s hockey to its fullest potential.

Paving the Way for Expansion and Elite Talent Attraction

The PHF’s future is brimming with exciting prospects as the league plans to expand its team roster from six to eight for the upcoming season. As part of this expansion strategy, one team will be added in Montreal, Canada, while the other will be established in a location within the United States. With these new additions, the league aims to broaden its reach and create more opportunities for players and fans alike.

Beyond expansion, the PHF’s investment also has the potential to attract top-tier talent to the league. Historically, salary constraints and limited benefits have deterred elite players, including those from the Canadian and American national teams, from joining the PHF. Some players sought alternatives in the now-defunct Canadian Women’s Hockey League. However, with the PHF’s substantial investment, the league is poised to entice world-class players, providing them with the working conditions and compensation they rightly deserve.

Following the dissolution of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, the top players in women’s hockey united to form the Professional Women’s Hockey Players’ Association (PWHPA). The PWHPA has been staunch in its advocacy for improved conditions for elite athletes. PHF Commissioner Ty Tumminia affirms that the league’s increased salaries and health care benefits align with the PWHPA’s objectives and pave the way for the continued growth and sustainability of women’s hockey.

Tumminia said, “A single professional women’s hockey league in North America provides the best opportunities for growth and sustainability of the game. This investment supports everything we all want to see, enhancing opportunities for athletes and taking the sport to the next level.”

Timing Matters: The Beijing Olympics and Beyond

The PHF’s significant investment comes at a critical juncture, right before the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics typically generate heightened interest and awareness in women’s hockey, and the PHF aims to capitalize on this momentum. With a renewed focus on the sport, the league will seek to engage new fans and solidify its position as a leading force in women’s hockey.

The increased visibility and support resulting from the PHF’s investment can have a tremendous impact on the growth of women’s hockey. It provides a platform for players to showcase their skills on an international stage and inspire future generations of female athletes.

The Birth of a New Era: Premier Hockey Federation

The Premier Hockey Federation, formerly known as the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL), underwent a rebranding in September 2021. This restructure was driven by the league’s commitment to prioritize private ownership of teams, paving the way for sustainable growth and attracting valuable investment.

The current 2021-22 season, which began in November 2021, is a testament to the PHF’s vision and continued progress in advancing women’s hockey. The Toronto Six currently leads the league standings, demonstrating the fierce competition and the exciting future that lies ahead.


The Premier Hockey Federation’s groundbreaking $25 million investment marks a turning point for professional women’s hockey. Not only does this record-setting commitment significantly increase player salaries and benefits, but it also allows for the expansion of the league, attracting top talent and paving the way for the sport’s long-term sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will the $25 million investment in the PHF be distributed?

The $25 million investment in the Premier Hockey Federation will be disbursed over the next three seasons, providing direct payments and benefits to the league’s players.

2. What are some key benefits that players will receive as a result of this investment?

Players in the PHF will now enjoy full health care benefits. In addition, they will receive a 10% equity stake in their respective teams, enhancing their commitment and fostering a sense of ownership.

3. How will the PHF attract elite players to the league?

The increased funding in salaries and benefits aims to entice elite players, particularly those from the Canadian and American national teams, to join the Premier Hockey Federation. The league’s improved working conditions and compensation packages offer a compelling opportunity for top-tier talent.

4. How does the PHF plan to utilize the newfound investment to expand the league?

The Premier Hockey Federation intends to expand its team roster from six to eight for the upcoming season. This expansion includes the addition of a team in Montreal, Canada, and another in a location within the United States, promising wider reach and increased opportunities.

5. How will the PHF capitalize on the Beijing Winter Olympics?

The PHF recognizes the heightened interest in women’s hockey during the Winter Olympics. With its increased visibility and investment, the league aims to harness this momentum to engage new fans, grow the sport, and inspire future generations of female athletes.

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