PSG’s Unyielding Pursuit: Dazzling Contract Proposal Presented to Mbappe in Bid to Secure His Stay

The Future of Kylian Mbappe Hangs in the Balance

A month ago, the football world was abuzz with rumors and speculations about the future of Kylian Mbappe. Reports from Spain hinted at the player’s potential move to Real Madrid, with his family even looking for a new home in the Spanish capital. It was said that Mbappe had already agreed to terms with Real Madrid, including a staggering $55 million per year salary.

Mbappe Denies the Rumors

However, Mbappe himself denied all the rumors and clarified that he had not yet made up his mind about his future. As the end of the season approaches, Mbappe finds himself as a free agent, with many clubs vying for his signature. While Real Madrid has been the frontrunner for his services, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is making a last-ditch effort to convince him to stay.

PSG’s Improved Offer

According to Spanish journalist Guillem Balague, PSG has come forward with an improved financial package in an attempt to persuade Mbappe to extend his contract. The French club is reportedly ready to offer a staggering $160 million signing bonus, along with an additional $90 million in wages over the next two years, to entice Mbappe to remain at Parc des Princes. Despite his preference for Real Madrid, Mbappe has requested more time to make his final decision.

While the bidding war between Real Madrid and PSG intensifies, bookmakers have adjusted their odds accordingly. Initially, many bookmakers stopped accepting bets on Mbappe’s potential transfer to Real Madrid due to strong indications. However, with PSG’s improved offer, the odds have shifted. Currently, the odds of Mbappe joining Real Madrid stand at -230, while the chances of him staying at PSG have risen to +160. Other clubs interested in him, such as Liverpool, Barcelona, and Manchester City, have significantly lower odds in the betting market.

Mbappe’s Previous Desire to Join Real Madrid

The Failed Attempts Last Summer

Last summer, Mbappe made it known that he desired a move to Real Madrid and had even asked PSG to let him go. However, despite having only one year remaining on his contract, PSG rejected all bids and tensions between the two clubs escalated. Real Madrid made a staggering offer of $236 million for Mbappe, but PSG refused to entertain any negotiations.

In an interview with RMC Sport, Mbappe revealed his intentions: “I did not want to extend my contract, so I asked to leave. I wished that the club received a transfer fee to get a replacement of quality. PSG brought me a lot, and I have always been happy here. My wish was for everyone to come out of this stronger.”

Mbappe’s Remarkable Career

Throughout his career, Mbappe has established himself as one of the most prolific and talented players in the football world. At just 23 years old, he has already achieved remarkable statistics. This season alone, Mbappe has scored 28 goals and provided 17 assists in 38 games across all competitions. In total, he has an impressive tally of 216 goals and 120 assists in 326 matches.

Mbappe’s talents extend beyond his club performances. He played a pivotal role in France’s triumph in the 2018 World Cup, showcasing his abilities on the grandest stage of international football. His explosive speed, technical skills, and goal-scoring prowess have made him a coveted player in the football market.


The future of Kylian Mbappe remains uncertain as he approaches the end of his contract with PSG. While Real Madrid has long been seen as his preferred destination, PSG has made a significant effort to keep him in Paris with an improved financial offer. The football world eagerly awaits Mbappe’s final decision, which will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the transfer market and the ambitions of these two European football giants.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Kylian Mbappe join Real Madrid?

While Real Madrid is currently favored to sign Mbappe, the player has yet to make a final decision. Despite PSG’s efforts to retain him, the allure of joining the Spanish powerhouse continues to be a strong factor in Mbappe’s decision-making process.

2. What other clubs are interested in signing Mbappe?

Aside from Real Madrid, several other clubs have expressed their interest in signing Kylian Mbappe. Liverpool, Barcelona, and Manchester City are among the clubs rumored to be considering a move for the talented forward.

3. How has Mbappe performed this season?

This season, Mbappe has been in scintillating form, scoring 28 goals and providing 17 assists in 38 games across all competitions for PSG. His performances have further solidified his reputation as one of the best young talents in the world.

4. Has Mbappe ever won any major trophies?

Absolutely! Mbappe played a crucial role in France’s victorious 2018 World Cup campaign, scoring four goals throughout the tournament. He has also won numerous domestic titles with PSG, including Ligue 1 titles and domestic cup competitions.

5. What makes Mbappe such a sought-after player?

Kylian Mbappe possesses a unique blend of speed, skill, and goal-scoring ability that sets him apart from many other players. His electrifying pace on the field, coupled with his technical finesse, makes him a constant threat to defenses. Additionally, his young age and impressive track record make him an attractive proposition for clubs looking to secure a long-term investment.

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