Rainbow 6 Unraveled: Bettor Strikes Gold with $1.2 Million Win

The $1.2 Million Winning Bet on Gulfstream Park’s Rainbow 6

A Surprising Victory

In a remarkable turn of events, a bettor at Gulfstream Park managed to solve the 20-cent Rainbow 6, winning over $1.2 million. What makes this win even more astonishing is that it was accomplished with the help of Canelo, one of the longest shots in the field. This 4-year-old gelding, making only his second career start, surprised everyone by leading the pack and crossing the finish line 3 ¾ lengths ahead of the competition.

The Rewards of Risk

With odds of 32.60/1, Canelo’s win paid $67.20 on a $2 wager, providing a substantial return on investment. However, the real fortune was reserved for the bettor who held the winning ticket. This sole winner’s Rainbow 6 ticket rewarded them with a staggering $1,200,305.88 payout. This lucky individual had placed a bet of $1,080 through the TwinSpires ADW platform.

A Challenging Sequence

The road to victory was paved with a series of captivating races leading up to Canelo’s triumph. The journey began in Gulfstream Park’s fifth race with Souper Legacy, who won at odds of $4.60. The thrilling race continued in the sixth with American Starlet prevailing at $9.20. The seventh race witnessed Bahamian Rhapsody, with odds of 11.50/1, winning and surprising the spectators. The trend continued in the eighth race, as Family Time crossed the finish line at odds of 14.40/1. The day’s excitement peaked with Canelo’s unexpected victory in the finale.

Breaking a 17-Day Drought

Gulfstream Park’s Rainbow 6 had gone unsolved for 17 consecutive race days, leaving bettors eagerly seeking that perfect combination. The last successful attempt before this memorable win occurred on December 11, when a bettor claimed a jackpot worth $407,067.66. As anticipation built, horseplayers flocked to the pool and contributed a significant amount of $348,367 on Friday, pushing the gross jackpot to an impressive $1.3 million.

A Well-Timed Triumph

What makes this victory even more remarkable is the timing. The bettor managed to crack the Rainbow 6 one day prior to the mandatory payout day. Although the mandatory payout applied to the following day’s 11-race card, the guaranteed gross jackpot pool for that day was set at a comfortable $250,000.

Payout Structure and The Joy of Winning

The Rainbow 6 is a jackpot-style bet that rewards bettors with the full amount when there is only one unique ticket with all six winners. On days when there is no sole winner, the payout structure changes. Seventy percent of the pool is distributed among those holding the most winning tickets, while the remaining 30% is added back to the jackpot pool.


The $1.2 million winning bet on Gulfstream Park’s Rainbow 6 made headlines as a fortunate bettor defied the odds and took home an astonishing payout. With Canelo’s unexpected triumph and a series of thrilling races leading up to it, the race day proved to be an exhilarating experience for both spectators and participants alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much did the winning bettor win on the Rainbow 6 at Gulfstream Park?

The winning bettor claimed an astounding payout of $1,200,305.88 on Gulfstream Park’s Rainbow 6.

2. What were the odds of Canelo winning the race?

Canelo, the 4-year-old gelding, won the race with odds of 32.60/1, surprising everyone with an impressive performance.

3. How long had Gulfstream Park’s Rainbow 6 gone without a winner?

The Rainbow 6 at Gulfstream Park had gone unsolved for 17 consecutive race days before the winning bettor cracked the code.

4. Was this victory achieved on the mandatory payout day?

No, the bettor managed to solve the Rainbow 6 one day before the mandatory payout day. However, the following day still had a guaranteed gross jackpot pool of $250,000 to be won.

5. What happens to the Rainbow 6 jackpot pool when there is no sole winner?

When there is no sole winner, 70% of the day’s pool is distributed among bettors holding the most winning tickets. The remaining 30% is added back to the jackpot pool, creating an even more enticing prize for future winners.

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