Real Madrid Secures Kylian Mbappe, Awaiting Contract Signature

Paris Saint-Germain Star Kylian Mbappe Nears Real Madrid Exit

Rumors of an Impending Transfer

Paris Saint-Germain’s star player, Kylian Mbappe, is reportedly on the verge of leaving the club this summer. The 23-year-old forward has allegedly agreed to terms with Real Madrid, as reported by The Athletic. However, despite the agreement, Mbappe has yet to sign the new contract, as PSG’s management is making efforts to prevent his departure.

The Impending Move

Kylian Mbappe’s current contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires on July 1, allowing him to sign with any club of his choice without requiring a transfer fee. As one of the biggest talents in world football, his market value is estimated to be over $250 million. Real Madrid firmly believes that Mbappe will join their ranks as soon as PSG’s campaign concludes.

A Stellar Career

Since joining Paris Saint-Germain from Monaco in 2017, Mbappe has showcased his impressive skills, netting an impressive 116 goals in 141 appearances. As a result, he played a key role in helping the team secure five French Ligue 1 titles. Furthermore, Mbappe was part of the French national team that won the 2018 World Cup, earning him recognition as a world champion. His numerous accolades include being named Ligue 1’s Player of the Year on three occasions and receiving the Best Young Player award in the 2018 World Cup.

Real Madrid’s Interest

Real Madrid, the recently crowned Spanish champions, have long desired Kylian Mbappe’s talents. However, their attempts to negotiate with PSG last August were unsuccessful, as the Parisian club rejected all offers. Despite Real Madrid’s substantial financial offer of up to $210 million, PSG was unwilling to engage in any discussions. This led to a strained relationship between the two clubs, with PSG distancing themselves from the Madrid-based club.

Mbappe’s Desires and Paris Saint-Germain’s Strategy

Mbappe, a long-time fan of Real Madrid, expressed his desire to leave last year, hoping to allow others to benefit from his potential transfer. However, Paris Saint-Germain decided to close the door on any potential deals to keep their attacking trio intact, consisting of Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe, with the goal of finally winning the coveted UEFA Champions League trophy.

Speculated Agreements and Mbappe’s Response

Numerous rumors have circulated in recent months, suggesting that Mbappe has already signed a contract with Real Madrid. However, the French forward has consistently and adamantly denied these claims. During a Ligue 1 gala event where he received the Player of the Season award, Mbappe commented on his future, saying, “We will know really soon, it’s almost done. It’s almost decided.”

Mbappe’s Impressive Season

In the current season, Mbappe has been a key figure in the Paris Saint-Germain squad, featuring in 45 matches and contributing with a remarkable tally of 36 goals and 24 assists.


As the countdown to Kylian Mbappe’s potential move to Real Madrid continues, the football world eagerly awaits the final decision. The French forward’s exceptional skills, accolades, and desire to seek new horizons have sparked widespread interest. Should the transfer come to fruition, it will undoubtedly be a significant moment in Mbappe’s career and reshape the landscape of European football.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does Kylian Mbappe’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain expire?

Mbappe’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain is set to expire on July 1, allowing him to negotiate with other clubs without requiring a transfer fee.

2. What is Kylian Mbappe’s market value?

Kylian Mbappe is considered one of the most valuable players in the world, with an estimated market value of over $250 million.

3. Has Kylian Mbappe already signed a contract with Real Madrid?

Despite widespread rumors, Mbappe has consistently denied signing a contract with Real Madrid. However, the situation may change soon, as he stated that a decision regarding his future is nearing.

4. How many goals has Kylian Mbappe scored for Paris Saint-Germain?

Since joining Paris Saint-Germain in 2017, Kylian Mbappe has scored an impressive 116 goals in 141 appearances for the club.

5. What are some of the honors and awards that Kylian Mbappe has received?

Kylian Mbappe has been crowned a world champion with the French national team, secured five French Ligue 1 titles with Paris Saint-Germain, won the Ligue 1 Player of the Year award three times, and was named the Best Young Player at the 2018 World Cup.

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