Revolutionizing Fantasy Football: The Unveiling of DraftKings Reignmakers NFT Packs

DraftKings Enters the Sports NFT Landscape with Reignmakers Fantasy Football Game

DraftKings, the popular sports betting, casino, and daily fantasy sports platform, is making its presence felt in the world of sports NFTs. With the launch of its Reignmakers fantasy football game, DraftKings is taking another step towards innovation in this space. Reignmakers introduces NFTs of players like Josh Allen that holders can use in weekly fantasy football contests.

DraftKings Reignmakers fantasy football game

A Rare Field Pass for Exclusive Benefits

To kick off the Reignmakers journey, DraftKings offered users the opportunity to purchase a rare 2022 Field Pass. This pass, priced at $99, comes with various benefits as the 2022 NFL season approaches. Only 2,000 of these passes were made available in the marketplace. As an added bonus, holders of the Field Pass in July will receive a free one-card pack containing one of the top-20 fantasy players in the NFL at the rare level. Notable players like Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes II, Jonathan Taylor, and Derrick Henry are among the possibilities.

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Gameplay and Rarity Levels

While specific details about how Reignmakers will operate haven’t been disclosed by DraftKings, it seems that the game will resemble their successful DFS (daily fantasy sports) product. Users will get the chance to draft lineups each week, but their choices will be limited to players represented by the NFTs they own. Contests will be available at five different rarity levels: Core, Rare, Elite, Legendary, and Reignmaker.

Core and Rare player cards will be minted on demand, but higher rarity tiers will have fixed edition counts. From mid-summer onwards, users will have the opportunity to obtain more cards through pack drops, auctions, and the secondary market on the DraftKings website.

Expanding Field Pass Options

DraftKings has plans to release additional Field Passes in the near future, offering users more exciting opportunities. On Thursday, the Elite field pass will be up for sale, priced at $499 and limited to 500 passes. The Legendary pass, with a minted edition of 200, and the exclusive Reignmaker pass, limited to just 20 passes, will be available for bidding at a later date. In addition to the guaranteed player card, Field Pass holders will also enjoy exclusive access to limited release side sets of NFTs throughout the season.

DraftKings and the Evolution of Fantasy NFTs

DraftKings is not alone in its efforts to combine fantasy sports utility with NFTs, aiming to offer value beyond mere collectability of tokens. Last week, Major League Baseball partnered with Sorare to launch an MLB NFT fantasy game later this season. Sorare has already gained popularity with its soccer NFT games, which feature players from numerous clubs worldwide.


The introduction of DraftKings Reignmakers fantasy football game and its foray into the sports NFT landscape demonstrates the platform’s commitment to innovation. By integrating NFTs into their fantasy sports offerings, DraftKings is providing users with new and exciting ways to engage with their favorite sports. The rare Field Passes, weekly fantasy football contests, and the promise of exclusive benefits create a dynamic and immersive experience for fans. As the world of NFTs continues to evolve, DraftKings is positioning itself at the forefront of this emerging trend.


1. How can I purchase a Field Pass for DraftKings Reignmakers?

To purchase a Field Pass for DraftKings Reignmakers, you can visit the DraftKings website and look for the available drops. Keep an eye out for announcements and be ready to make your purchase when the passes become available.

2. Can I use my Field Pass for multiple fantasy football contests?

Yes, the Field Pass grants you access to multiple fantasy football contests throughout the season. As long as you hold a valid Field Pass, you can participate in the contests of your chosen rarity level.

3. Will there be opportunities to acquire more player cards?

Yes, starting in mid-summer, DraftKings will offer additional opportunities to acquire player cards through pack drops, auctions, and the secondary market. Stay tuned for more information and announcements regarding these events.

4. What benefits do Field Pass holders receive?

Field Pass holders enjoy various benefits, including free one-card packs containing top fantasy players, exclusive access to limited release side sets of NFTs, and the opportunity to participate in contests at different rarity levels. The specific benefits may vary based on the rarity level and the ongoing promotions by DraftKings.

5. Are there plans to expand the Reignmakers game to other sports?

While there haven’t been any official announcements regarding the expansion of Reignmakers to other sports, DraftKings has a history of diversifying its offerings. It is possible that the success of Reignmakers in football could lead to similar games in other sports in the future.

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