Revolutionizing Horse Racing: Mid-Atlantic Pick 4 by Monmouth Park and Colonial Downs

Introducing the Mid-Atlantic Pick 4

Monmouth Park and Colonial Downs Collaborate

Monmouth Park and Colonial Downs, two prominent East Coast tracks, are teaming up to offer an exciting new wager called the Mid-Atlantic Pick 4. This partnership will take effect next week, coinciding with Monmouth Park’s first Monday racing card of the 2022 season. Monmouth Park, located in New Jersey, has decided to introduce Monday racing for the entire duration of its season, running from Friday through Monday until Labor Day, Monday, September 5. This move aims to provide more opportunities for horse racing enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite sport.

The Success of Haskell Day

Monmouth Park recently experienced tremendous success with Haskell Day, which garnered significant attention and revenue. The total handle for the thrilling event reached an astounding $19,896,954, marking a remarkable 23.3% increase compared to the previous year’s total of just over $15.2 million. This achievement indicates the growing popularity and interest in horse racing, making it the ideal time for Monmouth Park to introduce new and exciting betting options.

A Low Takeout and Exciting Races

The Mid-Atlantic Pick 4 is composed of races from both Monmouth Park and Colonial Downs. It offers a competitive advantage with a low takeout of only 15%, making it an attractive option for bettors. To add to the excitement, the wager features big-field turf races, providing a thrilling atmosphere for horse racing enthusiasts. Monmouth Park Racing Secretary John Heims expressed his enthusiasm for the new collaboration with Colonial Downs, stating that their goal is to make the Monday Mid-Atlantic Pick 4 the highlighted bet of the day across the nation.

The Mid-Atlantic Pick 4 and the Cross Country Pick 5

Expanding the Multi-Track Wager Options

The introduction of the Monday Mid-Atlantic Pick 4 will diversify the selection of multi-track horizontal wagers available to horseplayers. Joining the ranks of the New York Racing Association’s Cross Country Pick 5, this new wager will provide betting enthusiasts with even more opportunities to engage in thrilling multi-track bets. Similar to the Mid-Atlantic Pick 4, the Cross Country Pick 5 also boasts a low 15% takeout, making it an appealing choice for avid bettors.

Expert Handicapping Assistance

Recognizing that some bettors may need assistance in handicapping their wagers, a weekly resource called the In the Money Podcast is readily available. The podcast, hosted by experienced handicappers such as Peter Fornatale, Nick Tammaro, and Colonial Downs’ own Jessica Paquette, offers invaluable insights and analysis for the Mid-Atlantic Pick 4 and other featured races. Horseplayers can access this informative podcast on the In The Money Media YouTube channel or through their preferred podcast platform.


In conclusion, Monmouth Park and Colonial Downs are introducing the thrilling Mid-Atlantic Pick 4, an innovative wager that aims to captivate horse racing enthusiasts nationwide. With its low takeout and exciting mix of races from both tracks, this wager is expected to become a popular choice among bettors. Additionally, the collaboration between Monmouth Park and Colonial Downs highlights their dedication to delivering exceptional betting experiences. As the Mid-Atlantic Pick 4 joins the renowned Cross Country Pick 5 in the realm of multi-track horizontal wagers, horseplayers have more opportunities than ever before to engage in thrilling bets and potentially secure substantial winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often will the Mid-Atlantic Pick 4 take place?

The Mid-Atlantic Pick 4 will take place every Monday, alternating between Monmouth Park and Colonial Downs. This regular schedule ensures that horse racing enthusiasts have a consistent opportunity to participate in this exciting multi-track wager.

2. What is the takeout for the Mid-Atlantic Pick 4?

The Mid-Atlantic Pick 4 boasts a low takeout of only 15%. This favorable percentage means that a larger portion of the betting pool is returned to the winning bettors, making it an appealing option for those seeking attractive odds and potentially lucrative payouts.

3. Where can I find handicapping assistance for the Mid-Atlantic Pick 4?

For bettors who may require assistance in handicapping their wagers, the In the Money Podcast is an invaluable resource. Hosted by esteemed handicappers Peter Fornatale, Nick Tammaro, and Jessica Paquette, this podcast offers expert insights and analysis to help bettors make informed decisions and enhance their chances of success.

4. Can I watch the live races online?

Yes, both Monmouth Park and Colonial Downs provide live streaming of their races on their respective websites. Horse racing enthusiasts can enjoy the excitement and thrill of the races from the comfort of their own homes.

5. Are there any other multi-track wagers available?

Absolutely! In addition to the Mid-Atlantic Pick 4, horseplayers can also partake in the Cross Country Pick 5 offered by the New York Racing Association. This wager covers races from various tracks, including NYRA tracks and even Woodbine in Canada, providing an extensive and exhilarating betting experience.

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