Road to Recovery: MacKenzie Gore’s Injury Sidelines Padres Rookie

MacKenzie Gore’s Injury Throws a Curveball to Padres’ Season

The San Diego Padres’ promising rookie, MacKenzie Gore, has been making waves and garnering attention this season for his stellar performances on the mound. Unfortunately, the team will have to cope without their talented 23-year-old southpaw as he left his start on Monday night with elbow soreness. This setback raises concerns about his availability and performance moving forward.

Gore’s Struggles and Injury

Gore was forced to exit the game against the Detroit Tigers in the fifth inning after exhibiting discomfort in his left hand while on the mound. The Padres didn’t waste any time and promptly moved him to the 15-day injured list due to left elbow inflammation. Given his recent struggles, with an ERA of 4.50 and a 4-4 record, Gore’s absence poses additional challenges for the team.

Uncertain Future and Rookie of the Year Outlook

Just a few weeks ago, Gore seemed to be a frontrunner for the NL Rookie of the Year award. However, his recent performance decline has diminished his chances, and he is now considered a long shot with odds of +6000 according to FanDuel. Despite his inconsistent form, Gore has still been a valuable asset to the Padres’ rotation, and his absence will surely be felt.

In regards to his injury, Gore remains cautiously optimistic, hoping that it is nothing serious. He stated, “Hopefully, this is nothing crazy. But we’re just going to have to wait and see.” The uncertainty surrounding his condition further adds to the team’s worries and raises questions about when he will return to action.

deGrom Nearing Return for the Mets

On the other side of the country, the New York Mets are eagerly awaiting the return of their ace, Jacob deGrom. The two-time Cy Young Award winner is set to make a final rehab start for Triple-A Syracuse on Wednesday night, positioning him for a potential comeback next week against the Washington Nationals.

deGrom’s Injury Woes

deGrom has been sidelined since early July due to right forearm tightness and a sprained elbow, which prematurely ended his 2021 season. He had started the year on an exceptional note before his injuries, earning himself a well-deserved spot among the league’s best pitchers. Shortly after recovering from his previous ailments, deGrom faced another setback during spring training when a stress reaction in his right scapula forced him onto the injured list yet again.

Now, it’s a waiting game for deGrom and the Mets. If his rehab start goes smoothly without any issues, the Mets can look forward to having their ace back on the mound, bolstering their chances of making a push for the playoffs.

Miguel Sano Returns to Spark the Twins

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, the Twins are celebrating the return of power hitter Miguel Sano. After being sidelined for nearly three months due to a torn left meniscus, Sano made his first start on Tuesday night, injecting much-needed vigor into the lineup.

A Rocky Start and Hopes for Improvement

Sano’s 2021 season did not begin as expected, as he struggled with a meager 5-for-54 batting average and only one home run in the first 17 games. However, his previous track record and reputation as a player with the ability to make a significant impact fuel optimism within the team. In the 2020 season, Sano blasted 30 home runs, showcasing his power and offensive prowess.

Twins manager Rocco Baldelli expressed his excitement about Sano’s return, acknowledging his potential to change the game and uplift the team. “He’s a guy that can impact the baseball and impact a team,” Baldelli said. “It seems like he’s in a good spot. Physically, he’s swinging the bat pretty good.”

With Sano’s return and the team’s current standing as leaders in the AL Central, the Twins aim to build on their success and vie for a spot in the postseason. However, sportsbooks still consider them relative long shots with odds of +5000 to win the World Series this season.


Injuries are an unfortunate reality in professional sports, and they can significantly impact a team’s performance and prospects. The San Diego Padres, New York Mets, and Minnesota Twins all face challenges as key players navigate their way back to full health. The absence of MacKenzie Gore’s remarkable pitching, the anticipation of Jacob deGrom’s return, and the revitalization brought by Miguel Sano’s power all shape the narratives of these teams’ seasons. As fans and observers, we eagerly await updates on their progress and hope for a speedy recovery.


1. Will MacKenzie Gore’s injury hinder the Padres’ playoff chances?

While Gore’s injury is undoubtedly a setback for the Padres, their current position as a playoff contender suggests that they have enough depth to compensate for his absence. The team will need other pitchers to step up and contribute quality performances to maintain their standing and secure a postseason spot.

2. Can Jacob deGrom reclaim his dominant form upon his return?

Although deGrom’s injuries have interrupted his sensational season, his previous track record and extraordinary skills provide hope that he will regain his form. Mets fans are eager to see their ace return to the mound and continue to dominate opposing hitters as he did earlier in the year.

3. How important is Miguel Sano’s return for the Twins?

Sano’s return brings excitement and much-needed power to the Minnesota Twins’ lineup. His ability to hit towering home runs and impact games makes him a crucial asset for the team’s success. If he can rediscover his form from the previous season, the Twins’ chances of securing a playoff berth will be significantly enhanced.

4. Are the Padres, Mets, and Twins still playoff contenders despite recent setbacks?

Yes, all three teams are still in the playoff picture. The Padres and Mets are currently holding wild-card spots in their respective leagues, while the Twins lead their division. Despite the challenges they have faced, these teams boast talented rosters and have the potential to make a strong push for the postseason.

5. Will the injuries impact the long-term prospects of these teams?

Injuries are always a concern, but teams often find ways to adapt and overcome such obstacles. With proper rehab and recovery, key players like MacKenzie Gore, Jacob deGrom, and Miguel Sano can return to form and contribute to their teams’ success. The long-term prospects of these teams will depend on how well they navigate through these challenging periods and utilize their depth to sustain competitiveness.

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