Ronaldo’s Struggles Continue: Missed Open Goal Raises Concerns

The Struggles of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned Portuguese superstar, is currently facing a rough patch in his career after a disappointing performance in Manchester United’s 1-1 home draw against Southampton. The match marked Ronaldo’s sixth consecutive game without scoring a goal, raising concerns about his future at the club.

A Downturn in Performance

Over the past month, Ronaldo’s form has significantly declined. In the game against Southampton, he only managed to touch the ball 33 times. Out of these, he successfully dribbled past his opponents on only two occasions, losing possession for United three times. Despite having numerous opportunities within the Saints’ box, none of Ronaldo’s seven touches made the desired impact. Furthermore, he only attempted two shots throughout the match, one of which was an open-goal chance that was saved by Romain Perraud at the last second. The second attempt resulted in an easy catch for Southampton keeper Fraser Forster.

The Impact of Ronaldo’s Age

Ronaldo, who recently turned 37, is under contract with United until 2023. However, for the first time in his career, he has expressed concerns about the effects of age catching up with him. The fast-paced nature of the English Premier League poses unexpected challenges, and Ronaldo is beginning to feel the strain.

In addition to grappling with his advancing age, Ronaldo is also struggling to find chemistry within the current context at Manchester United. He has openly spoken to close acquaintances about his frustrations and the changes he has observed since his initial spell at the club. Ronaldo acknowledges that Ralf Rangnick’s high pressing style demands exceptional commitment and effort, which further adds to his concerns.

Ronaldo is determined to aid his recovery after matches, even resorting to having an oxygen chamber installed in his home. However, if Manchester United fails to qualify for the Champions League group stage in the upcoming season, it will become increasingly unlikely for Ronaldo to continue his tenure in the Premier League.

Rumored Destinations for Ronaldo

Considering Ronaldo’s uncertain future at Manchester United, several clubs have emerged as potential destinations for the Portuguese forward. Among them, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is currently favored to secure his services, with bookies placing the odds at +200. Bayern Munich follows closely behind at +300, while Real Madrid stands at +600, and Inter Miami at +1100. Lastly, La Galaxy is viewed as a less likely but possible option, with odds currently at +1300.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent struggles at Manchester United have raised doubts about his future at the club. The decline in his performance, coupled with his acknowledgment of the challenges posed by age, has put his tenure in the Premier League under scrutiny. While Ronaldo has made efforts to adapt and even installed an oxygen chamber for recovery, the possibility of a move to another club looms on the horizon. As the transfer window approaches, the footballing world anxiously awaits to see where Ronaldo’s career trajectory will lead him next.


1. Will Cristiano Ronaldo leave Manchester United?

There are murmurs regarding Ronaldo’s potential departure from Manchester United. Although nothing is certain, his struggles on the field combined with reported frustrations suggest that a move may be on the cards.

2. Which clubs are interested in signing Cristiano Ronaldo?

Potential destinations for Ronaldo include the likes of Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Inter Miami, and La Galaxy. However, the final decision rests with Ronaldo himself and his evaluation of the various options.

3. How has Ronaldo’s age impacted his performance?

Ronaldo has mentioned feeling the effects of his advancing age for the first time in his career. The physical demands of the Premier League have become more challenging, requiring him to adapt and put in extra effort to maintain his high standards.

4. What has Ronaldo’s contribution been to Manchester United this season?

Although Ronaldo has struggled in recent games, it is important to note that he has also made significant contributions to the team throughout the season. His presence, experience, and goal-scoring ability have undoubtedly had a positive impact on Manchester United’s overall performance.

5. Is it possible for Ronaldo to regain his form at Manchester United?

While Ronaldo’s recent form may raise concerns, it is crucial to remember his track record and ability to overcome challenges. With his dedication and determination, there is every possibility that he can rediscover his scoring touch and contribute significantly to Manchester United’s success in the future.

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