Scott Berry’s $100,000 Triumph as St. Louis Blues Fan

The Unwavering Support of a Dedicated Fan: Scott Berry’s Bet on the St. Louis Blues

Scott Berry, a passionate hockey fan from St. Louis, has captured the hearts of the city’s hockey enthusiasts with his unwavering support for the St. Louis Blues. As the team prepares to compete in their first Stanley Cup Finals since 1970 against the formidable Boston Bruins, Berry stands as the team’s biggest cheerleader. However, Berry’s devotion to the Blues goes beyond mere fandom; it extends to a remarkable bet that he placed on the team’s success.

An Unexpected Gamble with Improbable Odds

Back in January, when the Blues were at the bottom of the standings, Berry found himself on a business trip staying at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. Despite the team’s dismal performance at the time, Berry’s faith in them remained unshaken. Taking a chance, he decided to place a bet on the Blues to win the Stanley Cup, even though the odds were an astonishing 250-1 at the Paris sportsbook.

Undeterred, Berry considered searching for better odds elsewhere but stumbled upon the Bellagio sportsbook, where the odds were only 150-1. Realizing the potential return on his investment, Berry swiftly made a decision. He sprinted back to the Paris and placed a $400 bet, risking his planned gambling budget for the trip with the hope of winning an astounding $100,000.

An Unforeseen Rise to Glory

As the hockey season progressed, Berry watched in amazement as the once-underdog Blues started their ascent in the standings. When he made his bet, the team held the lowest point total in the entire NHL. Nevertheless, they gradually climbed up the Central Division rankings, eventually advancing to a tie with Winnipeg for second place by the end of the regular season.

The Blues continued their impressive journey in the playoffs, defeating the Winnipeg Jets in six games. Despite being slight favorites with odds of -111 to -109, the victory marked an important milestone for the team. Their remarkable performance caught the attention of the hockey world, including Berry himself.

The Intensity of the Playoffs: Berry’s Dilemma

As the Blues faced off against the Dallas Stars in the second round of the playoffs, the tension mounted. The series reached a climactic Game 7, with both teams vying for a coveted spot in the Conference Finals. Although the Stars had a 3-2 lead, the resilient Blues fought back, winning the next two games and securing their place in the Western Conference Finals.

During this critical juncture, Berry was presented with a tempting offer through a website called PropSwap. Willing to purchase his betting slip, someone offered Berry a staggering $20,000. The proposition weighed heavily on his mind, presenting him with a crucial decision: to sell or not to sell. Berry, undeterred by the potential windfall, chose to hold onto his bet, displaying unwavering loyalty to his beloved Blues.

Overcoming Adversity: A Team United

The Western Conference Finals proved to be a defining moment for the St. Louis Blues. Matched against the San Jose Sharks, a formidable opponent, they fought valiantly, tying the series at two games each. However, the Blues refused to let adversity deter them. They displayed remarkable resilience, outscoring the Sharks 10-1 in the final two games to secure their place in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Berry’s conviction in the team’s capabilities has remained unshakeable, despite tempting offers that have come his way. Reflecting on his bet, Berry shares his confidence in the Blues, stating, “Preseason, I knew they had a good squad. But I’m no pro. My brother and father are a little more risk-averse than I am. They probably thought I was an idiot.”

The Battle for Lord Stanley’s Cup: Blues vs. Bruins

The journey for the St. Louis Blues isn’t complete just yet. To achieve their ultimate goal of winning the Stanley Cup, they must now face their toughest challenge yet—the Boston Bruins. The Bruins enter the series as the favored team with odds of -170, while the Blues trail as underdogs with a +150 chance of victory.

The first game of the series holds its own significance, with the Bruins favored at -160 and the Blues positioned at +140. However, the St. Louis players remain undeterred, approaching the game with unwavering confidence. Blues captain Alex Pietrangelo speaks of the team’s unity and determination, acknowledging the doubters but emphasizing the joy they’ve found in defying expectations.

“We stuck together, we kept believing in each other. We had some good, hard, honest conversations, and we all knew we needed to be better from top down. We looked each other in the eye, we looked in the mirror and we did that. A lot of people doubted us this year, but this group was resilient; and I really am proud of the guys because as hard as it is, it’s been fun to look back and see where we are now.”


The story of Scott Berry and his unwavering support for the St. Louis Blues is one that embodies the spirit of sports fandom and the loyalty of a dedicated fan. From placing a remarkable bet on his team’s success to resisting tempting offers along the way, Berry’s journey resonates with the highs and lows of the Blues’ season. With the Stanley Cup Finals upon us, the St. Louis Blues face their toughest challenge yet, but they do so with the unwavering support of fans like Scott Berry.


1. How did Scott Berry come up with the idea to bet on the St. Louis Blues?

During a business trip, Scott Berry found himself in Las Vegas and decided to take a chance on the last-place Blues, believing in their potential for success. He placed a bet at the Paris sportsbook, setting the stage for an incredible journey.

2. What were the odds of the St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup when Scott Berry made his bet?

When Scott Berry placed his bet, the odds of the St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup were an astonishing 250-1 at the Paris sportsbook.

3. Did Scott Berry consider selling his betting slip when tempting offers came his way?

Scott Berry received offers of $20,000 and $40,000 for his betting slip, but chose to hold onto it, displaying unwavering faith in the team’s abilities and a dedication to seeing his bet through to the end.

4. What are the odds for the St. Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins?

The St. Louis Blues enter the Stanley Cup Finals as underdogs, with odds of +150, while the Boston Bruins are favored with odds of -170.

5. How have the St. Louis Blues overcome adversity to reach the Stanley Cup Finals?

Despite a challenging start to the season, the St. Louis Blues displayed remarkable resilience and unity as they climbed up the standings and fought their way through the playoffs, emerging as victors in critical matchups against formidable opponents.

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