Seahawks Stand Firm: Russell Wilson Trade Proposal Rebuffed by Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders’ Pursuit of Russell Wilson

The Washington Commanders, in their desperate search for a quarterback, recently made a bold move by offering the Seattle Seahawks multiple first-round draft picks in exchange for star quarterback Russell Wilson. However, their trade offer was ultimately rejected, leaving many questions unanswered.

The Uncertain Outcome

It remains unclear whether the Seattle Seahawks organization itself nixed the trade offer or if it was Wilson who rejected the potential move to the Washington Commanders. Wilson’s contract includes a no-trade clause, which grants him the ultimate power to veto any future trades.

A Series of Rumors and Potential Destinations

Over the past year, there have been numerous rumors surrounding Wilson’s potential departure from the Seahawks, with various teams linked to him through his agent. Surprisingly, the Washington Commanders were not initially part of the list of potential destinations.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were also rumored to be interested in Wilson, especially after Tom Brady’s retirement. Additionally, the Bucs have shown interest in Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans, particularly after the Miami Dolphins withdrew from negotiations for the troubled quarterback.

Other teams, such as the Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Indianapolis Colts, are all in search of a new quarterback. The Broncos, in particular, seem to have an advantage in potentially acquiring Aaron Rodgers through a trade.

Wilson’s Unhappiness and Growing Rift

Russell Wilson’s dissatisfaction with how the Seahawks’ front office has built the team in recent years has been evident. He expressed frustration over the team’s inability to retain talented young players who opted to leave in free agency due to more lucrative offers from other teams. Wilson has also criticized the Seahawks’ struggles to attract high-profile free agents due to their conservative spending approaches.

Furthermore, tension has grown between Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll, primarily due to their differing offensive philosophies. While the modern NFL emphasizes a pass-heavy approach, Carroll has maintained a run-first mentality reminiscent of the previous century.

Despite these issues, Wilson publicly affirmed his commitment to the Seahawks. In an interview with the Today Show, he stated, “Seattle’s the place that I’m at right now, and I love it, and it’s great, man.” However, some speculate that Wilson’s loyalty may be masking his true intentions or his aversion to playing for the Washington Commanders, partly due to their owner, Daniel Snyder, who is often regarded as one of the worst owners in professional sports.

The Financial Considerations

In 2019, Wilson signed a lucrative four-year contract extension worth $140 million. As part of this agreement, he is set to earn a base salary of $19 million in 2022, along with a signing bonus of $13 million. If the Seahawks were to trade Wilson before March 20, they would avoid paying an additional roster bonus of $5 million.

Carroll’s Stance on Wilson Trade

During the NFL scouting combine, Coach Carroll addressed the ongoing speculations about Wilson’s potential trade and made it clear that the Seahawks have no intention of parting ways with their star quarterback.

Carroll stated, “At this time of year, there’s conversations about everybody. We’re talking about everybody. That’s commonplace for us to have conversations with teams about all of the players. Particularly marquee players, and that’s not changed. It’s been the same every year we’ve been here. So it’s the same as it’s been. We have no intention of making any move there.”

While Carroll emphasized the team’s perspective, he delegated the final decision-making authority to general manager John Schneider. Schneider, on multiple occasions, has also reiterated that the Seahawks are not actively shopping Wilson. However, this hasn’t deterred teams like the Washington Commanders from inquiring about the possibility of a negotiation.

Commanders head coach Ron Rivera noted, “This year we are being very proactive, looking, searching. We are trying to truly cover every base. Every time you hear something, you’re checking into it. And so we’ve got to do our work. We’ve got to do our due diligence.”

Futures Odds for Super Bowl Contention

Reflecting the current outlook, the Seattle Seahawks are listed with +3500 odds to win Super Bowl 57, while the Washington Commanders are seen as more of a long shot with +500 odds according to DraftKings’ NFL futures board.


The Washington Commanders’ pursuit of Russell Wilson showcases the team’s desperate need for a quarterback and their willingness to make significant trade offers. However, the trade proposal was ultimately rejected, leaving the Commanders to explore other options. Meanwhile, the Seahawks have shown no intention of parting ways with their star quarterback, despite reported tensions and concerns. The situation remains fluid and will continue to be closely followed by football fans across the league.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Russell Wilson definitely remain with the Seattle Seahawks?

While there are ongoing rumors and discussions surrounding a potential trade involving Russell Wilson, both Coach Pete Carroll and General Manager John Schneider have expressed their commitment to keeping Wilson as the Seahawks’ quarterback.

2. What is the significance of Russell Wilson’s no-trade clause?

Russell Wilson’s contract includes a no-trade clause, which means he has the power to veto any potential trade. This gives Wilson significant control over his future and the ability to choose whether he wants to be traded to another team.

3. Which other teams are in search of a quarterback?

Several teams are currently searching for a new quarterback, including the Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Indianapolis Colts. These teams, like the Washington Commanders, are looking for a solution to their quarterback needs and may explore potential trades or other avenues to acquire a suitable player.

4. Why are there tensions between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks’ front office?

Russell Wilson has expressed dissatisfaction with the Seahawks’ roster construction and their inability to retain talented young players or attract high-profile free agents. Additionally, differences in offensive philosophy between Wilson and Coach Pete Carroll have further contributed to the tension between the two parties.

5. What are the Super Bowl prospects for both the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Commanders?

Currently, the Seattle Seahawks have +3500 odds to win Super Bowl 57, while the Washington Commanders face longer odds at +500. These odds reflect the perceived chances of each team’s success in reaching and winning the Super Bowl in the near future.

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