Securing the Future: Arizona Cardinals Ensure Stability with Contract Extensions for Kliff Kingsbury and Steve Keim

The Arizona Cardinals Extend Contracts for GM and Head Coach

The Arizona Cardinals recently announced that they have extended the contracts of their general manager, Steve Keim, and head coach, Kliff Kingsbury, securing their positions with the team until the end of the 2027 season. This move signifies the organization’s confidence in Keim and Kingsbury’s leadership and their belief that the duo will play a crucial role in the team’s long-term success.

A Strong Season But Challenges Along the Way

The Cardinals enjoyed a strong start to the 2021 season, winning their first seven games and remaining the last undefeated team in the NFL. However, they faced some setbacks in December, suffering three consecutive losses. Ultimately, they finished the season with a respectable 11-6 record.

Despite the challenges, the Cardinals managed to secure a spot in the playoffs as one of the three teams from the highly competitive NFC West division. Unfortunately, their postseason run was cut short as they were convincingly defeated 34-11 by the LA Rams during Super Wild Card Weekend. Interestingly, the Rams went on to win Super Bowl 56, highlighting the level of competition within the division.

Looking Ahead to Super Bowl 57

As the Cardinals prepare for the upcoming season, their odds of winning Super Bowl 57 currently stand at +2500. This reflects the organization’s belief in the team’s potential and their determination to make a deep postseason run.

Kliff Kingsbury’s Journey and Progress in Arizona

Kliff Kingsbury’s appointment as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals raised some eyebrows, as he had no prior coaching experience in the NFL. However, the Cardinals saw potential in him and were willing to take a chance. In his first season with the team in 2018, Kingsbury faced some struggles, resulting in a 3-13 record.

During the 2018 NFL Draft, the Cardinals selected quarterback Kyler Murray as the number one overall pick, hoping he would become the franchise quarterback they sought. Though the team’s record improved to 5-10-1 in Murray’s rookie season, it was clear that he possessed the skills and potential to become a future star.

In 2020, the Cardinals showed further progress with an 8-8 record but narrowly missed out on a playoff berth. The following season, they secured their spot in the postseason but were eliminated in the first round. Despite the early exit, the leadership of both Steve Keim and Kliff Kingsbury played a vital role in the team’s turnaround over the past three seasons.

The Next Steps: Division Crown, Postseason Success, and Super Bowl Dreams

Now that the Cardinals have secured the futures of Keim and Kingsbury, their next objective is clear. The team aims to win the highly competitive NFC West division, triumph in a postseason game, and ultimately make a trip to the Super Bowl. With the talent they possess and the guidance of their head coach and general manager, these goals are certainly within reach.

Crucial to their success is the satisfaction of star quarterback Kyler Murray, and securing his contract extension will be a top priority for the organization in the coming months.

The Potential Contract Extension for Kyler Murray

A recent move by Kyler Murray on his Instagram account caught the attention of fans and pundits alike. Murray removed any references or connections to the Arizona Cardinals, leaving many to speculate about his future with the team.

Murray’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, issued a statement confirming that Murray had submitted a detailed contract proposal to the Cardinals, including Steve Keim and Kliff Kingsbury in the discussions. This signaled Murray’s desire for a lucrative contract extension that reflects his status as one of the league’s elite young quarterbacks.

General manager Steve Keim acknowledged the situation, emphasizing that ongoing negotiations and conversations would remain confidential between the parties involved. While it is unclear how the contractual discussions will progress, the ball is now in the Cardinals’ court to respond to Murray’s proposal.

Murray’s Performance and Impact

In the 2021 season, Kyler Murray showcased his skills and growth as a quarterback. Despite missing three games due to an ankle injury, Murray completed an impressive 69.2% of his passes for 3,787 yards, 24 touchdowns, and only 10 interceptions. Additionally, he contributed five rushing touchdowns, demonstrating his versatility and ability to impact the game beyond throwing the football.

Murray’s strong performances are not limited to a single season. In his rookie year, he threw 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions, while also adding four rushing touchdowns. The following season, Murray’s passing improved further with a career-high 26 touchdown passes, accompanied by 12 interceptions. He also showcased his running ability with 819 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns.

Will Kyler Murray Consider Sitting Out the 2022 Season?

Unlike some other quarterbacks who have clashed with their head coaches, there have been no reports of significant friction between Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray. The situation with Murray appears to be purely a business decision, as he and his agent believe that his contract extension should align with the lucrative deals secured by other elite young quarterbacks, such as Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen.

It is unlikely that Murray, known for his professionalism and dedication to the game, would choose to sit out the 2022 season in protest. While Murray had a promising baseball career ahead of him and could have pursued a path in the MLB, he opted for the NFL, where he gained immediate financial compensation as the number one draft pick. However, he currently continues to play on his initial rookie contract, which pays him significantly less than some of his peers. Therefore, it is essential for the Cardinals to address his contract situation to ensure his long-term commitment to the team.


The Arizona Cardinals have taken significant steps to secure the future of their organization by extending the contracts of general manager Steve Keim and head coach Kliff Kingsbury. With the duo’s leadership and the undeniable talent of quarterback Kyler Murray, the Cardinals have the potential to achieve great success in the coming years. The organization now faces the crucial task of negotiating a contract extension with Murray, ensuring his long-term commitment and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can the Arizona Cardinals win Super Bowl 57?

The Arizona Cardinals certainly have the potential to win Super Bowl 57. With a talented roster, strong leadership, and the motivation to succeed, they will be a formidable team to contend with in the upcoming season.

2. How has Kliff Kingsbury’s coaching career in the NFL progressed?

As a relatively new coach in the NFL, Kliff Kingsbury had a challenging start with the Arizona Cardinals, but he has shown gradual improvement over the past few seasons. With a supportive organization and the development of quarterback Kyler Murray, Kingsbury has the opportunity to continue making strides in the coming years.

3. What are the chances of Kyler Murray sitting out the 2022 season?

While the possibility cannot be entirely ruled out, Kyler Murray’s track record and professionalism suggest that he is unlikely to sit out the 2022 season. Murray and his agent are actively engaged in negotiations with the Cardinals, aiming to secure a contract extension that aligns with his value in the league.

4. How has Kyler Murray performed statistically in his first few seasons?

Kyler Murray has shown remarkable progress and potential through his first few seasons in the NFL. He has consistently improved his passing statistics, throwing more touchdowns and reducing interceptions. Additionally, Murray’s running ability adds a valuable dimension to his game, making him a dual-threat quarterback.

5. What are the expectations for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC West division?

The NFC West division is highly competitive, with strong teams vying for the title. The Arizona Cardinals have the talent and coaching to contend for the division crown. Their success will depend on their ability to perform consistently and overcome tough competition within the division.

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